Race Cars With Best Race Track Toys

Track toys can capture the imaginations of kids. Once you put the best car on the track, the kid gets suddenly transported to a world of fast circuits, crashes, and goal achievements that can develop educational value, a child’s imagination, fine motor skills, and problem-solving skills!

Most of us grew up with some kind of race car track toys. You’d pick your mobile, place it on the circuit, and grab your remote control. Then, three, two, one, go! You’d send your Hot Wheels zooming around at the best speed to find a winner.

One of the quality car racing track toys in red and white color arranged on a brown floor inside the room.
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They are still really popular today and for good reason. These slotcar toys make for an exciting and timeless gift, offering hours of thrilling entertainment for both kids and adults alike.

There are many options available out there, like the dinosaur set complete with dinosaur cars, especially with different shapes. SSome are big and epic, while others are simple enough for small kids, offering parking spots for their favorite cars. What is the best race car track for kids, according to positive reviews? Let’s dive into this article, helpful in choosing what is best to get for your child’s social skills.

Best Features Of Race Track Toys

If you’re buying a racetrack for kids, what features should you look for, especially considering little hands? Not all that’s available are meant for all kids’ ages, but consider those with exciting interactive elements. There are some that have a lot of track pieces, some that work for Disney Pixar mobiles, and some that are actually crash track sets, potentially posing a choking hazard. You want to make sure you’re matching the race track set to the person who will be using it, especially if they prefer additional cars. Here are a few things to watch out for, including tracks made of non-toxic materials and with rounded edges for safety.

Race car track toys, will require some form of assembly, including the construction of a jump ramp. Your kid will have to snap together pieces, and you may need to help them. More complex circuits for older children will require fully assembled than others, but once they’re complete, they are worth it. Younger children don’t need a set with tons of track pieces that are hard to put together. For them, you want to look for something that is easy to assemble. For them, you want to look for something that is an easy-to-assemble and engaging gift.

Some are simple–when the car goes in a loop, that’s it, especially if it’s designed for one car. Meanwhile, other tracks have stunt boxes, twists, turns, multiple paths, traps, and other gimmicks, including engaging the child’s motor skills, to keep the competition exciting. A simple course can be stimulating enough for a young child, but older kids may want something more.

One that’s really cool for older kids is crisscross circuits like the Hot Wheels Criss Cross Crash motorized Track. The mobiles course around through a track that has a crisscross in the middle and eventually can meet in the middle in a wreck. It’s just like the real thing.

Two car toys arranged on one of the race track toys placed on a carpeted floor inside a bright room.
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Requirements And Suitability
Some circuits can handle small vehicles, while others may use their particular kind of vehicle, especially the Hot Wheels tracks. If your kid has a bunch of mobiles already, see if they can find a circuit that can suit them. Hot Wheels has a whole line of sets that kids can use all their Hot Wheels on. Your kiddo can even turn a police vehicle into one.

You definitely need to pay attention to whether or not the circuit set you are considering comes with vehicles, since some may not include any. Checking for a set that includes cars ensures that your gift provides a complete and ready-to-race experience for the recipient.

Battery Or No Batteries 
Some tracks, especially those designed for endless fun, may have batteries. They make realistic noises or use battery-powered devices to make the toys speed up. Cells can mean more costs, but they can also add complexity to motorized vehicles, which your kids may love. Consider what batteries are needed and what kind of remote controls are used, if there are any like two-speed controllers. Or if it has a USB power system.

Finally, we are talking about one of the most critical factors: speed, crucial for racing fun. Some tracks send the vehicles flying like bullets, while others slow down the action a bit. A younger kid may benefit from a slower track since it lowers their chances of getting an injury, while an older kid will want the excitement that comes with a faster path.

Races are supposed to be fast. While that’s true, it should also be safe for kids to play with a circuit set with the finish line. If you give a young child a circuit where the toys go too fast, someone could end up getting hurt. Make sure to adhere to the age guidelines as you plan to buy.

With that said, let’s look at a few options.

List Of Best Race Track Toys

Your kids can play and enjoy these great blue and red racing track toy with many track levels and complexities.
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Ontel Magic Track Amazing Race 

This has LED lights and glowing neon tracks. It’s a budget-friendly option, going under twenty bucks. Older kids may want higher complexity, but for smaller kids, a glowing track is fun enough. An Ontel Magic race track set has glow-in-the-dark pieces. That makes young children feel like they are really looking at magical circuits. The glow-in-the-dark feature of this set adds something a little extra to this race track toys for younger kids.

AGM Slot Race Cars Set With Racing Assistant

This is a high-end circuit for older kids. It offers fast-paced action and plenty of speed. What makes this track cool is that it is smartphone-compatible. The app can show stats, commentary, and much more. It’s one track that will entertain your kid for quite a bit. 

If you’re looking for a race car track set that is more than just vehicles going around in circles, then this one might be what you want. It’s one of the top sets for older kids. They’ll be able to gauge how they’re doing and try to beat their personal highest while playing with one of the highly recommended sets.

