The Imaginarium Metro Line Train Table Reviews

Train tables have captured the imaginations of many kids for many generations. Having some regular train toys are great, and all, and they can stimulate your kid’s imagination. But a train table takes your child into another world that they will love for all time. There are plenty of train tables available, each one more otherworldly than the last. Kids will enjoy putting them together and then watching the trains explore the world that lies before them.

kids playing trying out the imaginarium metro line table.

To provide you with examples of what you can buy online today, we made a list of the best line train table from Amazon. We included a detailed product description so you can get an idea of what it offers. We also discussed all the parts and sections of the metro line table in the article, so you know what is essential to be on what you are planning to purchase.

Imaginarium Metro Line Train Table

Today, we will be looking at the Imaginarium metro line train table. It’s a new train table for sure, so let’s look at all of its features and see if it’s suitable for your children.



Little Tikes Real Wooden Train Table Set - (See Customer Reviews & Pricing)


This comes with 80 piece hand painted accessories

  • The Wooden Imaginarium Metro Line Train Table is a perfect gift for your little one. It comes with 80 piece hand painted accessories and best shared with friends.
  • It will help fuel your child’s social and interactive skills.
  • It allows reversible play and your child can choose whether to build their railroad in the city or in the county.

It helps fuel your child's social and interactive skills


KidKraft Adventure Town Railway Train Set & Table - (See Customer Reviews & Pricing)


This set includes 120-piece colorful and detailed accessories.

  • The train set and table includes 120-piece colorful and detailed accessories.
  • It has a folding design for easy folding and assembly and it also comes with two collapsible storage bins.
  • It is highly recommended for kids 3 and up.


Step2 Deluxe Canyon Road Train & Track Table - (See Customer Reviews & Pricing)


  • The playset can be converted into an activity table. It has deep trays where you can store the accessories when your child is done playing.
  • It is made of durable and sturdy poly constructions that will last for many years. It is also scratch resistant and hassle-free to clean.


KidKraft Waterfall Mountain Train Set and Table - (See Customer Reviews & Pricing)


  • It has the same features and accessories as the second train set. It is also made with high quality wood and it comes with functional accessories that gives your child a realistic play experience.

What Is The Imaginarium Train Table?

The Imaginarium Train Table is a train table that depicts a city. Many Imaginarium train tables come in different themes. Some represent the Wild West, and others have a more industrial setting. This one depicts a lovely city complete with a mountain, some buildings, an underground area, and much more. As you probably know, a city is an excellent setting for your kid to play with. Your kid can make up many different scenarios in his head, creating many stories along the way using his or her Imaginarium Line Train Table.

Pretend play is extremely important for kids. It helps to develop the brain by making connections between nerves. Your child’s imagination essentially grows with each new pretend play session. This is what spawns creativity that can ultimately result in invention and discovery later in life.


Imaginarium Metro Line Train Table

With that said, here are some features that the Imaginarium  Metro Line Table Train table delivers to your kid.

  • Metro Line 100 Piece Train Set

This Imaginarium Metro Line Train Table 100 piece train table set doesn’t come assembled. Instead, it comes with 100 pieces, and your kid can put it together. It can be a bit of a hassle for your kid to deal with it, but luckily, your kid can be able to do it with the instructions that come with the train set. Not to mention, you can help them out. Thus, this train table set is suitable for an older child audience. Young children may be frustrated or lose all the pieces, and that’s never good.

This can be a fun activity for you to do together with your child. You can spend time putting the track pieces together, building this little imaginary train world right in front of your child’s eyes. You’ll also be building memories that will likely last you and your children a lifetime.


  • Six Destinations To Play

This Imaginarium  Train Table includes many different locations. Not only does this add some flavor, but it allows your child to create imaginative situations based on these locations. You’ll find everything from bridges, to a mountain, to the train station, and even an underground metro area where the trains actually go under the table surface. Imaginarium Train Table is largely a fun train set that keeps kids engaged. That’s always a good thing, is it not?

