What Is The Best Imaginarium Metro Line Train Table

Train tables have captured the imaginations of many kids for many generations. Having some regular train toys are great and all, and they can definitely stimulate your kid’s imagination, but a train table takes your child into another world that they will love for all time. There are plenty of Imaginarium train tables available, each one more otherworldly than the last. Kids will love putting them together and then watching the trains explore the world that lies before them.

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Today, we will be looking at the Imaginarium Metro Line train table. It’s an interesting train table for sure, so let’s look at all of its features and see if it’s good for your children.

What Is The Metro Line?

The Imaginarium Metro Line is a train table that depicts a city. Many Imaginarium train tables come in different themes. Some are based off the Wild West, and others have a more industrial setting. This one depicts a nice city complete with a mountain, some buildings, an underground area, and much more. As you probably know, a city is a good setting for your kid to play with. Your kid can make up many different scenarios in his head that allows him or her to explore the town and create many stories along the way.

Features Of The Metro Line

With that said, here are some features that the Metro Line delivers to your kid.

100 Pieces

Obviously, this train set doesn’t come assembled. Instead it comes with 100 pieces, and your kid can put it together. This can be a bit of a hassle for your kid to deal with it, but luckily, your kid can be able to do it with its instructions that come with the train set. Not to mention, you can help them out. This is why this train set is recommended for an older child audience. Young children may be frustrated or lose all the pieces, and that’s never good.

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Six Destinations To Play

This train table includes many different locations. Not only does this add some flavor but it allows your chid to create their own imaginative situations based on these locations. That’s always a good thing, is it not?

A Moving Crane

A crane is always fun for kids to play with. It’s always satisfying seeing children move a crane around, whether it’s in a game or as a toy, and then grab whatever they need to. This set includes a moving crane that allows kids to pick up toys and other accessories. It has magnetic properties that can help your kid make sure they are grabbing them and not dropping. It’s a cool crane that your kid will love playing with for al time. We say it’s worth it for the crane alone.


A toy helicopter is always a cool way to stretch the imagination. Kids love pretending that they are the hero in a flight, picking up their targets and dropping them off at the heliport. When your kid is done playing with the train set, they can play with the helicopter a bit and stretch the imaginations even further. There are plenty of ways to play, and your kid is going to love everything this has to offer. We guarantee it.

Easy Storage

When your kid is done playing with it, how can they store the extra parts? For some toys, this is a bit of a hassle. Luckily, the Metro train station comes with a fabric storage bin. Your kid can put everything in the storage bin and then pack it up with ease. If your kid is having problems with storing, this bin makes it much easier and allows your kid to pack everything up with much more ease. We say it’s worth a purchase just for this alone, but we have said that about a lot of the features this train set has to offer.

Sounds Cool. Where Can I Buy?

This is a great set for your children, especially those who are good with building and who have an imagination. However, finding this train set is a bit of a hassle to say the least.

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Why? Because it was a Toys R Us exclusive. And as you probably know, Toys R Us is no longer a thing in the US. If you live in Canada, and a few other countries where that store still exists, you may be able to find it. Not to mention, there are some used train sets floating around online that make it a bit easier for you to purchase. However, the risk in that is that you may have a train set that is broken or is missing some pieces, leading to a disappointed child and a frustrated parent. Make sure you buy from a reputable seller if you’re going to buy it.

With that said, there are other train sets out there that deliver on the same kind of action that you have come to expect from Imaginarium. We say to find the train sets and see if there are any that match up. Chances are, you can still find a train set for your child.

Plus, they keep saying that Toys R Us plans to make a comeback, and if this is the case, you may be able to find this playset again. Personally, we believe that it’s a bit silly to make a set exclusive to one store, but that does happen.


This is a cool train set that is a bit rare. It’s good for train collectors and children alike. It’s a detailed train set that allows your kid to explore around the city and come up with many stories based on the town. For that, we say that it’s worth trying for that alone. Try this train set today and see if it’s a good fit for your child. Chances are, you may end up buying a bunch of these sets because of how addictive they are for both parent and child.

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