Best Max Traxx Twin Loop Race Cars Set

This is an RC set with glowing vehicles. These leave behind some killer light trails, and it’s great for both new and advanced. It has two loops for even more racing action. Although it’s a bit expensive, many kids will love it and say it’s worth the price.

It’s pretty easy to assemble and has a moderate amount of pieces you have to put together. They are fun to watch because of the glowing light trails they leave in their wake. It makes the vehicles seem like they’re going even faster. These make for one of the greatest experiences because of the light bonus feature.

Hot Wheels Versus Set Toys Cars

Hot Wheels is one of the top names and for a good reason. This is a great, cheaper circuit where your kid can compete with parents or friends. Not to mention, these toys can crash into each other for even more action. It’s a one-versus-everyone type of track set that the entire family is going to love.

Hot Wheels makes most of their race track sets where they’re compatible with most Hot Wheels cars kids have in their collections. That means your kids can turn a police vehicle into slotcars, put a truck on the circuit, or use what other vehicles you might have.

Small toy cars are arranged together on the floor near the orange racing track while a little kid is playing with the toys.
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Best Hot Wheels Criss Cross Crash Track Set

Now, if you like Hot Wheels, this set has four different looping tracks, and they can fire the vehicles quickly. It’s another track set that promises to crash as well. It has a huge crash zone for Hot Wheels vehicles with a fun track design. It’s a more expensive version of the last track, packed with storage and other goodies. It’s worth the price if your kid is serious about racing. 

With this Hot Wheels track, kids can spend hours watching to see if their circuits are going to collide with each competition. It’s a fun track set because each cycle turns out differently, making it an ideal and exciting gift option for kids.

Indy 500 Style Slot Car Track Ho Scale Set

This is a circuit straight from NASCAR. It has two vehicles and a raceway that looks like a miniature NASCAR track. It’s perfect for fans, young and old. It’s super easy to assemble with a low number of track pieces to put together and has two pistol grip remote control guns that accelerate the vehicles around the racing track.

Scalextric American Racers Slot

Get ready to get some great speed and burn some rubber with this impressive set! This kit contains two vehicles and rates you can adjust. You can start with slower paces and then ramp it up for a super challenging competition. It even has a lap counter added for even more competition and fun! It is a bit pricier but worth it! 

This one has a small, easy-to-assemble track. It comes with some pretty detailed vehicles, a Camaro and a Corvette. You can watch them battle it out on the tracks. It’s a higher-quality set that should be used by more mature mobile racing enthusiasts.

Anki Overdrive: Fast & Furious Edition

This is an expensive but awesome option. You can even hook it up to your smartphone. It has over eight battlefields to choose from and plenty to do with. It’s ideal for the kid who wants the greatest, toughest competitions out there.

This set is a bit different than others. It’s not just about a racing track. Instead, you’ll get to complete missions, trigger explosions, and so much more, just like in the Fast & Furious movies. This is one of the options you can buy for people who love the Fast & Furious franchise movies and want to enhance their hand-eye coordination skills.

Anki Overdrive Starter Kit

This is an excellent racing set with a twist. If your kid has no one to compete with, they can compete with the AI, which allows them to have fun no matter the circumstances. It’s a great set that you and your kid can enjoy. 

This racing track set is meant for kids who are a little bit older, though. The recommended age starts at 8 years old. You can use the pieces to make 8 different battlefield circuits that are easy to assemble. Then you can sit back with your remote control and drive your awesome vehicle around the circuit to victory. You can also grow this set by purchasing an additional set that is compatible with the starter kit for more fun (read further here).

Two small race car toys on a toy race track placed on a colorful floor inside a brightly lit living room.
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Haktoys Authentic Set With Music

This little budget-friendly circuit is easy to set up and includes four mobiles- four players. It also has a helicopter that watches over the circuit. It’s a nice track for beginners that your little one is going to love. It’s the perfect track set for younger children, even toddlers.

It’s made of materials that are safe for young kids and has different colors they’ll love. It does require batteries that don’t come with the track set. It doesn’t look like the ones you’ve been used to. This one looks like more fun. 

Fisher Price Little People Launch And Loop

This is a racing set that is meant entirely for toddlers and young children. Fisher-Price is one of the leaders in the toddler toys industry. This has everything from a steep drop to a loop-d-loop, and even a crisscross section of the circuit where the cars might crash. These can be fun for all ages so Fisher Price made sure to give little ones that same excitement that big kids get from playing with race track toys.

Disney and Pixar Rust-Eze Double Circuit Speedway Playset

This set is great for younger children. It’s one of several that you can use Disney Pixar Cars on, like Lightning McQueen. This is a great set for toddlers and one that you can use along with other Disney Pixar Cars products.

Hot Wheels Sky Crash Tower Set

This Hot Wheels set is pretty large. It’s really convenient, though, because it can be easily collapsed down for storage. You can watch vehicles come down the corkscrew section of the track, course down the steep section, and even crash. The more Hot Wheels you add, the more crash action you’ll get. This is one of the more exciting Hot Wheels circuits available. You can use your sports mobiles, a police vehicle, a Hot Wheels truck, and more with this.

