Britax Vs. Chicco: Which Is Better & Worth The Money? 

The baby boy loves sleeping on his car seat. Can you guess if it from chicco or britax?

When you’re a parent, you realize that not all car seats are created equal. There are many types of car seats, all offering different features. Safety is essential, but so is convenience, and you should look for a car seat that has a little bit of both.

Can you guess if this little girl is sitting on a chicco or britax car seat? We think that it is britax's. If this is so, the size looks perfect on her.

With that said, we are looking at and comparing two car seat brands. Britax vs. Chicco. These are two brands that are highly popular and have a good score. Either one can assure you that you have a quality car seat that is safe and good for your child. However, if you are undecided about which one is best, this article can help.

We’ll be looking at two seats: the Britax B Safe 35 Elite Infant Seat, and the Chicco Key Fit 30 Zip. Let’s break them down. 

Chicco And Britax: The Brands Themselves 

Both Britax and Chicco are big name brands in products for children. The Britax brand has been around since the late 1930s but didn’t manufacture car seats until the 1970s. The name comes from the phrase British Accessories. 

Britax has had many right products over the years, and have changed the game in car seats. They created safety features like the True Side Impact Protection, for example, which can help protect kids even more. 

As for Chicco, the name comes from the nickname of the founder. It’s an Italian-based company that has been around since the 1950s. Chicco is a famous brand in Italy, as well as the world, delivering high-quality baby products to many countries. If you’re someone who is brand loyal to Chicco, you can’t go wrong.

This is more of a fascinating insight into the trivia of these two companies. A brand’s history or brand loyalty should not have much impact on the quality of goods delivered. 

The size of this chiccousa car seat looks good on a smaller car. Do you think britax has this type of baby seat too? If so, which is better, chicco or britax?

​Britax VS Chicco: Which Has Lighter Weight 

Weight is always essential when deciding on a car seat. Having a lightweight seat can ensure convenience when the parents are busy. The Britax seat weighs 11.5 lbs., and the Chicco weighs 9 lbs. Britax and Chicco are relatively lightweight, but those couple extra pounds in the Britax make a difference.

Weight Capacity (Britax Vs. Chicco)

When buying a car seat, you need to consider how much it can carry. Britax’s weight capacity is 4-35 lbs., and Chicco’s is 4-30. Britax can hold 5 pounds more, and in baby weight, 5 pounds is a world of difference, believe us. 

Britax vs. Chicco: Height Capacity 

The same rules apply to height as to weight. With the Britax, the maximum height is 32 inches, and the height for the Chicco is 30. So the Britax wins vs. Chicco in both height and weight, it seems. 


Chicco’s Price VS Britax

The price is always important, and for Britax and Chicco car seats, it’s hard to make a comparison. That’s because both Britax and Chicco car seats, as of this article, aren’t available on Amazon. You can find them on other sites, all for different prices, so this one is a draw.

Britax vs. Chicco: Features

The britax 2017 b-agile stroller black is one of the top picks for travel system strollers.

The Britax has quite a few features, including:

Two slide protection layers with a head adjustment that works quickly. 

A car seat base and frame that can absorb impacts. 

Easy latching installation 

A recline that is made from springs

Indicators to tell you if the seat is angled correctly. 

The ability to quickly adjust the height of the harness and the seat itself. 

Some nice foam pads. 

A cover you can remove without bothering the harness. 

A big canopy that protects from the weather. 

As for the Chicco, here are its features:

It has a seat angle adjustment 

A tightener that just needs a pull. This allows you to get the most comfortable fit. 

An infant insert that’s padded, and you can remove it. 

A seat pad you can wash via machine. 

The ability to zip the canopy, boot, and visor. You can also adjust the canopy to many positions.

Do you think britax is safer vs chicco? The britax's pads will make the child feel comfy to seat. Tho this looks bulky compared to chicco's popular car seats. Would you go for this black grey britax?

