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During pregnancy week by week, even before a baby is born on or around their due date, many parents start to consider a very important decision for the baby. That decision will affect their growing child for the rest of their life. That decision? Their newborn’s name.

You have to decide on the perfect baby names that could mean wish or wished for. Names for babies can come from different origins.

Choosing a baby name is extremely important during the pregnancy week by week time and it demonstrates the proper care and it goes along with the development of food nutrition which you are also giving your little one. Children’s names can have an effect on how they are treated at the house, at school and, eventually, in the workplace. It is also extremely difficult to change a name so most people keep the same name for most of their life.

Some names lend well to certain nicknames, while others stand alone perfectly. Some parents also like to keep in mind how the last name and a middle name might go with the name, while others just want to focus on their newborn name independent of those factors.

Special and meaningful names can be especially great for helping children with self-confidence as they grow and give them a different sort of development in food nutrition. Almost everyone out there loves to know what their name means. Being very intentional in your belief about choosing a name can be a great way to start out their future and their.

Deciding on baby names can be hard but is also very fun! It can take days, weeks or even months before parents can decide.
  • Babies are also often something that many people, couples, or families spend a lot of time hoping and wishing for, and sometimes, during the pregnancy week by week time, they want to honor that devotion in the infant name that they choose for their child. Although this is a common desire, there are many names out there which have this meaning, so it can be easy to find unique names which signify wish or dearly wished.
  • Whether you’re picking out girl names or names for boys, you have many options out there to find a name which means wish that is best for you and your child.

Choosing A Name For Your Baby Girl

  • Wish can be a wonderful meaning to choose for girl names and there are many girl names out there which have this meaning. Oftentimes names that signify wish have a certain twist on them, and signify wish along with something else.
  • One of our favorite baby names that mean wish is Aasha. This name is derived from Sanskrit origin and in addition to meaning wish, it also means hope and desire. It is a twist on more common names like Ashely, giving your daughter a unique spin on easy-to-say names.
spin on easy to say names so that your kids will not have a hard time growing up
  • We also think the name Nijaza is a great choice of girl names. It means wish, as well as need, and is another take on the meaning of wish.
  • Another name that we love is the name Viyan. Like the other girl names we’ve mentioned, it means wish. It also can signify intention or being hopeful, which is a beautiful interpretation of wish. 

Choosing A Name For Your Baby Boy

  • There are also many promising boy names which signify wish out there. Like the names for girls, the names for boys that signify wish range from common to unique, so we want to suggest a few that are outside of the box.
  • One of the best names which means wish that we could find for a newborn boy is Sidak. We like this name because not only does it signify wish and is unique, but it also lends itself to the nickname Sid, which is a common nickname for both boys and girls.
  • Another name which we really love is Dorian. Although you may have heard this name before, there are a few different variations on spelling, including Dorien and Dorion. If you’re reluctant to go with the most common version of a baby name, then you could also opt for an alternative spelling.
  • The third option for names for boys comes from Turkish Ukrainian culture. The name is Murat and these names for boys signify wish. This unique name is not one that is seen in everyday life so it would be a fun one to name your child so they are different from the rest.
Depending on whether it's a boy or a girl, there are a lot of names you can choose from different origins and with different meanings.

Baby Names for Boys and Girls

  • There are plenty of infant names out there which signify wish that can be used for boys and girls. It is a growing trend for parents in the United States to decide on a unisex name for their child. One name which means wishes in Western African culture is Amani. This name for boys and girls is unique and rarely seen amongst boys and girls so it is a good option to consider. 

Variations On “Wish

While there are many excellent infant names that mean wish, names which signify something similar to wish, like “wished for” or “longed for” can also be powerful names.