Bend A Path Glow-in-the-Dark Set

This is a cool beginner set because your little one can bend the track to create a bit of variety. It teaches kids how to customize and is excellent for young ones. It’s easy to store as well, which is always a useful thing. 

Your child can make several different circuits with this set because it comes with 260 track pieces. This is easy to put together so your little one should be able to do it on their own. Also, these sets glow in the dark so it’s fun to play with in a dark room – gives off a magical feel.

These are a few racetracks that you may want to consider. No matter where you are, kids love to compete, so get them a track that they’re going to love for all time. Products from a heavy hitter in the toys industry, such as Hot Wheels and Fisher-Price aren’t likely to go over without lots of excitement from the child who’s getting it. They’ll probably want to get out those circuits, grab the remote control, and send their vehicles roaring around the car race track right away. You can consider an RC car under $50 for this purpose.

Race Track Toys FAQs:

How To Keep Slotcar Toy On The Track?

Playing slotcars is always fun. Whether you play alone with one or compete with other users, you’ll always find it exciting. And to make you enjoy more, you also need to ensure that your slotcars perform excellently. Here are some ways to keep your slot cars on the track:

  • Check the condition after every five races to see if there are damages that need to be fixed.
  • Schedule a cleaning and oiling routine.
  • Replace rubber rear tires with Jel-Claw to accelerate your speed and improve performance.
  • Upgrade the copper pickup shoes to gold-plated ones to increase power and improve racing speed.
  • Keep the circuit clear of debris whenever it’s in use.
  • Practice makes perfect. Continue learning until you become a pro!

Does Anki Overdrive Work With Fast And Furious?

Yes, the Fast & Furious Edition of Anki Overdrive works with other Anki Overdrive products. It is compatible with cars, trucks, tracks, and even several accessories.

What’s The Fastest Slotcar To Use For Race Track?

According to Guinness World Records, the Scalextric Honda F1 replica is the fastest slotcar with a speed of 1,583.4 scale kph. This was reached during the Gadget Show held in June 2008 at Chatsworth, UK.

Which Car Race Track Toys Have Configurations For Race Track?

Some of the top car race track toys that have track configurations are Toyk Store’s Dinosaur Race Track and Theo Klein Bosch Park. Theo Klein’s Race Track is not like most race tracks, as it has many options for creative play scenarios and it even has a gas station for the racing cars.

How Much Are Slotcars Worth?

A complete slotcar set in the 70s was around $40. It is more costly these days, especially when you get one in good condition. Rare slotcars are even more expensive and cost more than $100. And the whole track set is less than 300 bucks or less.

What Are The Different Sizes Of Slotcars?

In slotcars, scales refer to sizes. There are three common slotcar sizes or scales:

  • 1:24 (1/24)
  • 1:32 (1/32)
  • 1:87 (1/87) to 1:64 (1/64)

Which Slot Car’s Scale Is Considered The Best By Enthusiasts?

Based on the side-by-side standard scales of slotcar, 1/24 is referred to as the XL size, 1/32 is a large size, 1/43 is medium, and 1/64 is the smallest. Both small and medium sizes are the most popular scales when it comes to tracks for home.

How Much Does Anki Overdrive Cost?

Anki Overdrive’s new version has a similar app-controlled set of great toys vehicles with a completely modular track. This latest version costs $149 in the United States and £149 in the United Kingdom. Unfortunately, it is not yet available in other big countries except these two mentioned. You can also check more price details here on the CNET page.

Does Anki Overdrive Require WiFi?

Yes, you will need WIFI for both Android and IOS to match. Both players require to have compatible Android or IOS.

Does Anki Overdrive Need Batteries?

Anki Overdrive is battery-powered. The battery life depends on how long you are playing the game. Like other battery-operated toys vehicles, Anki Overdrive’s battery duration depends on how heavy you play.

Which Track Set Has An Elevator?

There are some brands that offer extra features like an elevator for vehicles. For example, the Hot Wheels City 2 in 1 Race Tower with Toy Car and the Pocket 2 in 1 Race Track. They have an elevator so that your circuit with a flexible track can go up to the upper track.  Other sets even have a car wash, some movie cars, and road signs. Others have straight or flexible tracks where you can practice laps with your vehicles.

What Is One Best Race Track For Kids?

A slotcar set has always been popular with both kids and adults. Miniature mobiles never go out of toys trends. If you decide to buy, here are the five best race car tracks for kids, making them an excellent and entertaining gift option to consider:

  • Scalextric ARC One American Classics Slot Car Race Track
  • AGM Slot Car Set With Racing Assistant App
  • Carrera Evolution Speed Patrol Slot Car Race Set
  • Scalextric James Bond Micro Slot Car Race Set
  • Artin Super Loop Speedway Slot Car Set
A big box of quality toy race car track set placed on top of white table.
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Keep the race car track clear of debris whenever it’s in use. Anki Overdrive with two mobiles and circuit
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