Where Is The Best Place To Buy Mother Of The Bride Dresses

Mother of the Bride Dresses are best bought in bridal shops and boutiques. You can also purchase these online. However, I would still suggest buying it in the stores so that you can try it on. It will also save you from having to wait impatiently for the dress to arrive at your house.

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Why Buy From The Store?

Buying from the store has a lot of advantages. You will be able to choose which design you like rather than flipping from page to page. This way, you get to see how the dress will look like on you instead of on a model. Some good shops are the Mira Couture, Glamour Closet, BHLDN, Winnie Couture, Viero Bridal and Dantela Bridal Couture. These are stores on the top of the list in a lot of cities.

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Why Buy Online?

Buying online has its perks too. You get to shop without leaving the comfort of your home. Isn’t it better to spend countless hours in the search, but save your toe from hurting? You can search for a dress while cooking dinner.

Online shopping can give you more for your buck too. There are discounts and other upon request designs for specific dresses that you would need. Mira Couture is on the Top 1 out of 10 in yelp.com. This is a European style bridal salon for everyone’s pleasure even when you’re just in Illinois. Their designs are made by in-house dressmakers and designers with the most exclusive designs. Top 2, Glamour Closet has 4 locations in the States. One is in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Chicago, and New York, making them very accessible in the big cities.

You will find affordable designer wedding gowns for your memorable day without buying a very expensive dress and being able to use for other expenses instead. They also offer a selection of unique designs, including well-known designs in 25-75% off retail prices.

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Top 3 In The East Coast

One of the top 3 in the east coast is BHLDN. This shop is an American women’s clothing retailer that focuses on wedding dresses, bridesmaids gowns, bridal accessories, and wedding decor. Not only do they provide you their designs for your gowns, they also have wedding decor for your weddings.

Recently, they opened their Spring 2019 Gown Collection, which allows you to have the first look for the gowns they have in stock for you. They have all styles that would make you have so many designs to choose from to your heart’s content. Moreover, not to worry, about not getting your specific design, you can call them and book an appointment and be able to tell them what design you have in mind and contact their stylist.

Ranked Top 4 In Wedding Couture

Top 4 is Winnie Couture, is a high-end attire bridal fashion. They have a modern mix of elegant and sophisticated styles for wedding dresses. This is owned by wife and husband Winnie and Chris Lee. Such a great business for a wedded couple, they get to provide designs to the future-to-be wed couples as well. Who to ask the best than those who got to experience the wedding firsthand. Winnie Couture has been featured in magazines such as People, Brides, The Knot, Modern Luxury Glamour, etc.

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Ranked Top 5 In Wedding Couture

Top 5 is Viero Bridal; they are offering exclusive couture-wedding gowns. They are a newly established and growing bridal brand in the USA. This is a good brand because they are new, and it means they are fresh and new designs set for their clients. They feature elegance and grace with new styles and individuality. Vira Basaraba, the owner, brings you in to her world of chic and classy.

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These are the top 5 bridal shops. The best places to buy not only the mother of the bride dresses, but dresses for the occasion. However, it doesn’t matter where you buy your gowns, ladies. It’s about you; it’s about which design you want to see yourself into. Which wedding gown to show how happy you are for your daughter on this special day.

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