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Choosing the best dryer and washer for your flat – you’re about to learn more so keep reading to know more! Flat living is convenient for a lot of reasons. In some cases, a lack of in-unit laundry machines like washers and heat pump dryers makes for an inconvenience. And some apartments don’t have enough laundry area space. But the best apartment laundry machine and dryer give you convenience without taking up too much space.

The Siemens washing and drying machine

Best Washer And Dryer

Follow these tips for picking the best washer and dryer for your apartment:

  • Measure both the washer and dryer space.
  • Decide on stacked, side-by-side, or all-in-one.
  • Find out if you need ventless or vented dryers.
  • Check out the noise level of each machine.
  • Choose the right capacity of dryer and washer for your apartment.

Before you start shopping, make sure you set a budget for yourself, too.

We’re going to dive into the tips just mentioned a little deeper before looking at some good options of apartment washers and dryers for sale on Amazon. We’ll help you with knowing what to look for when you’re shopping for yours. Continue with reading the article below to discover more about selecting the ideal compact washer machine and drying apparatus suited for your small living space lifestyle.

Measure Dryer Space

  • This is the most important tip we can give you. You must measure correctly for your new washer and dryer. If you skip this step and decide to try to eyeball it, you could cause yourself a lot of extra effort and find out later that it won’t fit in your apartment.
  • You need three measurements before you start shopping. First, measure the width of the spot you have. Next, measure the depth of it. Start from the wall in the rear and measure out to where you have available space. Finally, the height must be measured properly. Begin at the ground level of your living quarters and take measurements from there up to the base of any object that is situated above the area.
  • Make sure you consider the doors to the washer and dryer. If you’re going with a top load washer, you’ll want an extra 20 inches of space beyond the top of the machine. If you’re opting for a front loader, consider the space you’ll need in front of the machines.
Washer and dryer - You need three measurements before you start shopping. First, measure the width of the spot you have. Next, measure the depth of it. Start from the wall in the rear and measure out to where you have available space. Finally, the height must be measured properly.

Decide On Stacked, Side-by-Side, Or All-in-One

You get to choose the layout of machines you want, as well. You may need an extremely compact washer and dryer combo. You might only have space for a stacked set of machines. Here’s a look at the benefits of each type:

  • Stacked – These come in a range of sizes. You can opt for a standard washer and dryer or go with full-size units. You can also go with different combinations of these. Mix a top load washer with a front load dryer. Or go with front loader washers and dryers. Stacked washers and dryers use space more efficiently.
  • Side-by-Side – People like side-by-side washer and dryer setups because it’s the most versatile. The machines are easier to reach for everyone. There’s no reaching up and trying to get the clothes out of the back of the dryer where you may not be tall enough to reach. A side-by-side cleaning and drying equipment arrangement may comprise a compact cleaning device or a high-capacity version. Furthermore, you can decide to go for a front-loading machine or a top-loading style for both washing and drying functions.
  • All-in-One – The all-in-one washer and dryer combo is the ultimate space-saving machine. This type is ideal for small apartments that may not have a dedicated space for laundry machines. In this appliance, you cleanse your garments and then let them remain inside for the drying process. A disadvantage of this method is the prolonged duration of the cycle. It is not possible to cleanse a subsequent batch of laundry while the earlier batch is still in the process of drying.
Finest LG laundry and drying systems ideal for your residence - washer & dryer

Find Out If You Need A Vented Or Ventless Dryer

  • Make sure you find out if you can install a vented dryer in your apartment. There must be a duct leading to the outside of the building for the heated air to escape through. If there isn’t one, you’ll need to go with a ventless dryer.

Ventless Dryer

  • Ventless dryers take the hot, humid air created during the drying process and recycle it through the machine after extracting some of the moisture. Generally, they have a ventless dryer reservoir where the hot water drains to.
  • Ventless models are good options for those living in apartments that aren’t vented. They do tend to take longer to get clothes dry and have decreased capacities.

Check Out The Noise Level Of Each Machine

  • Washer dryer units run at different levels of noise. In some cases, the machines may be close to bedrooms or busy living spaces. You should be able to find the decibel level in the description somewhere. Choose wisely for the location of your laundry space.
  • On average, washing machines run between 74 to 77 decibels. If you want one that’s super quiet, look for 50 or below.

Choose The Right Capacity

  • In certain living spaces, there is no flexibility in selecting the desired size. You may only have room for a compact washer. But if you have the space to accommodate full size washer spinner units, choose a capacity that allows you to wash the amount of clothes you’d like to. Cutting down on the number of loads you must do can save on energy and ultimately money. It’s more energy efficient.
  • A compact washer has around 2.3 to 2.45 cubic feet inside. Average sized washers have about 3.1 to 4 cubic feet. 4.2 to 4.5 cubic feet is considered full size models.