  • A Moving Crane

A crane is always fun for kids to play with. It’s still satisfying seeing children move a crane around, whether it’s in a game or as a toy, and then grab whatever they need to. This Imaginarium Train Table set includes a moving crane that allows kids to pick up toys and other accessories. It has magnetic properties that can help your kid make sure they are grabbing them and not dropping. It’s a cool crane that your kid will love playing with for all time. We say it’s worth it for the crane alone.

  • Heliport

A toy helicopter is always a cool way to stretch the imagination. Kids love pretending that they are the hero in a flight, picking up their targets and dropping them off at the heliport. When your kid has played with the Imaginarium Train Table, they can play with the helicopter a bit and stretch the imaginations even further. The wooden track even rolls right up to the helicopter pad so the train can drop off passengers or pick them up. There are plenty of ways to play, and your kid is going to love everything this has to offer. We guarantee it.

Imaginarium Metro Line Train Table without the trains and accessories yet. This imaginarium metroline train table is spacious enough to set up the metro station, metroline and route.
  • Easy Storage

When your kid has played with Imaginarium  Metro Line Table Train, how can they store the extra parts? For some toys, this is a bit of a hassle. Luckily, the Metro train station comes with a fabric storage bin. Your kid can put everything in the storage bin and then pack it up with ease. If your kid is having problems with storing, this bin makes it much more comfortable and allows your kid to pack everything up with much more ease. We say Imaginarium Train Table is worth a purchase just for this alone, but we have said that about a lot of the features this train set has to offer.

  • Sounds Cool. Where Can I Buy the Imaginarium Train Table?

Imaginarium Train Table is an excellent set for your children, especially those who are good at building and who have an imagination. However, finding this train table set is a bit of a hassle. You may find you have a little more luck finding one that’s being repurposed from one household to the next, rather than a brand new one. Families with older boys or girls who aren’t as interested in toys, games, and other kinds of activities meant for younger children, may be ready for a model railroad that’s a bit more intricate, or something else altogether.

Did you ever had a metro line train table? This is one of the kids' most favorite train table.

Why? Because it was a Toys R Us exclusive. And as you probably know, Toys R Us is no longer a thing in the US. If you live in Canada, and a few other countries where that store still exists, you may be able to find it. Not to mention, some used train sets float around online, making it a bit easier for you to purchase. However, the risk in that is that you may have a train set that is broken or is missing some pieces, leading to a disappointed child and a frustrated parent. Make sure your seller is reputable. This fun train set, brand new, had 100 pieces so you should verify there all there before you purchase a used set from anyone. The days of being able to pre order or purchase this set brand new are long gone, but don’t let that stop you from trying to find one. They’re still out there.


With that said, there are other trains sets out there that deliver on the same kind of action that you have come to expect from Imaginarium. We say to find the train sets and see if there are any that match up. Chances are, you can still find a train table set for your child.

Plus, they keep saying that Toys R Us plans to make a comeback, and if this is the case, you might find this playset again. We believe that it’s a bit silly to make a set exclusive to one store, but that does happen.

One thing you can do if you’re wanting to give an Imaginarium Train Table as a gift, but aren’t sure which one to get, is to purchase one of the Imaginarium gift cards. They can be bought online and are the perfect present, allowing each child to choose the train set he or she likes the best.



It is a cool train set that is a bit rare. It’s good for train collectors and children alike. It’s a detailed train table set that allows your kid to explore around the city and come up with many stories based on the town. For that, we say that it’s worth trying for that alone. Try this train set today and see if it’s a good fit for your child. Chances are, you may end up buying a bunch of these sets because of how addictive they are for both parent and child. Whether you’re able to find one that’s brand new or one that’s ready to move on for the next child, this train set gives kids a better alternative to just sitting around playing video games all day. It’s an ideal activity for those rainy days, too, when sports outdoors is not an option.

Imaginarium Metro Line Train Table. This train table is loaded. Made of wood that will last for years.

