What Are The Best Superman Toys That Your Child Will Love?

Superman is a classic comic book character. The timeless story about the only survivor of a race of super-beings living an ordinary life on Earth until it’s time to save the day has captured the imaginations of many people, and many stories and characters came from Superman. Some may say that there are better characters out there, but Superman is the original and is still timeless to this day. If your kid is into comic books, chances are they’re read a bit of Superman or have seen the cartoons.

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Today, we’ll be looking at some Superman toys that your kid will love. Which ones are the best? Which toys will make your kid feel like they’re really Superman? Let’s find out.

Mattel Games Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em Robots: Batman v. Superman Edition

This is more of a funny one for us. You may be familiar with Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em Robots. Two kids duke it out between two robots in a boxing match, the fists comedically flying, until one of their heads pops off in a funny fashion.

Now, Superman and Batman are at odds and are in the Rock ‘Em ring. Batman and Superman’s heads don’t pop off, because your kid seeing their favorite superhero die would be a bit morbid. But instead, they fall down whenever they are defeated. Pick your favorite superhero and get ready to have a bout.

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LEGO Juniors Batman & Superman vs. Lex Luthor

Legos are always fun for your children to play with. They encourage creativity, building, and creating something your kids will love. This is a Lego set depicting Lex Luthor, everyone’s favorite evil CEO, going against Superman and Batman. It has some unique pieces that will help immerse your kid in the action. It comes with the Batmobile, bat cave, catapult, and plenty of other accessories for your child to use.

This set is quite immersive and your kid is going to love every bit of what it has to offer. Since it’s a junior set, it’s also great as an entry point for the Lego world. Some older kids may feel like the set is a bit lacking, but if your kid is getting into Legos, this may be a good first step to help introduce your kid to more complex sets.

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Mattel DC Justice League True-Moves Series Superman Figure, 12″

Who doesn’t love a classic Superman action figure? This figure is a whopping 12 inches and is quite posable. Your kid can pose Superman and make him go through many different scenarios and challenges, all while having some fun doing so. It’s a figure that works even better with other superhero and villain figures, as there are so many posing possibilities. This is a very detailed figure that captures

Superman perfectly. We say buy it if your kid does like some action figures. This one is worth every penny if we do say so ourselves.

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DC Comics Justice League Lights & Sound 12″ Superman

A posable figure is cool and all, but what if your kid wants a figure that makes sounds? This helps your kid pretend like they’re Superman even more, which is always a plus. This Superman has eyes that light up and makes all the sounds you’d expect. Your kid can pretend that they’re flying in the air, taking down enemies with Superman’s heat vision or icy cold breath. It’s one cool figure that doesn’t cost too much. If your kid is into that, we say try it out and see what your kid can do with Mr. Superman.

DC Comics Multiverse Supergirl Figure

If you have a daughter who is into superheroes, or a son who likes Supergirl as well, this is a nice change of pace from the other Superman figures. Supergirl is the cousin of Superman, having all the same powers and whatnot. This figure is 6 inches tall and has plenty of posable options. It’s a cool figure that adds a bit of variety to the other Superman toys. Try it out and perhaps Superman and Supergirl can team up and kick some villain’s butts.

Square Enix Dc Variant Static Arts Mini Superman Action Figures

This is a more expensive figure designed for collectors, so we recommend this one for older kids. It’s quite a unique figure. It’s Superman in a more anime interpretation and is designed in a more chibi style, meaning it’s smaller and has a bigger head. It’s definitely cute, to say the least, and its uniqueness adds to the variety of Superman toys out there. It’s over $70, so we don’t recommend giving it to your child, but if an older child or teenager is into collecting, we say it’s worth a purchase.

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Funko Pocket POP DC Superman Action Figure Keychain

Now your kid can take Superman wherever they go. This keychain is designed in a Funko POP style. You’ve probably seen these POPs everywhere. Beady eyes, giant square heads, and there’s a POP of everything out there. Some like them because they are cheap and depict almost everything out there. Others feel like they’re lacking. Either way, this is a cool little keychain that we say is worth checking out if you have an older child who has keys or a keyring. It’s definitely super to say the very least.

DIAMOND SELECT TOYS Superman The Animated Series: Superman Vinyl Bust Bank

Finally, it’s time to let Superman help your kid learn the value of saving up money. This is a piggybank shaped like the bust of Superman. This particular Superman is from the 1990s animated series, which still holds up to this day, along with the Batman series of the same decade. Your kid can let Superman guard their change and then save up for a rainy day. Teaching children about how those coins can add up is always a good thing, and we recommend you try it and see the difference.



Who created Superman?

 Jerry Siegel initially wrote Superman’s story for Action Comics #1. It was visualized by a comic artist named Joe Shuster.

Where did Superman come from?

He came from Krypton, a destroyed planet.

Is Superman part of a team?

Superman is an original member of the Justice League. The other members are:

  • Batman
  • Wonder Woman
  • Martian Manhunter
  • Flash
  • Aquaman
  • Green Lantern

What is Superman’s day job?

Superman’s alter ego, Clark Joseph Kent, is a Planet newspaper reporter.

 Can I purchase Superman toys for my 1-year-old?

Yes, you can. However, it is preferable to stick with plush toys and large-sized puzzles because detailed action figures have dangerous tiny parts.

 Are Superman toys suitable for all ages?

 Not at all. Manufacturers still recommend most Superman action figures for kids aged 3+.

 Why are Superman toys so popular?

 Superman is so popular because of his enhanced abilities and desire to protect Earth.

Does Superman have a sidekick?

 Jimmy Olsen is technically Superman’s sidekick. They also happen to be best friends.

Who is Superman’s arch-nemesis?

 Superman has a lot of enemies, but Lex Luthor is his arch-nemesis in various media.

What are the best Superman toys?

  • DC Comics Justice League Superman
  • DC Comics Justice League Metallic Armor Superman
  • McFarlane DC Multiverse Superman: Action Comics #1000
  • Rubie’s Superhero Cape Set

Are there Superman-themed LEGO sets?

 There are LEGO Super Heroes building sets. They come with other characters like Lex Luthor and Justice League members.

Are there Superman playsets?

Yes, there are Superman playsets. Some of them are:

  • Batman vs. Superman Ultimate Batcave Playset
  • Fisher-Price Imaginext DC Super Friends Hall of Justice
  • Fisher-Price Imaginext Superman Playset
  • LEGO Super Heroes Superman Metropolis Showdown

Are there wearable Superman toys?

Yes, there are wearable Superman toys. One of them is the Mattel Justice League Superman Ready Set. You may also find Superman-themed costumes.

What is the price range for Superman toys?

 It depends on the manufacturer. Still, the price ranges from $7 to $200.

Where can I buy Superman toys?

You can buy Superman toys on Amazon, Walmart, Mattel Shop, Target, etc.


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