What Are The Best Nursing Bras For Large Breasts?

Breastfeeding your baby is a great way to give them the start to life they need. Because of that, it’s something we talk about a lot. But what about the breastfeeding mother? You have to make sure you’re taking care of your needs, too, if you want to be able take care of your little one in the best way possible. 

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One way you can do that is by finding the right bra based on your needs. And if you have a bigger chest, you know this isn’t always the easiest task. A bra that may be just fine for someone with a smaller chest won’t work for you because the support you need isn’t there. You might also need a bra with padded straps to keep your shoulders comfortable. Your needs are a little more specific so not just any bra will do–find the best nursing sports bra with adjustable straps that can support bigger boobs like the one from ilovesia.

Many Women Ask—Do You Really Need Nursing Bras?

We can’t go as far as to say you need a nursing bra. But it’s pretty safe to say that most women who try one out during the breastfeeding journey find it to be a super convenient piece of clothing that is designed to meet the special needs of a breastfeeding mother. Thus, consider shoulder straps and clip down cups with that.

Nursing bras for big boobs make giving your baby access to your milk very easy. They’re made of materials that are silky soft and comfortable. They are designed to keep milk pads, that protect against milk leaks, from moving around. And a good fit has the added benefit of keeping the pressure off of your milk ducts while giving you support where you need it.

Buying the best nursing bra for large breasts is a choice, but it will make you happy.

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Can You Wear A Regular Bra While Nursing?

Yes, you can wear a regular bra when you’re breastfeeding. There are some things you should know, though. 

Your normal full coverage bra may not fit while you’re breastfeeding. The molded cups will often be too small because most moms who are breast pumping or breastfeeding experience bust enlargement during this time. The danger of wearing a bra that doesn’t fit properly is it can result in pressure being put on the milk ducts causing mastitis or blocked ducts. Both of these can be very uncomfortable, and in some cases quite painful and can cause swelling.

You need the bra to be soft and loose enough that when you pull it up or down to nurse your baby, it won’t put pressure where you don’t want it. You also shouldn’t wear one with underwire while breastfeeding. Consider a wire free bra instead.

What Is The Difference Between Maternity Bra And Nursing Bra?

The obvious difference is cake maternity bras are meant to be worn when you’re pregnant, and nursing bras are to be worn after the baby is born. There are some other features that set them apart too, though.

A good maternity bra has bands that allow you to adjust the size and its inner sling because breasts tend to grow during pregnancy. Usually, the full coverage cups are made of a very stretchy material, too, so they will provide your boobs with support and full coverage as they get bigger–a must for women with a larger bust. In addition to a flexible band size, they also have wider straps that provide you with additional support.

Nursing bras will still give you the support you need, but they also have clips at the top of the double layered cups that allow you to unclip a cup and pull it down while the rest of the bra stays in place. They’re easy to unclip with one hand so you can maneuver your child while they’re feeding without issue.

A good nursing bra offers support and comfort
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When Is The Best Time To Buy Nursing Bras For Large Breasts?

Many moms-to-be want to be as prepared as possible when the baby comes, even though they won’t start wearing nursing bras until much later. So, buying a bra before the baby arrives is on their to-do lists. You want to have enough time to find the best option on the market, and we all know that having a newborn at home doesn’t allow you a lot of time.

The problem with buying bras during pregnancy is the fit. Once you give birth, your chest can get significantly larger because of the milk production. If you want to buy one to have it ready when the baby comes, you can, but it is recommended that you wait until the last month of your pregnancy so you’ll have the best idea of what size you will need.

How Do You Know What Size Nursing Bra To Buy?

There’s a couple of ways you can figure this out. If you want to buy the best nursing bra for a bigger chest while you’re still pregnant and wearing maternity bras, then the recommendation is to get measured at around 26 weeks. You’ll then add one band and cup size to whatever that is to get the best size based on your measurements.

If you’re going to wait until your milk comes in before buying one, you can just get fitted to find the exact size you need. 

One thing that’s important here is that you are comfortable in whatever size you are wearing. Discomfort can mean there is pressure in the wrong place and that can lead to painful conditions.

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When Should I Get Fitted?

Ideally, you should wait and get fitted once the baby has been born and your milk has come in. While maternity bras are designed to be adjusted as your boobs grow, nursing bras usually are not. You want to get fitted for a nursing bra once your breasts have reached, what will likely be, their biggest size.

