The Best Postpartum Wraps For Mom

If you’re a new mom that has recently given birth, you may be wondering what steps to take to get back in shape after baby. This article provides reviews and insights on the best postpartum wraps for moms to wear to have a faster and healthier recovery after baby.


Keep reading to learn to know some of the best postpartum wraps available for today’s moms.


Postpartum Wrap Benefits

Postpartum wraps are most commonly known for their capacity to help new mothers with getting their figures back after baby. While this is one of the best benefits of postpartum wrapping, the reason for that is the internal healing process that abdominal binding facilities.

Abdominal binders offer compression and support for your midsection, core, and lower back after giving birth. The benefits of this compression are a speedier recovery by helping your body to return to its’ normal state after accommodating your pregnancy. The main advantage of using postpartum belly wrapping is to facilitate faster and healthier healing after childbirth.

Wearing postpartum wraps helps to return your ligaments and muscles to their normal non-pregnant state. This process is what you see on the outside when new moms can step out slimmer and trimmer than before.

Most postpartum belly wraps and binders are safe to wear immediately after childbirth. Before using a postpartum belly wrap, be sure to check with your physician or primary care provider to assure that no extenuating medical circumstances are resulting from your pregnancy.

To receive the maximum benefits of wearing your postpartum wrap, wear your wrap for the first four to six weeks after having your baby. Now that we’ve discussed how postpartum belly wraps benefit you, let’s take a look at some of the best wraps available for moms.



Belly Bandit Mother Tucker Corset

This lightweight postpartum corset is to provide the maximum binding benefits by applying just the right amount of pressure. The Belly Bandit is of patented two-layer stretch material that offers double compression. This soft-boned corset is to stay in place while smoothing both tummy and back bulges.

The Belly Bandit is thin enough to conceal underneath your everyday clothes and comfortable sufficient to support all-day wear.

Features: 6 Hook Closure, Nylon/Spandex, Medical Grade Compression

Sizes Available:


Where to Buy: A Pea in The Pod

Upspring Shrinkx Belly Band in Nude

This award-winning belly band is made of breathable mesh and comes in two colors. The Shrinkx Belly band features adjustable side straps that let you control the level of compression for your midsection while providing added support for your back.

This band is designed to help new mothers return to their pre-pregnancy shape faster. It supports the lower back with soft built-in boning and helping to reduce swelling, supporting core abdominal muscles and supporting the uterus to returning to its pre-pregnancy size.

Features: Triple Compression, Ultra Slimming, Latex Free

Sizes Available: Small-Extra Large

Colors: Black, Nude

Where to Buy: Online Maternity Retailers


Shrinx Belly Bamboo Charcoal Wrap

This postpartum wrap is another member of the shrink’s family of belly wraps. This innovative compression garment takes postpartum health and wellness to new heights by introducing the healing benefits of charcoal into its design.

The Belly Bamboo Charcoal wrap is to provide maximum compression support combined with healing charcoal to promote better circulation while slimming your waist and belly after pregnancy.

Features: Charcoal, Triple Compression,

Sizes: Small-Extra Large

Colors: Black

Where to Buy: Online Maternity Retailers


While there are many postpartum wrap options available for moms, these wraps stand out as being some of the highest-rated in their class by customers and online retail rankings. Both of these bands boast outstanding features while maintaining their budget-friendliness and value for new mothers who are looking for a healthier and faster way to heal.




What is postpartum wrap?

A postpartum wrap or band is to support your abdominal muscles right after giving birth. Delivering a baby may take a toll on your abdominal muscles, so you would need a postpartum wrap to help in compressing those muscles back.

What are the best postpartum wraps?

There are lots of postpartum wraps available online. But one brand that stood up according to mommies is the Nebility Body Shaper Tank with Adjustable Straps. This belly wrap is made from premium quality material and indeed ensures a proper fit.

Do postpartum wraps work?

According to experts, postpartum wraps do not have an effect in your shape or in losing weight. But for some mommies, wearing postpartum wraps help in the decrease of pain brought about by giving birth.

How long should you bind your belly after birth?

After giving birth, mommies should use the belly binder as soon as she can, about five days after delivery. The postpartum wrap should be worn about 10-12 hours daily for 40 days or longer. It helps mommies return to their pre-pregnancy shape as early as possible.

Is it too late to wear postpartum wrap?

Experts advise that postpartum wraps should be worn until six months after giving birth naturally. So it’s never too late for you. And if you had a C-section delivery, you can wait for your wound to heal before using the wrap.

Is it reasonable to wear a belly band after pregnancy?

Others say wearing a belly band after pregnancy does not bring about the result that they expected. But some mommies testify on how the belly band has helped them achieve their pre-pregnancy shape after giving birth.

Does wrapping your belly after pregnancy work?

Wrapping your belly after giving birth is helpful for most moms out there, but make sure that you have the approval of your doctor before pursuing it. Others may find it ineffective, but others have seen improvements on their body after wrapping their belly after giving birth.

Can you sleep in an abdominal binder?

Many mommies find an abdominal binder to be helpful, especially after giving birth. Studies say that you can wear it 24 hours a day as long as your physician approves it.

Should I wear a postpartum belt at night?

Manufacturers of postpartum belts recommend wearing it 24 hours a day except when you are showering for about 1-2 months after delivery. If you are comfortable wearing it at night, then you may do so, but make sure you aren’t wearing it too tightly so you can still have a restful sleep.

Is a waist trainer good for postpartum?

Yes, waist trainers can also be used postpartum. They also aid in weight loss and in giving you back your pre-pregnancy shape. Waist trainers give support to the lower part of your body, so it would be easier for you to bend or lift more massive objects.

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