Britax Boulevard Vs Marathon Vs Any Other Brands Available

A department store with many baby products such as diapers, baby soap and shampoo, stuffed animal toys, blankets and many other.

Becoming a parent is an exciting event for all those involved. The soon-to-be new parents, the grandparents, and all the friends.

Everyone is ready to help purchase things if need be because there are many things to buy. Before your friends and family members can help you out, there are some decisions that you have to make.

In the world of baby products, there are numerous choices for every item that you need to purchase. Multiple brands of baby bottles. Countless brands of strollers. Numerous styles and options for car seats. To help make this process slightly easier, this article will break down two car seat options from the same brand. The Britax Marathon versus. Boulevard is a popular choice of car seats. Each has features that parents rave about, which will be discussed next.

Britax Marathon Vs Britax Boulevard

The best way to compare the Britax Boulevard and Marathon is to lay out their features so you have all the information you need to decide between the two car seats.

A model of a baby car seat. It has harness and looks like has a comfortable headrest. Britax boulevards versus others.


Both small cars’ seats were designed with enhanced safety in mind, they just have slightly different features that make up the safety of the child’s car seat. It has two layers of side impact protection built into the car seat. The base was also designed to absorb energy using the Safecell Impact Protection. This means that if there were ever a car accident, the impact-absorbing base is meant to absorb the energy that is produced by the impact. Furthermore, you can clasp cup holders on it.

The main safety feature of this brand is SafeCell Technology. This piece of technology can compress and lower the center of gravity of the car seat. In other words, if an accident happened, SafeCell Technology would kick in and the car seat would be less likely to have forward movement. It also has side-impact protection, a steel frame, and energy-absorbing shell foam surrounding your child’s neck and body for neck protection.

One feature that these two car seats have in common is the Marathon  ClickTight and the Boulevard  ClickTight. This is an added feature that provides maximum safety to your child. When you install the car seat, lift open the front and feed the seat belt through, then shut the car seat. When the car seat is shut the Marathon ClickTight and the ClickTight convertible car seat installation system features automatically lock the seatbelt and automatic level indicator, leaving no room for the car seat to wiggle around.

Weight Limits

In the weight limit category, ClickTight Models are the same. In the rear-facing comfortable position, your child’s comfort when sitting is important, even while they weigh between 5 and 40 pounds. The front-facing position will hold your child between the weights of 20 and 65.

A car seat for babies. There is a car seat and a cute little baby on it. Boulevard versus marathon.


In the category of installation, the two car seats are very similar. Boulevard has easy-to-use latch anchors and connections. This makes installing them into your vehicle simple. One thing to note here is that even though it is simple to install, due to all the safety features, the car seat itself can be on the heavier side. This also uses a latch system and connectors but has built-in lock-offs at the back of the car seat that let the installer know it is securely in place.


The Boulevard offers to grow with your child while remaining comfortable and of superior strength throughout the time of use (rating-based). There are 10 different positions for the back of the seat and three reclining positions. The Marathon is similar in that it also has 10 different back positions that can be adjusted as your child grows from an infant to a toddler. The plush foam padding that Marathon has can also be adjusted and removed as needed for your growing child.


The Boulevard is less expensive than the Marathon. This car seat is $270 on Amazon and the other one is $350 on Amazon.

A pink variant of britax car seat. It has harness and adjustable headrest.

Britax Marathon Vs Britax Boulevard

So now that you have the basic information about the best car seats, the decision on which is best is left for you to decide. It all depends on what features you are looking for and which car seat will be able to fit your lifestyle.

The brand offers three models of convertible car seats with ClickTight seats. These seats have a machine washable cover and a rethread harness that can be adjusted to the seated shoulder height of the child. The key differences between the models can be found in the comparison chart provided by the brand. All three models can be installed in one row of seats and are approved for airplane use. The seats have three layers of side impact protection, while the booster mode has a single layer of protection. These seats are designed to keep kids safe and comfortable during hubby’s car rides.

Britax Boulevard Vs Advocates Vs Other ClickTight Models

The main differences between the Boulevard Vs Marathon Vs Advocate Clicktight are the maximum height limit allowed and the weights of the overall car seats themselves. See more comparisons here:

A black variant model of britax baby car seat. It has harness and comfortable headrest.

Is Britax Marathon Better Than Boulevard?

The main difference between the Advocate and the Boulevard ClickTight is that the Advocate has three seat layers of side protection and the Boulevard  ClickTight only has one. This means that the Advocate weighs more than the Boulevard ClickTight car seats. So when it comes to deciding which is best, you have to look at the overall safety features of each of the car seats. Then consider the weight. Is something heavy better or worse for your lifestyle? These are things that you have to consider when deciding which car seat is the better option.

What Is The Difference Between Car Seats Vs Others?

When looking to purchase a Britax car seat, you first have to select which type is best for you. Today, the main difference in Britax car seats is going to be whether they are convertible or just forward-facing position. Then within these two groups, you can decide the features that appeal most to you. Car seats vary in weight, how many layers of protection, safety features, style, and design (with or without a cup holder).

Britax boulevard versus marathon.

What Is The Safest Convertible Car Seat On The Market?

