Which Milk Powder Is Best For Pregnancy? 

Drinking milk is necessary during your pregnancy so that both you and your baby can be healthy. It is packed with important nutrients, calories and calcium, all of which both you and your baby need. 

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Why Is It Important To Drink Milk While Pregnant? 

During pregnancy, both you and your baby need to get extra vitamins and nutrients to guarantee that you are both healthy, and stay healthy.  

It is an important source of calcium, which is necessary for healthy bones. Drinking cow’s milk while you’re pregnant can help your baby develop healthy, strong bones. It can also guarantee that you have healthy bones that do not break easily. When you’re pregnant, all of the calcium that you consume will go to the baby first. Then, you get what’s left. It’s important to make sure that you consume enough so that both you and the baby have more than enough.  

 Milk, including cow’s milk, can give you plenty of calories and Vitamin D, too. Both of these will help prevent low birth weight, which can come with a long list of risk factors for your baby. Vitamin D can help prevent Rickets, too.   

Lastly, milk can work as an antacid. If you’re suffering from constant heartburn, making sure you get your daily dose of milk is an awesome prevention method.  

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Types Of Milk 

When you’re trying to decide which type of milk you should drink while you’re pregnant, you’re going to come across quite the variety. There is milk available from a few different animals. Each type of milk is known for providing one thing or another, so it’s important to look at all your choices to pick which type of milk is best for you and your baby’s needs.  

  • Cow’s Milk 

The cow’s milk that is sold in stores is also known as pasteurised milk. This means that it has already been treated to help kill bacteria that can make you sick and have harmful effects on your baby.  

Cow’s milk is an exceptional source of calcium, and you can get your daily intake with just a few glasses a day. It also has plenty of Vitamin D and protein in it.  

You do need to keep in mind the downsides to drinking cow’s milk, though. Cow’s milk in particular is known for having plenty of hormones. It has been the subject of several studies, and the results have found that the increase in hormones may have contributed to early puberty in girls, and hormonal disorders in boys. This increase in hormones can cause significant hormonal problems in pregnant women that already have plenty of estrogen flowing through their bodies. If you’re counting down the days until your hormones return to normal, cow’s milk might not be the best choice for you.  

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  • Buffalo Milk 

Buffalo milk consists of plenty of nutrients and calories, unlike cow’s milk which is mainly water. This milk is known for having a higher calorie content, more calcium and other vitamins. If you’re having skin problems, buffalo milk is also great for your skin.  

 On the downside, women that are struggling with the number on the scale might want to stay away from buffalo milk because of the higher calorie content. It can make you pack on the pounds pretty quick if you drink a few glasses a day.  

  • Goat Milk 

Goat milk is not as popular as cow’s milk or buffalo milk, but there are plenty of people wondering if it is okay to drink goat milk during pregnancy. It does come with many of the health benefits as other types of milk, such as being packed with calcium. However, goat milk is also packed with plenty of unhealthy fats and cholesterol. It is not heart healthy, which makes it a no go for pregnant women.  

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  • Raw Milk 

Raw milk is milk that has not been pasteurised. Most milk that is found in stores, such as cow’s milk, has been through a process to remove or kill harmful bacteria in it. This process is called milk being pasteurised. When milk has not been through this, it is still packed with bacteria that can hurt you and your baby. Stay away from raw milk, especially while pregnant.  

Using Milk Powder Instead 

Because liquid milks seem to come with so many bad things, most pregnant women opt for milk powder instead. Special milk powder has been developed for pregnant women to help you and your baby get everything that you need without the downsides, like the high fat content of goat milk or the high calorie content of buffalo milk.  

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Popular Choices 

Similac and Enfamil, two of the leading brands of baby formula, have developed their own brands of milk powder for pregnant women. These are Similac Mum and Enfamama. Other popular brands include:  

  • Anmum powdered milk 
  • NOW foods organic powdered milk 

These two and the Similac and Enfamil brands are the top choices for pregnant women, because they were designed just for you. They have all the vitamins and nutrients that you and your baby need during this time.  

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  • Less calories. Powdered milk has everything you need, without the high calorie content that you don’t need.  
  • More vitamins. Because powdered milk for pregnant women is made just for them, it has additional vitamins that aren’t found in other milk, like cow’s milk. Some brands also have vitamins that are known for boosting baby brain development.  
  • Shelf life. Powdered milk will last for months. You’ll never have to worry about the milk going bad in the fridge again.  
  • More variety. It doesn’t matter if you prefer soy milk, organic milk, etc. there is a powdered milk to accommodate your preferences.  


  • Taste. If you’re used to drinking cow’s milk, there is an adjustment period. You’re going to have to get used to the taste.  
  • Price. Powdered milk is usually more expensive than regular old cow’s milk. 

Overall, powdered milk is the way to go. Most women opt for the Similac or Enfamil brand both while pregnant and breastfeeding to make sure that they stay on top of their nutrition. This is especially important if you have a hard time eating certain foods or towards the end of your pregnancy when the baby is so big that it can be hard to eat a full meal, or find time to eat every two hours.  

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Which milk powder is good for pregnancy? 

Both Similac and Enfamil brands are the best. They both provide additional nutrients for your baby to help him be strong and healthy when he’s born.  

What’s the best milk for pregnant? 

Powdered milk. This milk has additional nutrients without the bad things that come with other milk, like the hormones in cow’s milk or the extra calories in buffalo milk.  

Which is better anmum or EnfaMama? 

EnfaMama is usually recommended by doctors because it has DHA, and most people prefer the taste. If you don’t like the taste of milk anyway, you’ll enjoy the chocolate or vanilla flavor.  

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What is the best time to drink milk during pregnancy? 

An old wives tale advises against drinking milk in the morning, but there is no scientific evidence to suggest that it will be hard to digest in the morning. As long as you drink milk throughout your pregnancy, anytime is fine.  

Is powdered milk good for pregnancy? 

Yes, powdered milk is often recommended during pregnancy. It provides more nutrition for women when they need it most.  

Can I drink hot milk during pregnancy? 

Of course! Drink your milk however you like, as long as you drink it.  

Does milk make baby big during pregnancy? 

If you consume milk with a high calorie content, like buffalo milk, it can make both you and the baby big. Normal or low fat powdered milk will not.  

What are the benefits of drinking milk during pregnancy? 

Drinking milk supports brain and bone health, can prevent Rickets, combats heartburn, can prevent small birth weight and much more.  

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What are benefits of anmum? 

It is packed with nutrients to help your baby be stronger, smarter and encourage healthy development while in the womb. A few glasses a day will give you a lot of the nutrition that you and your baby need.  

How many times should I drink Enfamama? 

Twice daily.  

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