The Good 

The Britax has the best safety features and better height/weight limits. Britax car seat comes with a canopy that is quite big and gives people the best use out of it. Also, it has a headrest that automatically slides. If you need a custom fit for your child, the headrest takes care of it, which is always a plus. 

For the Chicco, it has a zip feature, making it more convenient, and you can remove its seat pads. This allows for a quick machine wash, which many parents will value. It’s also bigger than the Britax.

Britax Or Chicco: The Bad Sides

With Britax, there are a few problems with the growing room. Some people have said that their babies grow out of it too fast. While every baby is eventually going to grow out of a car seat, it seems like babies that are thinner get the best results, despite the improved height and weight limits.

For the Chicco, the canopy doesn’t work as well, and the weight limit isn’t as good. Some people have reported that the zippers don’t work as well, either. 

This chicco is perfect for infants. Chicco's canopy & handle are 2 great features compared to britax. But this type of chiccousa car seat is limited only for infants unlike the britax's baby seats. Don't you think so?

Britax Vs. Britax: Which Is One Better In Terms of Features?

It’s hard to say, honestly, but we have to go with the Britax vs. Chicco. With a bigger height and weight limit, a huge canopy, and the ability to adjust the car seat much more comfortable, we believe it edges out the Chicco. The Chicco has a nice zipper feature, but the zippers can be hard to use. 

The Britax does have drawbacks, like weighing a bit more and having a problem with babies who are not as thin, but it’s still a great car seat. 

It should be mentioned that Britax and Chicco are just two of the many car seats available from these brands. There are more car seats available, and which brand is better depends on you. 

Honestly, both Britax and Chicco products are good for their money, and you won’t go wrong buying either. Your baby is in good hands with either car seat. Just make sure that you follow the instructions for the best safety results for you and your baby. 


Chicco bravo le stroller black grey. Do you think it has 5-point harness?

Britax vs. Chicco: Which is better?

Read the above article for a comparison on the Chicco brand vs. the Britax car seat brand. While we do think that Britax edges out the competition, Chicco is worthy as well. We say that you shouldn’t focus on brand loyalty, and instead compare car seats in an unbiased manner.

Is Chicco a good car seat brand?

Oh yes, Chicco has a lot to offer when it comes to quality car seats. Let’s take a look at three seats: The Chicco Bravo, the Chicco Fit2, and the Chicco Nextfit.


The Bravo is a travel system. As you probably know, travel systems involve a combination of a stroller black, car seat, bassinet, and other features. If you’re traveling, it makes the transition from stroller to seat quite easy to transport, depending on which one you buy. Some are bulky, but the Bravo is quite nice. It has an infant insert for your baby, a little stroller black, and some other unique features.

Chicco Bravo stroller black. It is 4-wheel and light weight stroller ombra.

Chicco Fit2: Child Weight Consideration

This is an infant seat and a toddler car seat, hence the 2 in its title. The Fit2 flips from an infant to a toddler car seat through its base, allowing your child up to two years to sit in the rear-facing position, which is the safest.

Aside from that, it has all the safety features you’ve come to expect from Chicco, making it a worthy seat to purchase.

The Chicco Nextfit

The Chicco Nextfit is a convertible car seat that is machine washable. For one thing. You can remove its padding via zipper, pop it into the washing machine, and then it’s as good as new. This is something that other seats lack. When your baby is sick or makes a mess, it’s always convenient to take off the covers and wash.

We love the chicco's locksure. Babies are perfectly safe to ride on Chicco. It also looks stylish vs britax.

Also, it’s easy to install. The Chicco Nextfit uses a 9-position leveling system, and LockSure. LockSure is a seat belt tightener. This means your seat belt is around your little one as soon as possible.

Besides having the seat safety features you’ve come to expect, the Chicco Nextfit has a cup holder as well. The cup holder is dishwasher safe, making it great for a messy and hungry baby! Give the Chicco Nextfit a go and see what we mean.

Is Britax better than Graco?

