Britax Pioneer Vs. Frontier: Which Car Seat Is Better?

When you become a parent, you become choosier with your products, especially when it comes to car seat s. 

car seat s ensure that your baby or toddler has the safest and most comfortable ride possible when you are driving. Some seats offer better protection, more comfort, and more bang for your buck, so of course, a new parent would be doing more research. 

Today, we’ll be looking at two seats from Britax, which is a pioneer in car seats. We have the Pioneer and the Frontier. Both look similar. Both are forward-facing. However, there are differences, and there can only be one, so let’s decide, shall we?


The Colors 

Color doesn’t affect much when it comes to car seat s, but many parents will want a specific color to fit their or the baby’s aesthetic. Plus, different colors look better in different cars. A bright green car seat may not look as good in a black car, for example. 

For the Pioneer, you have eight colors, and the Frontier has nine. It should be noted that the colors themselves are a little different between seats, so while the Frontier wins in the color department, you may find a color the Pioneer has to offer that you like the best.


How Big Are They And How Much Do They Weigh? 

Dimensions and weight are critical as well. You want a car seat that fits comfortably in the car and isn’t too big or small. You also want a lightweight seat. Carrying a car seat shouldn’t feel like an extra workout. 

These two have around the same dimensions. A height of 28i inches, a width of 19, with 15 for the base. Not much difference. They are medium-sized seats that aren’t the smallest but aren’t too big. However, the weight is different. The Pioneer weighs 21 lbs, and the Frontier goes 25. For some parents, this is quite heavy, and they aren’t suitable as a travel car seat. 

However, a bigger car seat that you keep in your car isn’t a bad idea. It can be more stable. Perhaps you can get a smaller, mobile seat when traveling, and keep one of these in your car. 

Installation Ease

A car seat shouldn’t be a puzzle to install. The Pioneer has your standard way of installation, while the Frontier is a little more optimized. You may wonder what this means. The Pioneer has LATCH connectors, but can also use a seat belt should your car lack that. It’s easy to install, but make sure you tighten up the connectors for the best results. You also don’t need to rethread anything, which is always a plus. 

As for the Frontier, it comes with a ClickTight way of installation. Now, you may wonder what that is. You use your seat belt and buckle it. It’s easy and swift, and it holds the seat in. It won’t even budge when it’s buckled in there.

 It also has all the other installation features of the other car seat as well. 


What About Safety? 

Safety is perhaps the most significant factor in a car seat. No matter how good you are as a driver, you may get in a wreck, and you want to make sure your delicate baby or toddler is as safe as possible in that heart-stopping situation. Both car seats have a tough steel frame and a base and sides that absorb impact, keeping your child safe. There are wings as well, which can shield your child from any debris. 

Both are good, but the Frontier does offer more protection, and it’s better for bigger children as well. 


Babies and toddlers are messy. They spill food, throw up, and who knows what else all over the cat seat. You want a car seat that is easy to clean. With both of these, you can take the cover off and wash it yourself, making it quite effortless.

We must say that both of them do fall a bit flat, though. Some car seats have covers that you can pop in the wash and not worry about it. With these, you must hand wash and air dry. It can take a while, which is quite annoying, especially considering there are other seats with covers that easily wash in machines.



Warranty is always right. Should something happen, having a little peace of mind is always needed. Both have a yearlong warranty for defects, but that’s it. Just a year. So both do fall a little flat, as we believe warranties should be at least a few years.

The Price 

With online pricing, things always change. You can find deals on all sorts of sites, so it’s hard to make a decision. With that said, we’ll make it easier by looking at the price on Amazon. Currently, the Pioneer goes for $189.99 on Amazon, and the Frontier goes for $279.99.

That’s quite a big difference in price on the Frontier’s end, especially with car seats that are quite similar. If you’re a parent on the budget, Pioneer wins being almost $100 less than its counterpart.

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Which Is Better? 

Both are excellent car seats. If you try either, you have a high-quality seat that will protect your child. However, the Frontier does win when it comes to its features. With the ClickTight installation, it’s much easier to install. The Pioneer isn’t that hard to install, either, but the Frontier wins in that department. 

Also, the Frontier does have more significant weight limits and the ability to have a high-back booster. It can last much longer for kids, which is always good. 

With that said, the Pioneer is much, much cheaper than the Frontier, so many parents who are on a budget may prefer that. Honestly, it’s not a bad choice, either. However, if you have extra money, you may want to go with the Frontier. 

Either way, you have two quality car seats from Britax. Which is your favorite? Tell us in the comments below.

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What is the difference between Britax Pioneer and Frontier?
Both Britax Pioneer vs. Frontier can be converted to high-back boosters from forward-facing car seats. However, they differ a lot in size, weight, and dimension.


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