If you are going to purchase some nursing bras during your pregnancy, though, just follow the guidelines we mentioned above as to how you can calculate the correct size.

How Many Nursing Bras?

Sometimes, finding a good bra comes down to trying out many different kinds. Other times, you might find that the best nursing bras are one specific type. In any case, it’s a good idea to have more than one nursing bra, just like you have more than one regular bra. But how many should you have?

Use the rule of three as a guideline here. If you’re wearing one nursing bra while you’re washing another, you should have one more just as an extra in case of any emergencies. That means three nursing bras should be your minimum. 

Should You Wear Nursing Bras To Bed?

This is really up to you and your preference. There is some thinking that wearing a bra to bed if you have big boobs can prevent sagging breasts, so that’s a plus—but that’s just a cosmetic factor. It’s not going to harm your health if you don’t wear a nursing bra to bed. The best sleep nursing bra will be more breathable and comfortable than other options. Many are made of moisture wicking fabric.

You may want to consider it, though, if you have some leaking going on. If you wear a nursing bra at night, it can allow you to put a nursing removable padding in and keep them in place while you sleep. This removable foam padding will provide safety and comfort as well.

Large breasts may need the removable inserts of a nursing bra at night so you can feel more comfortable. The most suitable bras when it comes to sleeping are made specifically to be worn during night time, so they’re often made of softer materials that help keep you comfortable and asleep.

Large breasts may need nursing bras at night so you can feel more comfortable.
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Which Type Is Best After Delivery?

While maternity bras are great while you’re pregnant, nursing bras are the better option after your baby is born. Maternity bras are all about giving support and comfort to tender, growing boobs. A great nursing bra will still give you lots of support but is also very functional to help make breastfeeding as convenient and easy as possible.

What Is The Best Nursing Bra?

A good bra, in general, is the one that makes you the most comfortable, gives you the most support, and makes your life easier. The most important consideration when choosing the best one is to find the correct fit. If you are a breastfeeding mom with a big bust, the correct fit is even more crucial because you’ll need extra support.

So, What Are the Best Nursing Bras For Large Busts?

Again, as long as you get the amount of support you need, that’s what’s important when it comes to nursing bras for large breasts. But we’re going to end this article with some of the favorite nursing bras of moms who have larger breasts.

  • HOFISH Full-Bust Nursing Bralette – You can buy these in a pack of three. It comes with bra extender bands and bra clips. It offers supportive nursing and flexibility, and the smooth cup looks great under any kind of shirt. 
  • Suekaphin Wireless Nursing Bra – These come in packs of two. You can find them in different bright colors. They also come with extender bands that match the color of the bra. The material is good at adjusting as your body grows, and it’s good for everyday wear.
  • iLoveSIA Full-Bust Seamless Nursing Bra – You can buy this one in various colors. It’s sold in packs of three. It has four hooks that keep this bra secure and in place. The seamless design of the bra means it looks good under any type of fabric. This is a favorite of many breastfeeding mamas.
Wait until the last month of pregnancy to start looking for nursing bras for large breasts
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Knowing what to look for when purchasing a new nursing bra is the key to finding a good one that gives you exactly what you need. Bigger boobs need more support, especially if you’re a breastfeeding mom. A good bra will give you that support, fit comfortably, and give you the convenience that makes breastfeeding go as smoothly as possible with the help of a breast pump.

Best Nursing Bras For Larger Breasts

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best bra to wear when breastfeeding?

There are now plenty of options moms can choose from, including everyday nursing bras, pumping bras, supportive nursing bras, sleep nursing bras, and more. A good nursing bra will depend on your own lifestyle and preferences. There are tons of comfortable nursing bras on the market. If you have larger breasts, a comfortable bra is important to prevent discomfort, under boob rashes, and other issues. Bra fit is also a big factor, so make sure you get a nursing bra that fits right.

Can a nursing or a sleep bra be a pumping bra?

If you’re interested in a pumping bra that lets you pump hands free, you’ll need to find a good pumping bra for that specific purpose. Otherwise, you can use any bra that has breast pump flanges. Just make sure to pick one in a breathable fabric so you can stay comfortable all day.

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Best Nursing Bra For Large Breasts

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