Just like any other car seat brand, it all depends on what model you have. Both Graco and Britax are excellent car seat brands. If you’re unsure, one way is to read the above article and then compare the Britax model vs. Graco’s most powerful model, the Graco SnugrideClick Connect 35. Let’s take a look at what the Graco Snugride Click Connect 35 has to offer.

Click Connect

As the name implies, the Graco Snugride Click Connect 35 uses a technology known as Click Connect. This allows for easy attachment and safety. With any car seat, you want to make sure that it has easy installation in general. However, the Graco Snugride Click Connect 35 makes securing your baby even more straightforward.

This is graco car seat. It also has a handle like chicco. It features Click Connect which an advantage over britax. Would you go for gracco or chicco or britax?

Adjustable Base

Adding to the easiness, the Graco Snugride Click Connect 35 also has a base you can easily adjust, with four different positions that recline in all sorts of areas.

A Rotating Canopy

The Graco Snugride Click Connect 35 also boasts a canopy you can rotate, helping protect your baby from the sun.

Some of the Best Safety Protection Around

The Graco Snugride has stellar impact protection from all sides, and its easy installation makes it even better. Try the Graco Snugride and see how it compares.

That’s a brief glance at the Graco Snugride. We honestly could not tell you which car seat is better. Both offer quite a bit of features, so give both a go and see how they work for you.

What’s the difference between the Britax B Safe 35 and Elite?

There are many convertible car seats available out there. Two of them are the Britax B Safe and the Elite. What are the differences between the Britax B-safe and the Elite? Let’s take a look at these convertible car seats.

Britax and Elite have a lot in common, being rear car seats. The Elite costs a bit more vs. the Britax B-Safe 35 infant car seat, which is already a great car. Here’s what the Elite has.

More Side Impact Protection

The Britax B-Safe has some side impact protection that is more than most car seat brands already, but the Elite goes beyond. It adds some side impact protection to the headrest, giving your baby even more protection. If you’re worried about an injury due to side-impact, this car seat is something to try out.

Quick Adjust Headrest

The Britax B-Safe lacks a quick-adjust headrest, which means that it’s a bit more of a hassle to adjust when your baby grows.

Better Seat Cover

The Britax B-Safe has a excellent seat cover, but Elite’s seat cover is even softer. It also is removable, which is a unique feature in some of the best infant car seats around. You may think that if you can remove the car seat, it’s machine washable. Sadly, it’s hand wash only. We don’t get why an expensive car seat can’t be machine washable, but that’s just how it is.

It Weighs a Pound More

The Elite weighs about a pound and a half more than the Britax B-Safe. For most parents, this won’t be a huge difference, and we admire the fact that the Elite has all those extra features for being not too much heavier than the Britax B-safe. That slightly higher weight is nothing for most parents.

These are the differences between the Britax B-safe and the Elite. The Elite is better, but the Britax B-safe is a great seat as well, and you don’t necessarily need to have the Elite if you don’t want to pay the extra money. However, if you can afford to pay extra, it may be worth it.

What about the Elite vs. Chicco Keyfit? We won’t go into much detail about Elite vs. Chicco Keyfit, at least not in this article. However, we will say that the Elite does edge out the Keyfit. This isn’t to say the Keyfit isn’t a great car seat, but it’s just not as good.

Why Is Britax So Expensive?

Britax, whether you’re choosing the Britax B-Safe, a booster seat, or any of their convertible car seats, is expensive for many people. Why is Britax so pricey? This is because Britax goes above and beyond the safety standards, delivering better easy installation, impact protection, and other safety features that some cars don’t have. There’s a reason why many people say that Britax is worth the price.

Are Britax car seats worth the money?

A Britax car seat, travel system, or other types of convertible car seats are pricey, as we’ve established. However, they are quite worth the money. They have some of the best side impact protection, they have easy installation, and when it comes to pros and cons, the pros far outweigh it.

If you’re on a budget, however, there are cheaper, yet still quality, car seats and travel systems out there. Having some peace of mind about your baby’s safety is nice, but always make sure you can feed your baby in the process. And check up on the latest price, because it’s ever-changing.

Chicco KeyFit vs. Keyfit 30: What is the difference?