Exceptional Compact Laundry Washer Options For Your Cozy Apartment Living

Best Black And Decker Portable Dryer Washer


washer & dryer

  • This dryer has an impressive capacity of 3.5 cubic feet. It has four different drying modes. It’s transportable so you can easily move it around where you need to. It’s equipped with 1500 watts of power and overheat protection. Some modes provide dry clothes in a normal cleaning cycle for about 30 minutes. It’s a frontload dryer with a stainless-steel drum. It has an ECO mode, too, that helps keep your power bill down.



  • Space-saving design
  • Dries well and quick, fast spin cycle
  • Lightweight
  • Large capacity drum
  • Easy installation


  • Pricey
  • Control placement down low is hard to see
  • No exhaust hose included


Casart Washer Dryer Portable Compact 9.92lbs Capacity


  • This little washing machine will fit almost anywhere. It’s ideal for apartments and dorms. It has 10 preset programs to choose from. You’ll also have 8 water level selections. The compact washer has an easy-to-read LED display. There’s a timer control. The lid is transparent so you can see the load inside. It’s easy to install and easy to use. It includes a built-in drain pump and a built-in drainpipe that makes it convenient for draining out all used water.


  • Slim design fits most places
  • Only 51 lbs.
  • Budget-friendly
  • Easy to use
  • An installed drain makes emptying easy

washer & dryer


  • No wheels
  • Only one water-in hookup
  • Small capacity


Panda PAN6320W Portable Washing Machine, 10lbs Capacity, 10 Wash Programs

Best Apartment Compact Washer


washer & dryer

  • This is a compact washer with a 1.34 cubic feet capacity. It has electronic controls and an LED display that’s easy to read. It comes with a quick connect adapter kit that allows you to attach the hose directly to your faucet. The space-saving design of this machine makes it an ideal choice for small apartments, dorm rooms, and even RVs. It has a regular three-prong power connection, so you can plug it in anywhere.


  • Affordable
  • Lightweight
  • On wheels
  • Average noise level of 74 decibels
  • Rated for 110 volts


  • Doesn’t rinse well
  • Water temperature must be adjusted manually
  • Needs clearer instructions


Is It Worth Investing In A Laundry Machine And Drying Equipment For My Living Space?

  • You can look at a couple of things to determine whether you should buy your own washer and dryer for your apartment. The cost of leasing a living space with washer and dryer connections can differ from that of a residence with a communal laundry area. At times, having laundry amenities within the dwelling unit can result in a substantial increase in the rental fee.
  • Also, think about how much laundry you do. If you do laundry frequently, it’s worth it to buy your own machines.

Final Thoughts

  • For apartment dwellers, optimizing the laundry room space is crucial, and the best solution often comes in the form of a compact yet efficient laundry center. A front load washer paired with a stackable washer and matching dryer can transform laundry day into a less daunting task. These front loading washer units are celebrated for their energy efficiency, offering a variety of wash cycles designed to handle everything from dirty clothes to large loads, including a king size comforter.
  • One of the key advantages of these systems is the ease with which you can transfer clothes from washer to dryer, saving time and reducing the hassle. With Energy Star certification, these appliances ensure lower utility bills and are about the size of a standard kitchen counter, making them perfect for smaller spaces. Despite their compact size, they don’t compromise on drying performance, efficiently handling large loads with the option to use a quick wash cycle for when you’re in a hurry. However, items might come out a bit damp, requiring a bit more drying time for heavy materials.
  • Moreover, many modern front loaders come with Wi-Fi connectivity, allowing you to monitor and control your laundry from anywhere. This, combined with features like permanent press and customizable load size settings, ensures that your laundry is done just the way you like it. Additionally, the convenience of having one appliance that does both washing and drying can be a game-changer for those with limited space, not to mention the benefit of an extended labor warranty that comes with many energy star certified models. Whether it’s a single appliance or a dryer set, the right choice can make all the difference in managing laundry day in an apartment setting.

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What Is The Most Reliable Brand Of Washer And Dryer?

Most review sites rate Samsung, LG, and Whirlpool highly.

What Is An Apartment Size Washer And Dryer?

Washers and dryers that are 33 to 36 inches tall, 24 inches wide, and 24 to 26 inches deep are considered apartment size. When it’s a compact dryer stacked on a compact washer, most models measure about 66 to 72 inches tall.


Are Portable Washer And Dryers Worth It?

Portable washers aren’t appropriate for many types of households. They are good for singles living in small spaces or in dorm rooms. They have average cleaning power as well and have small capacities. However, they’re a good solution for those in the right situation.

Are Portable Washers Allowed In Apartments?

Some apartment complexes allow them while others do not.

Should I Rent Or Buy Appliances?

Renting appliances allows you to make payments over time. The downside to this is you pay a lot in interest. The upside is you don’t have to make a large payment up front, and you get repairs included with your rental. Buying appliances means no interest and you may upgrade them however you see fit.

What Is The #1 Rated Washing Machine?

The GE Appliances UltraFresh Front Loader Washer with OdorBlock is at the best of the list.

What Are The Worst Washing Machines To Buy?

The Whirlpool top load washing machine is rated poorly for its noise level, bad performance, and long wash cycle.

