Author name: Marie Miguel

Marie Miguel has been a writing and research expert for nearly a decade; covering a variety of life & health-related topics. With an interest in both family and a dedication to addressing stigmas associated with mental health, she continues to target subjects that relate to millions of people. As an editor, contributor, and writer for over 200 online publications Marie has covered topics related to technology, family, health & mental health. With regular content published on authorities like Yahoo, BetterHelp, Kids In The House, TheMighty, GoodMenProject, WomenForOne, SINGLE MOTHER SURVIVAL GUIDE, ADAA, CCPA-ACCP, Silverts, AMHCA, IEET, etc... Marie has shown both her passion and dedication to discussing & educating people about a wide range of topics. WHY FAMILYHYPE IS IMPORTANT: A family is not just another thing that some people feel is important. It's everything and it's definitely one of the best sources of happiness. Since family is something that should be treasured, the best way to succeed as a family is to give it the time, love and attention that it needs each day. As a mother who always has a dedication to ensuring her family's safety and happiness, it has become a passion to stay up to date with all the things that involve health, lifestyle choices, and really any topic that is related to my family. With all of the discoveries I've learned from both online and offline sources over the years, personal experiences and valuable teachings from my parents, I am happy to share them with everyone. WHAT ALL CHILDREN SHOULD KNOW: Parenting involves both hard and heart work! You work hard with all your heart for the love, security, and success of your family. Building your own family is a pure labor of love & effort. The sweetest fruit of labor is seeing your children enjoy all your "hard and heart work" for them. It's a measure of fulfillment every parent can experience. As a mother, one of my personal goals is for my children to have experienced a life that includes some of their happiest memories being closely connected to our family. My hope is that all children always remember the best things their parents and other loved ones do for them... and that one day, they also do the same when it's their time to love and build their own family. Life begins with family... keep its hype!

Innovative Air-Fried Shepherd’s Pie: Healthy And Delicious Recipe

Now you can use an air fryer for Shepherd’s pie. Shepherd’s pie is a British dish that combines two of the nation’s favorite foods: casserole and mashed potatoes. If you want to produce one that is an accurate representation of this time-honored standard, you will need to iron out a few wrinkles in the recipe …

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