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Becoming a new mom is the best feeling in the world. At least it is when it comes to the mother and child bond. Being a new mother isn’t without its share of problems. You have scars from your c-section or vaginal birth. You may have a bit of afterbirth depression and bleeding. And worst of all, you may feel a little bit of body dysmorphia.

Postpartum girdle after giving a birth. She is looking to her gorgeous baby with a heartwarming smile to her face.

After you give birth, it takes a while for your body to shrink back to its normal size. Exercising can help with that, and so can a diet. However, that can only do so much. Many women who want to have their shape back may want to invest in the postpartum girdle for them. This traditional afterbirth belly wrap is one of the best ways to support abdominal muscles and promote healing after giving birth. Research shows that wearing an afterbirth belly wrap can significantly leads to less pain, mobility, and quality of life after childbirth, with a randomized controlled trial supporting the effectiveness of such belly wraps as afterbirth recovery tool. Read to know all the benefits of these afterbirth belly wraps.

What Does A Postpartum Girdle Do?

An afterbirth belly wrap helps you get your shape back to normal while promoting after birth healing and preventing diastasis recti. Besides making you look better, it can help your uterus and tummy go back to normal. Afterbirth belly wraps have other benefits, too, such as helping your core muscles and body recover, improving your posture, helping loose skin tighten, providing medical-grade compression, and helping your c-section scars heal. It enables you to fit into your old clothes too.

Aside from helping you with your afterbirth recovery process during the afterbirth period, it helps improve your self-image. If you’ve been down about your baby weight, a belly wrap can help.

You can wear them after giving birth. Natural births allow you to wear afterbirth belly band right after the birth, and during c section recovery may require you to wait until the scar heals up, unless you’re wearing an abdominal binders specifically for a cesarian delivery. 

Wear the belly wrap as long as you can, and it can help you heal and give extra support after giving birth.

With that said, make sure you talk to your doctor or other medical professional before buying afterbirth belly wrap.

She is wearing it to make her stomach on fit. A very good idea

Let’s Look At Some Of The Best Postpartum Girdles

Foumech Girdle With Adjustable Straps

This belly wrap is great for mothers who gave birth via c-section. Its Velcro straps allow you to tighten up our body with ease, and it’s breathable. Breathability along with gentle compression helps your scars heal faster. It’s stretchy, supportive, and helps improve posture. Also, it’s great for keeping your skin clear. With that said, it cannot be washed via machine, so make sure it’s hand wash whenever possible. A majority of mothers choose this as their afterbirth belly wrap

LODAY 2 In 1 Postpartum Recovery Belt

This is a thick belt that does not require any fastening. Instead, all it does is give you that smoothing you want to have. It’s cheap, which is good for a mother who is spending a lot, and it does not move around. With long-term usage, it can start to feel uncomfortable, but otherwise, it’s a quality girdle. Just make sure you measure yourself beforehand to get an accurate sizing.


Bellefit Dual-Closure Girdle

This is another great girdle you can wear during your caesarian section recovery. It comes in a variety of styles and is made from medical-grade materials. Its hook and eye closures make it easy to put on and take off, and it’s discreet too because of its pull-on style. No one will know that you’re wearing it. Some girdles are obvious, which defeats the whole purpose of them. But not this one. With that said, it’s pricey, and some people have reported the saddle part being a bit irritating, so try it before you buy it if that’s possible.

Belly Bandit

The Belly Bandit is here to steal your baby weight. What makes this girdle unique is that it comes with bamboo fiber charcoal and is so comfortable. It can help you moisturize your skin, and many say that it’s easy to put on or off. Also, less irritation has been reported from this girdle. It’s a little less discreet and more belt-like, but it’s still worth looking into. Try this targeted compression garment. 


Leonisa Slimming Braless Body Shaper

This is another good c section recovery girdle. It’s easy to put on and stays on your body once you put it on. Its hooks keep your body in shape, and it discreetly stays on you. Its fabric materials also allow for unmatched breathability. Overall, it’s a girdle that is a good choice if you decide to pick it. You can use this during your physical therapy sessions as it has strong shoulder straps. This is actually one of its amazing benefits.


Squeem’ Perfect Waist’ Firm Compression Waist Trainer

Get yourself a girdle that can make you Squeem. This girdle gives your body some good and gentle compression and helps keep you trim without pressing on your internal organs. Some best afterbirth belly bands have a problem rolling up, but this girdle is designed to prevent all that, and it’s discreet for all-day use. This can be used for extended periods. While some waist trainers offer heavy compression, the Squeem Perfect Waist Firm Compression Waist Trainer is designed with a focus on light compression, providing shaping and support without compromising on comfort.

3-in-1 Postpartum Support Girdle – Belt Shapewear Waist Belts

This has three different waist belt fits up your waist, hips, and your tummy – your entire midsection. It just needs one size, and then it delivers comfort and breathability. Also, it’s supportive for your back. It can help you recover as you’re dealing with issues that come with the afterbirth world, like postoperative pain, so it’s good for core stability. However, it is difficult to put on, at least the first time, and it is bulkier. But it’s still worth trying.