Bonus: Other Honorable Mentions As Well As What To Look For In A Train Set

There are many other train tables to look out for. Here are a few of them.

  • Kidkraft Waterfall Mountain

It is a cool little wooden train and play table set. As the name suggests, the Kidkraft Waterfall Mountain has a waterfall, a mountain, and a town for your child to explore. The Kidkraft Waterfall Mountain is one of the sturdiest ones around. While the Kidkraft Waterfall Mountain isn’t the prettiest, the Kidkraft Waterfall Mountain is a great budget model that will have your kid loving every bit of it. The set comes with 120 pieces that include train cars, people, and track pieces. There are also three storage bins for storing everything in that can slide right underneath the table. Check out the Kidkraft Waterfall Mountain today and see if it’s the play table for your child.

  • KidKraft Wooden Play Table Train

The Kidkraft Wooden Play Table Train is a wooden table and a wooden train set that is more like a sandbox. Your kid can make their course on this train table, with plenty of feet of track to work with. It is the classic train table set that any kid will love, and it’s worth a try if your kid wants to have fun.

  • KidKraft Ride Around Train

It is another quality train table set. The KidKraft Ride Around Train is worth checking out if you can find it since it is unavailable through first-party means. You’ll just need to look on any of the websites where people sell unwanted items, or it’s possible you could run into one at a garage sale. It’s highly unlikely you’ll find one that’s still brand new, though. This probably isn’t a bad thing, either. Many of the best deals you can get are on used items that need new homes.

This boy looks happy with his train table. He can have hours of fun train play with the metro line 100 piece train set.

Things To Look For In A Train Play Table

Here is a list of features and other things you should look out for in a train table or an Imaginarium Train Table.

  • Storage Drawer

Having a drawer where you can put your play pieces and other parts of the train set table is always convenient. Also, your child could put other play pieces of other sets, along with other toys, in the drawer if they so wish. Some drawers will be smaller, while other train table sets will boast large drawers that your kid will love.

  • Working Engine

You want a good train engine or train tracks that can power up the train to make it work. Some use a wooden train engine, while other wooden train sets are operable by hand. By hand, it does allow for more imagination, but watching the train move is a fantastic event that many kids will love to watch. Most train sets that are meant for playing with have a recommended age of about 2-10 years old. You’ll usually find that the 2-3 year old loves pushing the trains around the track. However, older boys and girls tend to like when toys can go on their own.

Take a look at this imaginarium metro line table. It was set up nicely complete with imaginarium metro line train, metro station, metroline & route.
  • A Crane

Some sets have different accessories that can add some fun to the train set. One of those is a working crane with magnetic power or another type of crane that allows you to pick up objects. A working crane can make the train set much better, so see if your train set has one.

  • Plenty of Pieces

You want a wooden play table train set that allows for customization and fun, yet it doesn’t have so many pieces your child is overwhelmed. Wooden track pieces are always important for any train set and table, so make sure your kid has lots of play pieces to work with.

One thing to mention here is that kids like to change things up sometimes. If you’re going to have a wooden train set, then it’s best if you let your child play with it and expand on their creativity the way it was intended for. We say this because sometimes parents decide that for the sake of the track not falling apart, they use wood glue to secure the pieces together. While we can understand the reason behind doing this, building new and different tracks is part of the fun. Your child can’t do that if you glue the track pieces together. We recommend saving the glue for your arts crafts projects, instead of using it on the train track.

This train table looks awesome. The metro line train table may have lots of assemble but the final look is perfect. Will you consider a imaginarium metro line train table?
  • Lights and Sounds

Sounds and lights will make the train set come to life, allowing your kid lots of fun and entertainment in the meanwhile. Some have lights that you can activate through a switch or automatically. Others have an engine or train car that comes to life.

  • Other Working Parts

You want a cool wooden play table that has other working parts to give it life. Some train set and table sets have a working turntable, a working sign, and other features that will make your child’s train set table come to life. Some have parts that are activated using any wooden button, a car with magnets, a crane with magnet power, a train car with magnets or electricity, and so much more.