What Is The Highest Rated Washing Machine By Consumer Reports?

One of the highest rated is the compact Samsung compact washer (front load).

Is It Ok To Put A Dryer On Top Of A Washing Machine?

Yes, it is. You cannot put a washing machine on top of a dryer, though.

Are There Any Gas Compact Dryers?

Certainly, gas-operated drying appliances employ a gas burner, which relies on natural or propane gas to produce heat. The perks of these gas machines encompass being more budget-friendly and efficient fuel-wise in the long run. They can finish the drying process in nearly 50% less time than their electric counterparts while generating minimal static cling. You can find these devices at stores like Best Buy and Home Depot.

How To Do Laundry When Living In Apartment?

To set up a washer-dryer combo in your living space, all that’s required is a cold water connection and a 120-volt power socket. These combination machines are more compact than conventional washer equipment, so you’ll need to adjust your washing loads accordingly. Opt for a washer-dryer unit to:

  • Begin doing laundry in the evening,
  • Utilize your machine’s spin cycle to hasten the drying process,
  • Select a detergent that simplifies the laundry experience.

How Can I Save Money On Washer In My Apartment?

  • An optimal method for conserving money while doing laundry entails washing as many items as possible using cold water. Utilizing cooler water is more cost-effective. However, be sure to adhere to the guidelines on your laundry to prevent any potential damage from a cold wash. The monthly power consumption of your clothes cleaning and drying machines relies on the frequency of your laundry routine. Nevertheless, these appliances tend to consume a significant amount of electricity when operated, particularly if your washing machine uses heated water. On average, laundry activities contribute to approximately 5% of your yearly electric usage.

Where Should A Washing Machine Be Placed In A Small Apartment?

  • When it comes to finding the perfect spot for your washer and dryer pair, there are a few things to keep in mind. Firstly, be sure not to place them on a wooden floor as it may cause damage over time. Secondly, if you’re looking for an ideal placement according to Vastu Shastra, consider the northwest direction.
  • However, if space is limited in your small apartment or home, fear not! There are still plenty of ingenious spots to choose from. For example, under the washbasin counter or even in the shower stall can work well. Only a handful of people think about placing their combo unit slider doors, but these spots can be just what you need.
  • Be aware that you’ll need proper ventilation with a dryer vent and drain hose when installing either one of these appliances. And don’t forget about accessories like stacking kit that help conserve space while maximizing efficiency.
  • If you’re all about quick results, then look for features like an accelerated wash cycle and high spin speed, which will save both time and energy. Additionally, the steam cycle can provide added benefits such as better stain removal and sanitization features.
  • Lastly, many modern machines come equipped with stainless drum, which offer superior durability compared to traditional plastic ones. So, take some time before settling on where exactly you want your washing machine placed because choosing wisely could make all the difference!

What Type Of Dryer Do I Need In An Apartment?

  • A ventless dryer is definitely worth considering. These compact washers don’t require any ducts, making them perfect for smaller spaces like closets or apartments. Besides, they’re more efficient than traditional vented dryers.
  • Another option is a washer dryer combo unit that can handle both washing and drying in one machine. Plus, there is a compact electric dryer that runs on conventional 120-volt power. And if you prefer line-drying your clothes, there’s an option like that too!
  • Particularly, many of these condenser dryers are made by top brands like Samsung and Bosch. They come with great features like fabric softener dispensers built right in.
  • Notably, Bosch is a much sought-after brand. Their laundry appliances, in particular, are well-known for their dependability and exceptional performance.
  • One of the standout features of Bosch washer is its efficiency. They use less water than traditional machines and are designed with energy-saving technology that reduces your electricity bill. Plus, if you’re short on space, Bosch offers combo washer dryers that can fit seamlessly into your home.
  • But what about other brands like Samsung? Though Bosher’s appliance features might be tempting, many critics still suggest opting for a reliable brand such as Samsung to ensure long-lasting durability.
  • So, if you’re looking for an easy way to do laundry without worrying about plumbing hookups or ventilation issues, consider investing in one of these convenient combo units!

How Do You Dry Wet Clothes In An Apartment?

  • If you live in an apartment or have limited floor space, air-drying your clothes can be a challenge. The good news is that there are ways to dry your laundry indoors without it smelling or taking up too much room.
  • One option is to use smart features on most washing machines, such as condenser models with an active heat exchanger. These dry cycles can help reduce the moisture in your laundry load and prevent mildew from forming.
  • Another idea is to create a designated laundry closet with a condenser dryer that fits snugly against the wall. This saves floor space while still allowing you to efficiently dry your clothes.
  • If you don’t have access to these appliances, try towel-drying your clothes before hanging them on hangers placed on an airer or clothes rail for better airflow. You can also place them near a fan or heat vent for quicker drying, also utilize laundry rooms.
  • Regardless of how you choose to air-dry your clothes indoors, remember to keep garments separated and allow for proper circulation. With these tips, you’ll be able to save money on laundry while keeping both yourself and your living space fresh and clean smelling!

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