Air Fryer Egg Sandwich: A Healthy And Delicious Snack


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An egg sandwich air fryer is a wonderful snack  that consists of two pieces of bread, one slice of cheese, one egg, and either mayonnaise or mustard as the final component. You may also have the egg sandwich for lunch, or you can have it in the evening as a snack. However, this is contingent upon the method of preparation, since some individuals like their sandwiches to be fried, and others favor having their sandwiches grilled. Considering this, we are going to walk you through the process of using your convection oven to prepare an egg sandwich, which will result in food that is just as delicious as it would have been if you had used a traditional frying pan.

How To Make An Air Fryer Egg Sandwich

You will need two pieces of bread, a slice of cheese, an egg that has been hard boiled, mayonnaise or mustard, and a variety of veggies in order to cook an egg sandwich. To begin, you will need to assemble the breakfast sandwich by placing the bread pieces, cheese slice, egg, and veggies into a container. Next, you will need to toast the bread. Put the top back on the container, then shake the contents vigorously until the egg is dispersed throughout the mixture. The next step is to place the sandwich in the air fryer and allow it to cook for a total of six minutes. You may remove the container from the oven after it has reached the desired temperature and then put the sandwich inside of it. After a few minutes have passed, you may take the sandwich out of the container and place it on the bread.

What You Will Need To Prepare An Egg Sandwich Baked In The Oven

  • Eggs
  • A bowl
  • A knife
  • A cutting board
  • A vegetable peeler
  • A fork
  • Some butter
  • Butter knife
  • A saucepan
  • A wooden spatula
  • A plate
  • Some paper towels
  • A spatula
  • A plate
  • A pan

You will need to gather all the necessary components for the egg sandwich before you can get started preparing it. The eggs that you will use for your sandwich are the first thing that you will require. The butter and the knife are the next things you’ll need. In addition to that, you will need the veggies that you want to use in the egg sandwich. Lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, and onions are all examples of veggies that may be used here. To enhance the flavor of the sandwich, you may also include ham in it either in the form of ham slices, ham salad, or even mayonnaise or mustard.

Preparing the air fryer egg sandwich! You need eggs, bread and cheese to make a simple air fryer sandwich.

Toast The Piece Of Cheese

The first thing you will need to do is get some oil warm in a pot by putting it on the stove. When the oil has reached the desired temperature, you may next add the sliced cheese. After spreading the cheese out in a single layer, you should push it down with a spatula to compact it. As soon as the cheese begins to become a golden brown, it must be turned over. When the cheese has reached the desired color, take it from the oil and set it on a paper towel so that it may soak up some of the remaining oil.

cheese for sandwich

Now Comes The Time For Our Egg Yolk And Water Combination

To enhance the flavor of the egg breakfast sandwich, you will need to create a yolk combination. This may be done in advance. You will need the mayonnaise or mustard, salt, paprika, Worcestershire sauce, and garlic powder to produce the yolk combination. After you have gathered all of these components, you will need to mix them together in a dish. After being well combined, the  egg yolks should be placed in an airtight container or carton before being kept. When you are ready to utilize the yolk mixture, all you need to do is remove the piece that you want, and then pour the yolk mixture on top of that section. That is all there is to it.

Putting The Two Pieces Of The Egg Sandwich Together Is The Last Step

It is now time to prepare the sandwich since all the ingredients have been assembled. The egg, some veggies, and two pieces of bread are the components that make up the egg sandwich. The two pieces of bread should be put on a tray, and then the veggies should be placed on top of the bread. After that, you should coat the veggies in the egg mixture and set them aside. After that, you need to put the whole baking sheet into the oven for around five minutes. Because of this, the veggies will become more pliable, and the taste of the egg mixture will be enhanced. After waiting for 5 minutes, the baking pan may be taken out of the oven and the sandwich can then be placed on the bread.

air fryer egg sandwich


Egg sandwiches are a delicious and satiating meal that may be eaten as a snack, a breakfast sandwich, or as a more substantial lunch option. This mouthwatering snack can be prepared quickly and simply at home if you have access to a convection oven. Only the ingredients and your air fryer are required for this recipe. If you would want to treat yourself to a delicious egg sandwich, all you need to do is pay attention to these directions and create the sandwich using your convection oven. The egg sandwich is simple to prepare and will have a wonderful taste. You can add your own variation and put a twist to create your own egg sandwiches. A convection oven is a versatile kitchen appliance, so you can try more air fryer recipes. If you are an egg and sandwich lover, you can also try the egg in a hole sandwich too. Create your own twist to your egg in a hole sandwich recipe and share it with us. Happy cooking!

Air Fryer Sandwich

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