In-Depth Manual Meat Grinders Reviews

There are a wide variety of people who need and use meat grinders. If you supply food for your family by hunting, then you will need a meat grinder to grind some of the meat up or you might also need a mixer for future use. If you have a specific recipe that you have been aching to make that requires a slice of specific meat to be ground up, you can only find it whole in the store. Then a meat grinder will be required.


Even if you are not one of the types of people mentioned above, a meat grinder can come in handy when you least expect it. So it is best to have one for what that occasion arises. There are many different brands of meat grinders available to choose from and each offers manual meat grinders and electric meat grinders. Here, we will go into manual meat grinders reviews so you know how to pick the best manual meat grinder for you. You might also want to check the lifestyle ideas we have.


Manual Meat Grinders Reviews

Currently, on the market, the best manual meat grinder is the Turntrol Commercial Manual Meat Grinder. This meat grinder weighs only 7.5 pounds and is all stainless steel. This manual meat grinder comes with two different grinding plates. One that is the standard 8mm that is best used for grinding meat to making hamburgers and one that is 4.5mm that can be used for more delicate meats or for meats for a soup. This brings the user versatility that is often needed in the kitchen. The meat grinder is secured in place by a suction cup and it comes in around $130.

The second best manual meat grinder is the Gideon Hand Crank Manual Meat Grinder. This manual meat grinder is made out of food-grade plastic, but it is the best option when it comes to plastic meat grinders. Since it is made of plastic, it is lightweight, coming in at only 2.5 pounds. This meat grinder kit comes with the grinder itself, a meat pusher, and 2 grinding plates (fine and coarse). This manual meat grinder is easy to clean and can be put in the dishwasher. Although, it is recommended that the meat grinder is hand washed prior to the dishwasher so no meat pieces get stuck onto it. This meat grinder comes in at $33.

The third best manual meat grinder is the Tre Spade Stainless Steel Meat Mincer. This meat grinder is completely stainless steel and weighs only 5.5 pounds. It is held in place by a clamp that has a triangular screw. This triangular screw has been known to be a little difficult to screw and unscrew every time you take it out to use or when you want to put it away. The hand crank is easy to use and provides excellent leverage for smooth motions to occur even when the meat grinder is packed full. This meat grinder is $200.


What Is The Best Manual Meat Grinder? 

The best manual meat grinder is the Turntrol Commercial Manual Meat Grinder. As mentioned above, this meat grinder can be purchased for $130 and is made out of stainless steel. This means that it will last longer and provide quality ground meat for a longer time. There are two different grinding plates that can be used to have different thicknesses of meats. 

How Does A Manual Meat Grinder Work?

All meat grinders are going to work the same. There is a funnel positioned on top of the grinder and this is where the meat is placed. The body of the meat grinder is a tube that has a screw conveyor inside of it. Once the meat is in the funnel, the user will crank the handle. This causes the meat to travel on the screw conveyor and out the end, where it has been properly ground.

Will A Manual Meat Grinder Grind Bones?

There are a few brands of meat grinders that will be able to grind bones and some that will not. For example, if your meat grinder is LEM, then in order to grind bones, the grinder has to be size 12 or larger. If you have one of the Weston Supply meat grinders, then the warranty will be voided if bones are ground. 

What Is The Best Meat Grinder For Home Use?

The best meat grinder for home use is the STX Turboforce 3000 Series Electric Meat Grinder. This meat grinder comes in at $159 and is one of the fastest home-use meat grinders on the market. It is able to grinder up a greater amount of meat in a quicker amount of time in comparison to other models. In addition to the machine itself, there are 11 different pieces that come with this meat grinder so you are able to use it for all your meat needs. This meat grinder also has three speeds in which the user can grind meat; slow, fast, and reverse. It is made out of aluminum so it will last a long time and will remain durable. 


Does Walmart Sell Meat Grinders?

Yes, Walmart does sell meat grinders but you will have to look at the options on the website. There will be a greater number of meat grinders available online as opposed to in the store. 

What Is The Purpose Of Grinding Meat?

The purpose of grinding meat is to have a different style of meat that you are able to do more with. If you grind your own meat, it will be fresher than store-bought and it will also save you money. The meat will be of a higher quality because you are grinding meat that you have either hunted yourself or you have bought from a trusted retailer. 

How Big Of A Meat Grinder Do I Need?

The size of the meat grinder depends on how much meat you need to grind, the cut of the meat, and how often you plan on using the meat grinder. If you have thick chunks of meat then you will want to purchase a larger meat grinder. If you do not have a lot of space to put the meat grinder, then you may want to consider a smaller size. 


Can You Grind Vegetables In A Meat Grinder?

Yes, you can grind vegetables in a meat grinder. Just be aware that the vegetables will come out in the same ground format as the meat. You should also ensure that the meat grinder is cleaned thoroughly before using it on vegetables. This way cross-contamination can be prevented. 

Is Grinding Your Own Meat Worth It?

Yes, grinding your own meat is worth it. When you grind your own meat, you are able to control how much fat is in the mixture. You are also able to have a better idea of where the meat came from. 


Does Grinding Your Own Save Money?

Yes, you will save money when you grind your own meat. Usually, cuts or chunks of meat are cheaper than pre-ground meat. So when you buy this type of meat, you are saving money because you can grind it up yourself. You will save even more if you are a hunter because then you don’t even have to purchase cuts of meat to grind. 

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