  • These names might convey even more meaning than a name meaning wish, so they are a good option to consider. One name which we love is Rajwa for a baby girl. It means “a wish that came true,” which we think is a unique and romantic variation of wish.
  • Another unique name with a variation on wish is Zelimir. It is of Slovak origin and it means “wishes for peace.” This would be an enchanting name for a gentle baby boy.
  • Another name for boys to consider is Duro from the Romanian Russian culture. This name for boys rolls off the tongue and means longing.
  • One last name that is a variation of wish is Abhidhya, wish longing for. This name is from the small cultural combination of Hawaiian Hebrew and Hindi. It is a name meaning wish or longing for. This name can be used for girls and boys.


Infant Names That Signify Wish

Frequently Asked Questions:


What name means wished for child or fulfilled wishes?

  • The name Maaike of Hebrew origin means wished for child. It is a name meant for a baby girl. Two variations on the name with the same meaning are Maiken, Maleah and Majken, all of which form the same meaning and are also meant for girls.
  • Similarly, the names for boys Milo and Murad have similar meanings. You could also consider a variation on the name Milo to either Milos or Miles to give it a more unique ring.

What name means answered prayer?

  • The name Kabul for a boy means fulfilled wish or prayers. It is a sweet name for a boy that will show how much you appreciate his coming into your life. Similarly, the name Datta means granted wish. This would also be a great name for a boy.
  • When it comes to names for girls that signify answered prayer from God, one good option is Eveline. This name is of Irish origin and has the same meaning. Another possibility is Miriam or Mary.

What are some names meaning gift?

  • Every child in general and every child who is wished for in faith and desired is a lovely gift and blessing. One Anglo Saxon name to support this is Goldvia. This name can be used for boys and girls, with different nicknames coming out of it. These unique names for boys and girls are not ones which you will see around very often. You are free to play the spelling here too. 

What are names meaning proud?

  • For parents who want to express how proud they are that they have a child can choose an African American names for boys that is Haben. This names for boys means pride and pleasure so if the parents have high hopes and have been yearning for a child for a long period of time, they can show their pride in finally being able to have one by naming him Haben. 
  • From the English Esperanto Estonian culture, you have the name Fiera which means proud. This name is mainly used for girls. It is unique because being proud of your girl who dreams to grow into a beautiful woman, just as much as you would your beloved boy is just as important. 

Baby names that mean health or safety

  • If you happen to find out that a child is going to be born, not only did you wish for this child, but you want this child to be healthy and safe all throughout the pregnancy. Names for boys which signify health and safety can be found in the French Frisian culture is Helke. This name can be used for boys and girls. 
  • In addition to health or safety, strong can come into play as well. The Native American culture favors the name Honovi for names for boys when they want their name that carries the meaning strong. These characteristics are all things which you want your child to have so it would make sense for them to be the names for boys. 
  • Other clever names for boys that signify strong are Nero and Nerva. These names are for boys and girls, respectively, and come from ancient Roman mythology and gods. 
  • To continue with this theme for names for boys, next would be Ferdinand from the Slovak Slovene culture. Ferdinand refers to somebody who is daring and brave. 

How do you make a unique name?

  • Choosing unique baby boys and girls names come down to choosing a name with meaning behind it. If you opt for a baby name that you chose because of unique meaning, then your child will have a unique name.
  • If you’re looking for a desirable baby boys and girls name that few other children have where you are, you can try choosing a baby name that is of a less common origin where you live or has an origin from the other side of the world. That way, even if it’s somewhat common somewhere else, there will be a diminutive chance that it will be common where you are. This will make things fun as your child ages to the point when they are engaging in play activities because you will hear your child’s unique name being called out by their friends all throughout the park or schoolyard.
  • Lastly, some pregnancy week-by-week websites offer a list of the most common names, and you can do your best to avoid them. Those sites sometimes also have the option to browse boys’ and girls’ names after they are sorted from least common to most common so you can choose from the boys and girls names at the end of the list. Depending on how broad of a website these sites are, you may even find tips on play activities to do with your child as they grow older and grow more into their name.

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One common name you can choose is Justin, which means righteous.



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