If you look at the names, you may be confused. There’s one called the Chicco Keyfit, (AKA Chicco Keyfit 22,) and there’s one called the Chicco Keyfit 30. So, what’s the difference? Don’t think about it too much. The Chicco Keyfit goes up to 22 pounds in weight limit, while the Chicco Keyfit 30 has a weight limit of 30 pounds. Depending on your baby, the weight limit may or may not be needed. There is also the Keyfit Caddy, which is a type of stroller. 

This Chicco keyfit 30 is perfect for infant. It looks safe and may have dual level indicators.

What is the best Britax convertible car seat?

There are many convertible car seats out there, and the best one will depend on when you’re purchasing one. With that said, one of the best Britax convertible car seats on the market today has to be the Britax Boulevard ClickTight. It’s a little heavy but has some of the best impact protection around. Its got a steel frame that justifies its weight, with the steel frame protecting your baby against anything. It’s the best infant car seat on the market today, especially if you want a convertible one.

Is Britax the safest?

A modern convertible car seat has quite a few features that protect our little one, and Britax is indeed one of the biggest names in car seats. Some may prefer other brands, but we believe that yes, Britax is one of the safest brands out there. Of course, if you have a different opinion, that’s fine too. All the big car seat and travel system manufacturers out there do try to be as safe as they possibly can.

What is the highest rated car seat?

The highest-rated car seat is going to change depending on what’s on the market. Currently, the Graco 4-in-1 Forever Convertible Car Seat is one of the highest-rated on the market today, with thousands of positive reviews.

How do you adjust a Britax B Safe car seat?

Adjusting the convertible car seat like Britax B Safe is quite easy, but you want to make sure that you’re doing it right. Consult the manual or watch tutorials on YouTube for more information on how to adjust the convertible car seat.

How long do Britax car seats last?

This will depend on which one you purchase. Some infant car seats go for six years, which is average. Meanwhile, you may find a convertible car seat that lasts for up to 10 years, which is an excellent choice if your family is large. Always check beforehand and see how long it lasts before you purchase it. All car seats eventually expire, but some take a longer time.

How long is Britax Advocate good for?

The Britax Advocate line of infant car seats has a good expiration date. It lasts for up to 7 years, which is longer than average for most infant car seats.

Can you use a car seat without a base?

If you’re wondering if you can install infant car seats without their base, it’s usually yes. Of course, this will depend on the kind of car seat you have. You can check the manual, and you can typically find a method to install the convertible car seat without a base. Sometimes, it’s quite easy to install. Do your research beforehand.

This is a car seat base. Looks like it will be easy removing the seat from the base. Can you tell if it is a chicco or britax?

How much is a Britax car seat?

There is no right answer to that. Britax infant car seats and Britax travel systems differ in price. It depends on what model you get, where you purchase it from, and if there are any sales ongoing. The latest price is always changing, after all. With that said, avoid buying a used convertible car seat, as there may be some safety problems with. Britax can be expensive, but it’s worth it.

How long is the Britax warranty?

A Britax car seat has a one year warranty against defective parts and replacements. Meanwhile, a Britax stroller black has two years. Always double check when purchasing, because it may differ depending on what you get. For example, a travel system may have something different.

Is the Britax Advocate FAA approved?

You might want to you can use your travel system or infant car seats on a plane. Sadly, Britax is not FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) approved. Remember to do your part and research when it comes to child safety on a plane.

Is Britax made in the USA?

If you’re buying from the US part of Britax, many of their accessories are manufactured in the USA. However, some car seat parts may come from other countries. With that said, you can always look at the car seat you’re trying to buy if you’re unsure of its origin.

Is Britax A British Company? (Important when the Chicco car seat is compared to Britax’s)

Yes, Britax is a British company, having a long history that spans for over 80 years. They came from another brand, British Accessories.

Why do car seats expire after six years?

