What  Are The Best Slimming  Mother of the Bride Dresses

Your daughter’s wedding is a significant event that you will cherish for years to come. It is undoubtedly an occasion that you want to enjoy and also look fabulous in. What better way to look good and feel good than to be in a dress that makes the most of your curves?

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Finding the best slimming mother of the bride dress can be a tough venture. It sure will take time and effort to pick out the perfect outfit. So, here are some fundamental ideas that will make your research a lot easier:

Planning Your Attire

You need to consider some things when picking out an outfit for your daughter’s wedding. It may be her wedding day, but the spotlight will also be on you during the procession of walking down the aisle. So, before hitting the stores or talking to a wedding dress designer, be sure to take note of these:

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  1. What The Bride Thinks

It does not matter if the dress is expensive or not, the important thing is that the outfit coordinates with the theme of the wedding and most importantly, your daughter’s dress.

One tip is to bring your daughter when picking out the dress. You might have raised her for a couple of decades, but for her wedding day, she’s always the boss. She can also be of great help of picking out the best slimming mother of the bride dress. Because she has been with you for years, she can easily tell what looks good.

  1. Your Body Figure

Different body types vary from person to person. Some are blessed with hourglass shapes that go with everything but, especially beyond our 30’s, there are some flaws that we would like to conceal and make these look like sexy curves.

Best Slimming Mother Of The Bride Dresses According To Your Body Type

Even with expensive dresses, you will always get your money’s worth when an outfit suits your body very well. Ladies are always delighted when clothes improve their figures and make them look slimmer.

Before going to the different body types, know that the essential elements here are your shoulders, waists, bust, and hips. These key features determine your bodies shape thus, are the focal points to consider in knowing your body type.

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Here are some of the popularly known body figures:

  1. Hourglass Shape

Nothing can be said about this figure type because this body shape is well-balanced and can go with almost anything.


Dresses that are not too loose and not too tight, perfectly fitted clothes flatter every inch of this body type.


Do not pair a loose top and a loose bottom. It will not do justice your body form.

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Anything that fits and sits perfectly on your curves.

  1. Apple Body Shape

Apple-shaped figures have heavier upper than the lower body part. These people have broad shoulders and wide bust line.


Flaunt your legs to lessen the emphasis from your upper body.  Also, wear V necklines because these are cuts that make the torso look slimmer and elongated.


Avoid dresses that tightly hug your upper body. It will emphasize the bust line and will make your look less classy.

Best Wears

Choose the printed flowy dresses, Monochrome looks (preferably dark colors) and A-line cuts.

  1. Pear Body Shape

Unlike the apple-shape body type, pear-shaped figures have bigger lower body parts. The thighs and booty are voluptuous and are larger to look at than the chest area. Notable icons with this body figure are Kim Kardashian, Nicki Minaj, and Beyonce.


Create an illusion of hourglass body shape by striking a balance or by further emphasizing your lower body by choosing fitted bottoms.


Avoid wearing tight tops and bright long loose bottoms. A loose top with a very tight skirt is not also a good idea.

Best Wears

You can opt for A-line dresses, ruffled tops,  and high waist dresses.

  1. Inverted Triangle Body Shape

This figure type can easily be called the body of athletes. Toned, a bit muscular and shoulders a bit broader than the hips, with this body type, your arms are your best asset.


Wear a dress which can show off your arms and adds definition to your hips. It is also a good Idea to emphasize your waist to create a balanced illusion of your upper and lower body.


Avoid adding emphasis to your upper body by wearing brightly colored prints, layers, and ruffles.

Best Wears

Try pencil cut dresses, strapless, sleeves, V necklines.

Final Touches

Of course, your overall outfit will not be complete without accessories! Here are some notes on the most critical pieces that complete your ensemble.

  • Shoes

As they always say “wear sensible shoes” but the most important thing to consider is the venue of the wedding. You don’t want to ruin your pointed heel stilettoes by stepping on moist grass soil if your daughter decides a garden wedding.

  • Bags

For a wedding, it is best to stick to a small purse or a clutch. This accessory will give you a sophisticated, chic and classy look.

  • Jewelry

Do not overdo your diamonds and pearls. Match your accessories properly with your outfit. Too much bling looks overbearing and too little makes you look plain. Remember balance is everything when it comes to creating a perfect look to match the best slimming mother of the bride dress.

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As the mother of the bride, it is best to go for an esteemed regal look but of course, showing a bit of skin and highlighting your curves is pretty much allowed as long as it goes well with your body type.

The secret to picking out the best slimming mother of the bride dress is perfect being honest with your body figure and making the best of your assets.

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