  • Free Shipping

Because many of these train sets are large, you want free or low-cost shipping online. Amazon Prime will mean free shipping, while other sites may offer free shipping if the train set table is over a specific price. Some websites may also offer free shipping if you place a pre order with them. A wooden train set is a bit costly already, and you don’t want the shipping to make it even worse!

Free shipping on some online stores when you buy imaginarium metro line train table. Check out train tables deals online.
  • Compatibility

A wooden train set may be compatible with another wooden train set. For example, some train sets are compatible with Thomas & Friends wooden train sets. If your train set is compatible with Thomas & Friends wooden train sets, for instance, you can have Thomas trains join in the fun, adding some character to your wooden train set. So if you want Thomas trains, make sure the train set is compatible with Thomas & Friends wooden train sets, or Thomas and Friends and Brio.

Wooden train sets are not compatible with train sets made from other materials. For example, if you collect trains that are themed for different interests, such as Star Wars, these won’t be compatible with the wooden train track. There’s also a Star Wars Lego train set, and that will not work with the wooden train sets either.


What Is A Imaginarium Train Table? – Is It A Good Toy or Gift

If you want to know what a train table is, it’s a table that contains train tracks, scenery, and other working parts. Have you ever played with a wooden train as a kid? If so, you may have wished that wooden train could go through cities, mountains, and have an adventure.

That’s where the trains set and table, or play table, comes in. A train table set has all those accessories and much more. Often, your child can make their course play with a pre-built one. A train set and table have many different benefits, such as:

  • Encourages Imagination

When your child plays on an Imaginarium train table, it fuels their imagination. A play table typically has many pieces of scenery, many moving parts, and lots of ways to play. You can set up a fueling station and be the person who pumps the gas. You can have stories about the train on the train table having to deliver the packages in time. The train table is excellent for the imagination.

  • Encourages Building

A train table, or a train table set like the Imaginarium Line Train Table, typically come with many different parts, making them not so suitable for young children, but great for older ones. A train table set may have a place to store everything, but your kid needs to be on the lookout. The train table set will encourage assembly and patience, as the reward is awesome. You never know, one day your child could own their own construction company or home improvement business, all because they played with a wooden train table set, once upon a time.

The table train with different trains on the train table.
  • Encourages Appreciation for Machinery

A wooden train set may help encourage a child’s appreciation for the classic train and train cars, as well as other pieces of machinery. For example, a wooden train set may come with claws, lights, and other electric moving parts. The train cars may have an engine, or the train cars may use magnets to move. Either or is a good idea for having your child see what everything has to offer in the world of train cars. Also, a wooden train set already encourages assembly.


Imaginarium Metroline Train Table: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

What Is A Train Set And Table? – Train Sets Your Baby Might Love

A train set and a table is a kind of toy in which you set up a train track in a table. It’s like a kind of small-town where there is a bridge, a park, or an airport.


Is The Train Table Compatible With The Motorized Thomas And Friends Trains? – Read Reviews & The Manufacturer Description

The train set and a table are not compatible with the Motorized Thomas and Friends Train because the motorized train is metal, and the train table set is wooden.


Anyone Have Feedback On Imaginarium Metro Train Table Or Other Train Sets?

If you want to read feedback on any train set, you can easily find them on the internet. Just type on the particular train set that you want, and the search engine will have an answer for you.

Have You Ever Played With A Wooden Train As A Kid?

No, I did not have any toy train when I was a kid. What we had as kids were dolls and playhouses.

What Is The Metro Line Table?

The Imaginarium Train Table takes the usual train toys to a whole new level. It features an underground station and has a track loop that runs beyond the surface. Children will surely enjoy this kind of train table set.

When Your Kid Is Done Playing Metro Line Table, How Can They Store The Extra Parts?

Most train and table sets do have storage boxes that come with the set. This is where you put the extra parts after playing with Imaginarium Train Table.

Bare metropolis train table. How would you like to set up the Imaginarium Metro Line Train Table?

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