Just Us Store Fajate VS Colombian Post-Surgery Postpartum Body Shaper Girdle

This girdle is great for keeping your tummy flat, and its anti-microbial properties prevent infections and keep your skin nice. However, it can roll up a little bit in the leg area. But that’s a small price to pay for an otherwise stellar girdle. We say it’s worth trying.

Amon Forgive Postpartum Maternity Girdle

This is another good girdle for you to pick. You just pull it up and go about your day.

It’s cheap, breathable, and comes in many different colors. It’s not as supportive as some other brands, but if you’re looking for minimalistic afterbirth wraps, you’ve come to the right place for sure, as it mimics some popular waist trainers.

With its unique design featuring two or more bands, the Amon Forgive Postpartum Maternity Girdle offers exceptional support and compression to both the abdomen and pelvic areas, making it a highly effective and comfortable afterbirth girdle option for new mothers.


Gabrialla Postpartum Support Girdle

If you’re looking for a good girdle, you may want to go with Gabrialla. This girdle is easy to put on. You just pull it up, and it does the rest, giving you some good afterbirth recovery while helping you with your posture. It’s comfortable cotton that is good for all budgets and comes in many sizes. The Gabrialla Postpartum Support Girdle also provides excellent support and comfort for new mothers with its adjustable compression feature, which can help reduce hip pain and promote afterbirth recovery.

It does not do well with showing your curves, however, and your physical therapist might not recommend this for all-day use. However, it works.

So which one is the afterbirth girdle for you? 

FAQs On The Postpartum Girdle


How Long Should You Wear A Girdle After Giving Birth?

Obstetricians recommend their patients to wear a girdle for six to eight weeks post-delivery regularly. This is to provide support and comfort, specifically for new mothers who have had a cesarean section or are overweight. Additionally, the afterbirth girdle increases muscular support and strengthen your core during the healing process.


What Are The Benefits Of Wearing A Postpartum Girdle?

There are several benefits of wearing best afterbIrth belly wraps, one of the most important of which is to help recover from recent childbirth, especially from a cesarean section. It may also help reduce the water that has been retained in the new mother’s body during pregnancy. Improvement of posture, reduction of back pain, and encourage mobility are also some of the benefits of wearing an afterbirth girdle.


What Are Some Of The Recommended Postpartum Girdle Brands In The Market?

The Bellefit Postpartum Corset image is the top pick of most mothers and obstetricians. It provides 360-degree support and ultimately helps in regaining lost mobility secondary to pregnancy. Despite its tripled-layered front and back support, it is very convenient to wear. The Movwin Postpartum Belly Wrap and Marena Recovery Knee-Length Belly wraps with High-Back are also equally popular brands that are available in the market today.

Is It Too Late To Wear The Postpartum Girdle?

No, it’s not too late to wear an afterbirth girdle. An afterbirth belt helps support your growing belly during pregnancy, while it helps support your back and spine muscles post-delivery, which is within six months. You should now, however, wear it the whole day, as this might restrict blood flow and reduce mobility in the spine area.

Does Wrapping Your Belly After Pregnancy Work?

Yes, to an extent. Wrapping your belly post-pregnancy does work for most. This eases the pain and pressure from the belly’s weight on the spine. It improves posture. It also supports and strengthens the abdominal muscles surrounding the belly pre and post-pregnancy.

How Long Does It Take To Flatten Stomach After C Section?

Weight loss struggle is real and it is difficult to reduce the size of your belly right after pregnancy. It does take time and patience to recuperate after giving birth. According to studies, as it has taken you nine months to grow your belly, it will also take as much time as you did now that you’re trying to flatten your stomach.


Is It OK To Wear Girdle Every Day?

It’s okay to wear belly binding for up to 6 weeks afterbirth.  By doing so every day up to 6 weeks afterbirth and beyond, it can help to naturally reduce the size of the tummy, and belly binding will help with reducing the size of it.  Usually, belly binding can be used for a little longer, but make sure to take it off when showering. 

What Are The Side Effects Of Wearing A Girdle?

There are two side effects to wearing girdles or belly bands you should worry about. That is of course circulation issues if you wear this too tightly, and of course breathing issues. Both of which can be fixed by loosing it slightly. 

You may also notice digestive issues and it can potentially give you a UTI.  But, usually this comes about by not wearing it correctly, so work to wear a girdle correctly for best results.

Another possibilities are due to sensitivities and allergies. For those with latex allergies or sensitivities, the best afterbirth girdles at the time of publication offer a range of features such as latex free, offering the same level of support and compression without any potential discomfort or irritation.


How Long Does It Take For Stomach To Shrink After Pregnancy?

About and up to 6 weeks.  It can take that long for the uterus to shrink. It won’t go back to its normal size right away because the uterus was stretched quite large. 


What Is A Mommy Belly?

Mommy belly or mommy pooch is that little bit of extra belly that is hanging off. It normally doesn’t go away because the connective tissues start to weaken and thin after a baby, which can cause a bulge.  If it isn’t going away with diet and exercise, then chances are it is mom pooch.  You may be able to; reduce the appearance with it with some pelvic exercises however. These include pelvic floor muscle exercises, and pelvic exercises to not only help strengthen it, but in order to reduce the appearance of this belly as well. 

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