The safest convertible car seat on the market is the One4Life ClickTight. This convertible car seat can be used from the moment your child is born up until they are ready for a regular seatbelt or until your child is 120 pounds. This convertible car seat is slightly better than all the rest because it features Boulevard  ClickTight technology that guarantees correct and easy installation. The car seat features a 15-position foam-lined headrest for your child’s head and a quick-adjust harness and can be reclined in 9 different ways. The one downfall of this car seat is that it cannot convert into a backless booster. The booster will always have a back.

What Is The Best Car Seat?

The best convertible car seat is the Marathon Clicktight Convertible Car. The Marathon Clicktight can seat your child from the time they are born to the beginning of elementary years. This Britax Clicktight brand features seven recline angles or multiple recline positions and 14 ways to adjust the harness, adding enhanced protection. The car seat’s other features include a five-star safety rating and a higher weight capacity than other convertible popular car seats. One of the only cons of this Clicktight is that it is not an infant seat so it does not have a handle to carry around your infant. This convertible car seat is meant to remain in the car.

Britax Vs Graco, What Car Seat Is Better?

Britax and Graco advocate car seats, although they offer different features. For example, Britax car seats have more than one layer of side impact protection and the Boulevard ClickTight feature. On the other hand, Graco car seats tend to weigh less and are less expensive. When deciding which is better, you should compare the two models that you are interested in to see which would better fit your vehicle and your lifestyle.

Britax car seat.

Is Britax Advocate Or Britax Boulevard Better?

The Britax Advocate ClickTight and the Boulevard ClickTight are very similar, so deciding which is better for you will come down to style, design, and safety features. The Marathon features the SafeCell technology, which was designed to compress and lower the center of gravity so it would be less likely to propel forward if there was an accident. Having this piece of technology also makes the Marathon Boulevard ClickTight more expensive. So the choice is yours.


Comparing ClickTight Models: The Key Factors

when comparing the Britax Boulevard and the Britax Marathon car seats, it is essential to consider various factors such as safety features, weight limits, installation ease, versatility, and price. Both car seats prioritize safety, with Boulevard offering side impact protection and an energy-absorbing base, while Marathon incorporates SafeCell Technology and a steel frame. They share similarities in weight limits, accommodating children from 5 to 40 pounds in rear-facing and 20 to 65 pounds in front-facing positions.

Safety Features and Weight Limits

Installation for both models is user-friendly, with the Boulevard ClickTight feature ensuring a secure fit. Versatility is a common feature as well, with adjustable back positions and padding for growing children. However, one significant difference lies in the price.

Making the Choice: Choosing Between ClickTight Models Vs ClickTight Models

Ultimately, the choice between Britax Boulevard and Britax Marathon car seats depends on individual preferences, safety priorities, and budget considerations. Parents should carefully weigh these factors to select the car seat that best suits their needs and lifestyle.


Is Britax Boulevard Bigger Against Britax Marathon?

Yes, the Boulevard is slightly bigger than Britax. Both car seats are part of the convertible car seat lineup and share many similarities in terms of safety features and design. However, this model typically offers additional features and slightly larger dimensions than the Britax.

What Is The Difference Between  ClickTight Models And Others?

The Britax ClickTight models, encompassing an extensive line of convertible car seats, offer unique features tailored to different needs. Britax Boulevard ClickTight and other ClickTight installation system seats, such as the Advocate ClickTight car seats, are part of this extensive line. The Boulevard differs from similar seats in the ClickTight range mainly in its safety features and design elements.

While all ClickTight models incorporate the easy-to-use Boulevard ClickTight installation system, the Boulevard specifically offers additional safety features such as extra side cushions for enhanced protection during crash tests. It’s also renowned as one of the best convertible car seats for its combination of safety, comfort, and ease of use. The Boulevard and Advocate, including both the Britax Boulevard and similar seats in the range, often have machine washable covers and an anti-rebound bar for improved safety in forward-facing mode. These features make them a preferred choice in the realm of baby gear.

In terms of dimensions, the exact measurements may vary between different versions and model years, so it’s always a good idea to refer to the specific product specifications or consult the manufacturer’s website for the most accurate information whether you choose Britax or the other one.

What Age Is The Britax Car Seat For?

The Britax Marathon ClickTight Convertible car seat is designed to cater to a range of ages, primarily focusing on infants and toddlers. The Marathon vs other models in the Britax line indicates its adaptability for children from infancy through to the preschool years. This seat accommodates children in both rear-facing and forward-facing mode, with specific weight and height limits to ensure safety.

The Marathon’s weight limit typically allows it to be used from birth until the child reaches the seat’s maximum height or weight capacity, which varies but generally supports children up to around 65 pounds. Marathon has height limits that are set to ensure the child’s head is properly supported, and the seat can be adjusted as the child grows. The Britax Marathon ClickTight Convertible is part of the Britax range of convertible car seats, known for their durability and safety features, making them a staple in baby gear collections. The Marathon stands out for its longevity, offering a safe, comfortable seat for children as they grow from infancy into the preschool years.

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What Is The Age Limit For Boulevard?

Can You Use Boulevard For Newborns?

The Boulevard car seat is suitable for newborns and can be used from birth. It provides excellent safety features and comfortable support for infants. Other brands that offer car seats suitable for newborns include Chicco, Evenflo, and Graco Contender 65.

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