Dinosaur Train Toys For 2019 & Beyond

If your kid is a fan of Dinosaur Train, it will be interesting for you to know that it first aired on September 7, 2009. This show let preschoolers jump on the Dinosaur Train to learn about natural science, natural history, and paleontology. After eight years of bringing job, adventure, and learning to your kids, the show aired its last on February 20, 2017.

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What is more interesting than learning about how the world was before, man? Of course, the lead character, Buddy, a preschool-aged Tyrannosaurus Rex, is the more endearing part of the story. Your child, while watching the show, gets to have fun, learn, and bond with family and explore with Buddy!

Although the show is no longer running, the toys inspired by the show are still very much alive! You can also keep the love of science, natural history, and paleontology alive with your kids by encouraging them to play with Dinosaur Train toys.

Go With The Classic

If you are interested in collecting Dinosaur Train toys, you may want to consider a classic toy. Go for the “Dino Train Deluxe Train Engine with Buddy and Mr. Conductor Vehicle.”

Mr. Conductor is a Troodon, which is said to be a relatively small bird-like dinosaur. This character is a hero to Buddy mainly because he drives the most awesome train of all, the Dinosaur Train. When your child plays with this toy and then watch reruns of the “Dinosaur Train,” he or she will sure to have so much fun! This train and these characters are the mainstays of the show, so your child will not be disappointed. These characters will surely make an appearance and make him or her proud to be holding the coolest train and the main characters from Dinosaur Train toys.

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Learn And Play

Is your child interested in history? What about learning about these prehistoric creatures? One way to learn is with the “Dinosaur Train – Interaction Buddy.” Built with SmartTalk technology, it allows Buddy to recognize and interact with other dinosaurs in the line. When you press his button, he will share loads of fun dino data. Buddy also makes chomping and sneezing sounds. These sounds come from Buddy’s mouth, on his forehead, and his nose. Another fun feature is when Buddy walks, he makes stomping sounds.

Fun And Adventure

Does your child like train sets? Your child can learn about dinosaurs and have fun with a train set at the same time!

How familiar are you with the Mesozoic Era? What about traveling throughout the era with your child? When your child is watching reruns of the show Dinosaur Train, wouldn’t it be fun to have a “Dinosaur Train Buddy Train Adventure Set” at the same time?

The “Dinosaur Train Buddy Train Adventure Set” comes with three motorized cars. To ride on this train, Dinosaur Train figures are included in the set. There are also 6 feet of track that travels through three destinations. What a great adventure!

The Dinosaur Family

Get the most out of learning fun. The Dinosaur Train show has a lot of characters. It means there are a lot of Dinosaur Train figures that you can collect and have fun with!

Start with Paulie Pilosaurus, who is known as the T-Rex of the ocean. Paulie is a friend to the main character, Buddy. Paulie is the first volunteer to go into the Aqua Car.

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Do you think only human beings have stars or idols? That is not accurate! Dinosaurs have stars too. Hank Ankylosaurus is a star Dinoball player. Some of his fans are Mr. Pteranodon and The Conductor.

There are a lot of other characters such as Morris Stegosaurus, Annie Tyrannosaurus, and so many more!



Is Tiny from Dinosaur Train, a girl?

Yes, Tiny from Dinosaur Train is a female dinosaur. Tiny love rhyming and has the self-confidence of a news reporter.

Is Don on Dinosaur Train autistic?

No, Don is not the autistic one on Dinosaur Train. The autistic character introduced is Dennis Deinocheirus.

What is the conductor on Dinosaur Train?

The conductor of the Dinosaur Train is a Troodon. He is a special friend of Buddy and his family.

What kind of dinosaur is Buddy?

Buddy is a T-Rex or a Tyrannosaurus Rex. He travels on the Dinosaur Train together with his adopted Pteranodon family.

Is Buddy from Dinosaur Train adopted?

Yes, Buddy from Dinosaur Train is adopted. He is adopted by Mr. & Mrs. Pteranodon and was hatched at the same time as the dinosaurs from the Pteranodon family.

Is Dinosaur Train on Amazon Prime?

Yes, Dinosaur Train is on Amazon Prime. You just contact the Amazon hotline if your having difficulties viewing Dinosaur Train.

What time is Dinosaur Train on?

Dinosaur Train can be viewed every noon. It is an animated series for children ages three up to 6 years old.

Does Netflix have Dinosaur Train?

Dinosaur Train is no longer available on Netflix as of now. You can just view it through Amazon Prime.

How many dinosaur train DVDs are there?

The Dinosaur Train series has a 3-DVD collection. There is the Dino-Mighty Music DVD, The Dinosaurs Under the Sea, and the Dinosaurs in the Snow.

Does Hulu have Dinosaur Train?

Dinosaur Train can once be viewed in Hulu but is now already available as of now. You can still see it in Amazon Prime through a paid link.

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