It’s always frustrating to have a car seat expire, especially if you have a big family. It’s not something you can pass on from generation to generation. Even the best infant car seat has its expiration date. Why, though? Here are some of the reasons car seats expire:

  •     Materials tend to break down. Your car seat may still look sturdy, but after six years, there may be little parts that don’t work well as much as they used to, even though it looks fine from the outside. Even just one screw that’s out of place can put your infant in danger.
  •     Replacement parts become harder to find over the years. When a car seat is no longer available, many companies will not carry parts. So if your car seat is expired, and you need parts, then you’re in trouble.
  •     Safety standards change. Your infant car seat may be out of date when it comes to safety standards. Newer seats may have more protection and safety, which is always important. You may think more modern car seats are the safest possible, but there is still room for improvement.

Other Car Seats To Consider And Features To Look For

Peg Perego Booster Seat

Peg Perego is an Italian brand that makes many different baby care products. One of them that’s worth looking at is the Peg Perego Primo Viaggio booster seat. Considering your child’s weight and age, he or she should be in a booster seat until around ten years. And the Peg Perego Primo Viaggio can help your child make that journey. Alternatively, your child’s weight and height matters as well. Well, in regards to weight and height, it’s more focused on height. Once your kid is about 4 foot 9, then they can switch to a car seat.

This red color of Peg Perego is eye-catching. Just like the britax car seat, this can be used by your child on a latter age. Does chicco has this type of seats too?

This booster seat has quite a few features and meets all seat safety standards. The seat is also very breathable and has some nice, energy-absorbing foam to it. It’s quite lightweight and easy to install, too.

The B-Agile Stroller Black

This is a lightweight, 3-wheeled stroller from Britax. If you’re someone who doesn’t like a bulky stroller, the B-agile stroller black is for you, offering all kinds of convenient features. Despite its name, this is not a jogging stroller. A jogging stroller black will have that term in its name, so remember that. Check the latest price and see if it’s on your budget.

UppaBaby Mesa

The UppaBaby Mesa is a seat that has some great seat reviews to it. It’s very lightweight and has some excellent latch installation to it. It installs in seconds, weighs less than 10 pounds, and is an overall obscure but great seat to try. Definitely consider this one whenever you’re shopping, and always check the latest price for some good deals.

Britax Advocate

This is another car seat from Britax that’s worth checking out. The Britax Advocate has all the quality and safety features you’d come to expect, including latch installation that is so easy. What makes the Britax Advocate even cooler is the fact that it has higher weight and height limits than most car seats.

The higher weight and height limits include up to 40 pounds in the rear-facing position, and 65 pounds in the forward. Also, what’s great about it is its level indicator. The harness clicks when you have the right harness level. Many car seats have level indicators, but we have to say this one beats the competition. Most level indicators aren’t as seamless as what this one has to offer, and that’s always a plus.

It’s a no-rethread harness as well, meaning you can adjust it with ease whenever you need to. There’s a reason it’s top-rated.

Chicco Kidfit

The Chicco Kidfit is a two in one booster seat, and it’s probably one of the top ten out there. It has ten positions since your kid is always growing. The Chicco Kidfit comes with some cup holders and a removable seat pad, which you can wash through a machine. When it comes to booster seats, the Chicco Kidfit is an open and close case with how convenient it is. There aren’t too many booster seats better when compared to the Chicco. We may do another blog post about booster seats that can give you a comparison of the Chicco Kidfit with other types.

chicco's booster seats are one of the best in the market. This chicco is made of fine materials and crafted to let your child sit and travel comfortably.


From car to car, a car seat is always essential. Whether you’re getting a Chicco infant car seat or a Britax, or want to know which has the best car seat base, doing your research on what’s available is always important. Most car seats do meet the safety standards, but it’s still wise to buy one that goes above and beyond. We hope that our car seats managed to give you some insight into that.

We hope that this enlightened you on Britax vs. Chicco comparisons. If you have any questions about which car seat you should pick, be it a Chicco infant car seat or a Britax, feel free to ask us.

This car seat carrier is from Chicco. It is a lightweight seat carrier made to simplify the first few months with your infant.

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