7 Benefits Of Getting Kids Scooters For Your Children

Some toys are almost universally associated with childhood, and one of these toys is the kid’s scooter. Almost everyone can remember at least one time that they used kids’ scooters, and there was a time when they were all the rage. During this period, it was impossible to walk a single block without seeing children having fun on their kid’s scooters. Nowadays, while their use has somehow declined due to kids starting to prefer electronic gadgets over old-fashioned toys, scooters for kids are still in demand.

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A typical kids scooter is composed of a thin platform equipped with two small wheels designed for stability. The front wheel is connected to the handlebars, enabling kids to control their turns. Kids typically operate a scooter by using one of their feet to kick themselves forward, then relying on momentum to continue moving. The best kid scooters take things to the next level by providing additional features, such as improved grips, different platform shapes, and wheels that flash while spinning. While you can never avoid the risk of accidents, a decent scooter for kids should have safety features that will minimize any dangers as long as the person is wearing proper body gear.

Kids scooters can accommodate children of various ages. The most common types are scooters for 10-year-olds, but you can also easily find the best toddler scooter. Trying to find the best scooter for kids can be a good investment, as they can provide various benefits for you and your child. So let’s take a look the benefits of  kids scooters.


Strengthens The Heart And Lungs

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Using a kid’s scooter is a good way to get an excellent exercise. Similar to jogging or cycling, operating a scooter requires repetitive movements done at moderate intensity for long periods of time. This type of activity is known as aerobic exercise, as it conditions the cardiopulmonary system to work hard for a prolonged period. Aerobic exercise increases endurance, allowing your children to work and play longer without tiring. Strengthening the heart and the lungs, which is what scooters do, makes your child healthier and sets them up to become healthy adults.


Improved Body Coordination

Being able to use kid’s scooters can be difficult. Even the best kid scooter requires some skill and training to be able to balance correctly atop the platform while moving. Hence, using scooters can be an excellent way to practice body coordination. Being able to adjust properly helps your child develop crucial motor skills and reduces their chances of getting hurt from trips and other accidents. Kids scooters not only improve body coordination but, with constant practice, improves balance as well.

Helps Prevent Obesity

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Using kid’s scooters is hard work. Aside from increasing the workload that the heart and lungs have to deliver, scooters also require leg movement for propulsion. The upper body and core muscles are also used to stabilize the body. They keep the person balanced while using the scooter. All of these muscles use up energy. A child can expect to burn hundreds of calories per hour simply by actively using kids’ scooters. Adding scooter time to your child’s activities promotes an active lifestyle and can help prevent obesity.


Encourages Outside Exploration

Unless your family lives in a mansion, it is very unlikely that your child will be able to use a scooter indoors. A kid’s scooter is a good way to encourage your child to go outdoors. Once children get accustomed to using a scooter, they will want to explore their surroundings. They would want to see how far they can go, especially if they are adventurous. As long as they do not wander into dangerous areas, allowing them to explore the outdoors helps them develop independence and confidence. Instead of staying indoors with just their gadgets, kids’ scooters are a good way to induce physical activity.


Easy Transportation

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Have your children ever complained that the nearest playground is far away? Or that it takes so much time to walk to their favorite candy store? The best scooters for kids can be used comfortably for relatively long travels. They enable your child to go to places more easily. No longer will they have to spend time walking. Nor would they need to spend money to use public transportation. They won’t be even limited by your availability to pick them up and drop them to where they want to be. They have the luxury to use their scooter to travel, giving them both satisfaction and confidence.


Helps In Socializing

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Whether they use the best scooters for kids available or handed down to them, kids scooters can make more friends. Many kids like to use scooters. It is natural for many kids to create groups and form friendships with like-minded souls. Being part of a group that uses scooters for fun can help your child become closer to peers. Who knows, your children might find their closest friends by merely being both interested in scooters. It is important for every age to engage in social activities with people who share the same interest, in this case, is riding their kids’ scooters.



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Finally, nothing beats the feeling of using a scooter. Remember feeling the cold gusts of air on your face as you speed at a leisurely pace as a child? The exercise your children get from using a scooter also releases endorphins. These endorphins are feel-good chemicals that can elevate their mood. Add to this the thrill of exploration, and you can be sure that your child will spend many happy hours riding a kids scooter.

Kids scooters are versatile toys that your children can use for years, even as they grow up. A scooter for 6-year-olds can still be used by 8-year-olds as long as it is properly maintained. A scooter is probably one of the best toys you can give to your child. Therefore, feel free to buy one now.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) On Benefits Of Kids Scooters


The Razor E300S is the best scooter for your eight-year-old. Compared to their usual toys, this razor scooter is faster and more advanced. It comes with a comfortable seat, so your kid may also use the Razor E300S even to go to school!

No, 5-year-olds are not recommended to ride an electric scooter. They are for kids of ages eight years and beyond. 

Which scooter is best for a 3-year-old?

Little Tikes Lean to Turn Scooter is the best for a 3-year-old kid. Aside from its built-in three wheels, Little Tikes included two more wheels for additional sturdiness. It is also easy to master for all your little one needs to do is to learn to gain balance and coordination.

The Razor scooter is generally safe for children of various ages. However, children below eight years old are recommended to be always supervised by an adult.

Are three-wheel scooters safer?

Three-wheel scooters are more reliable for toddlers as they provide more balance because of the third wheel in front. It also offers more sense of grip and stability. Overall, it makes riding more comfortable and a lot safer for your little one!

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