What Are Baby Names That Mean Wish?

Even before a baby is born, many parents start to consider a decision that will affect their growing child for the rest of their life. That decision? Their baby name.

Choosing a child’s name is extremely important. Children’s names can have an effect on how they are treated at school and in the workplace. It is also extremely difficult to change one’s name so most people keep the same name for most of their life.

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Some names lend well to certain nicknames, while others stand alone perfectly. Some parents also like to keep in mind how a last name and a middle name might go with the name, while others just want to focus on their baby name independent of those factors.

Special and meaningful names can be especially great for helping children with self-confidence as they grow, and almost everyone out there loves to know what their name means. Being very intentional about choosing a baby’s name can be a great way to start out their future.

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Babies are also often something that many people, couples or families spend a lot of time hoping and wishing for, and sometimes they want to honor that in the name that they choose to be their baby name. Although this is a common desire, there are many names out there that have this meaning, so it can be easy to find unique names that mean wish.

Whether you’re picking out girl names or boy names, you have many options out there to find a baby name that means wish that is best for you and your child.

Baby Girl Names

Wish can be a wonderful meaning to choose for baby girl names and there are many girl names out there that have this meaning. Oftentimes names that mean which have a certain twist on them, and mean wish along with something else.

One of our favorite girl names that means wish is Aasha. This name is of Sanskrit origin and in addition to meaning wish, it also means hope and desire. It is a twist on more common names like Ashely, giving your daughter a unique spin on easy to say names.

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We also think the name Nijaza is a great choice of baby girl names. It means wish, as well as need, and is another take on the meaning of wish.

Another name that we love is the name Viyan. Like the other girl names we’ve mentioned, it means wish. It also can mean intention, which is a beautiful interpretation of wish. 

Baby Boy Names

There are also many boy names that mean wish out there. Like the names for girls, the boys names that mean wish range from common to unique, so we want to suggest a few that are outside of the box.

One of the best names that means wish that we could find for a baby boy is Sidak. We like this baby name because not only does it mean wish and is unique, but it also lends itself to the nickname Sid, which is a common nickname for both boys and girls.

Another name that we really love is Dorian. Although you may have heard this name before, there are a few different variations on spelling, including Dorien and Dorion. If you’re reluctant to go with the most common version of a name, then you could also opt for an alternative spelling.

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Variations On “Wish”

While there are many excellent baby names out there that mean wish, names that mean something similar to wish, like “wished for” or “longed for” can also be powerful names. These names might convey even more meaning that a name meaning wish, so they are a good option to consider.

One name that we love is Rajwa for a baby girl. It means “a wish that came true,” which we think is a unique and romantic variation on wish.

Another unique name with a variation on wish is Zelimir. It is of Slovak origin and it means “wishes for peace.” This would be an enchanting name for a gentle baby boy.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What name means wished for child?

The name Maaike of Hebrew origin means wished for child. It is a name meant for a baby girl. Two variations on the name with the same meaning are Maiken, Maleah and Majken, all of which have the same meaning and are also meant for girls.

Similarly, the names for boys Milo and Murad have similar meanings. You could also consider variation on the name Milo to either Milos or Miles to give it a more unique ring.

What name means answered prayer?

The name Kabul for a boy means fulfilled wish or prayer. It is a sweet name for a boy that will show how much you appreciate his coming into your life. Similarly, the name Datta means granted wish. This would also be a great name for a boy.

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When it comes to names for girls that mean answered prayer, one good option is Eveline. This name is over Irish origin and has the same meaning. Another possibility is Miriam.

How do you make a unique name?

Choosing a unique baby name comes down to choosing a name with meaning behind it. If you opt for a name that you chose because of a unique meaning, then your child will have a unique name.

If you’re looking for a name that few other children have where you are, you can try choosing a name that is of a less common origin where you live or has an origin from the other side of the world. That way, even if it’s somewhat common somewhere else, it may not be where you are.

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Lastly, some websites offer a list of the most common names, and you can do your best to avoid them. Those sites sometimes also have the option to sort from least common to most common so you could choose from the names at the end of the list.

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