Graco 4Ever: Why It Is The Ultimate Car Seat

Graco 4Ever 4-in-1 Convertible Car Seat is considered the best for small vehicles since it doesn’t occupy much space. Its best features are the flexible seat height, no rethreading harness, and easy to follow color-coded installation instructions. Its covers can also easily be machine-washed.


Graco 4Ever safety positions are the steel-reinforced frame, energy-saving foam, and the side-impact cushion. The car seat also boasts of rear-facing spots, bubble indicator, insert for infant support, and two detachable cup holders. It has a five-point no rethreading harness and ten height-adjustment positions.

Graco 4Ever weighs 22.75 pounds and is 19.5 inches wide and 24 inches high. The latter can extend up to 34 inches. The height and weight restrictions for rear-facing are about 4-40 pounds and 18-43 inches. For forward-facing, it’s 22-65 pounds and 27-49 inches. Its high-back boosting capacity is 40-100 pounds with 40-57 inches, while its backless boosting capacity is 4-120 pounds with 43-47 inches.

Overall, the Graco 4Ever 4-in-1 Convertible Car Seat provides comfort, simple installation, and adjustability for growing babies. It costs CAD 449.99.




The Graco 4Ever 4-in-1 Convertible is the best choice if you are looking for a car seat that will grow with your kid. It’s appropriate for children weighing 4-120 pounds, with sufficient padding providing the best comfortability. This car seat was crash tested by its manufacturer and has passed the approval of Transport Canada and Health Canada. Although it has undergone demanding testing, the following assessment focuses on its material’s quality, comfortability, use and installation, and price value. Its lifespan is up to ten years.


Ease of Installation with UAS

Just like other car seat installations, there can be pros and cons. You may need to consider some factors like if you change vehicles regularly and if the car seat’s installation manual is easy for you to follow. Graco 4Ever’s manual has color-coded sections that correspond to the car seat’s label. Although the elastic fasteners are a bit fussy to remove, it is workable. There’s also a small space below the seat for the manual so you wouldn’t worry about misplacing it.

The car seat features three rear-recline positions to help adjust the level of the seat, which may not be suitable for toddlers in an upright position. The seat’s base should be placed flat against your vehicle’s seat, so there’s no need to insert anything beneath to level it. The bubble level indicator makes it a breeze to change the seat level to the rear-facing reclined position, allowing easier installation.

When modifying the recline position, using both hands will give you more control in securing the right level. The forward-facing has three recline positions. Although you don’t need to be concerned much about the leveling, there may be differences in how the car seat is secured to the seat back and the vehicle seat.

The UAS connectors easily snap to secure the car seat to your vehicle’s lower anchors just by pushing them, which is almost effortless. You will need to press the red-colored release button to uninstall while drawing it away from the anchors, which is also similar to other car seats. The tightening of the UAS belt may need quite a bit of strength in the forward and rear-facing positions, but this will vary according to your vehicle. The connectors have excellent storage situated under the seat where the connectors are joined to their hooks.




Convenience of Installation with the Seat Belt

Conclusively, the Graco 4Ever has easier installation than UAS installation since it only needs a small amount of upper body strength to fasten the seat correctly. As for the UAS installation, it uses color-coded instructions to match the ones in the seat belt path. Recent automobiles have locking mechanisms that hold the car seat safely in place. However, if you own an older car, you may need to purchase a locking clip for the car seat’s installation with the seat belt.

On the other hand, assistance may be needed when it comes to tightening the seat belt to secure the car seat in the rear-facing position. While you gently push the seat, another person should tighten the belt. However, for the forward-facing position, you can use your knee to push the seat while fastening the belt. Also, consider checking your vehicle’s manual to be more knowledgeable of the installations and compatibility reminders before purchasing a car seat to avoid future problems.


Fastening the Tether for Forward-Facing

The Graco 4Ever’s tether strap is easy to attach, tighten, and detach. During the forward-facing position, connect the strap to the tether anchor for stability. Check your vehicle’s manual for the tether anchor’s location.


Weight And Size

The Graco 4Ever adjustable headrest extends the seat to 34 inches from its initial height of 24 inches. Due to its shorter stature, there’s no need to adjust the vehicle seat forward when you’re installing it on the infant recline angle. However, the Graco 4Ever’s 19.5-inch width car seat may not fit most vehicles. On the other hand, the car seat is convenient to carry into a car for most people as it weighs just 23 pounds.


Safety Harness

Fastening and unfastening the Graco 4Ever is very easy and straightforward because of its five-point harness. You can simply modify the harness level for a safer fit by lifting the lever and pulling the straps. It can be adjusted without rethreading.

Its height is significant for each car seat position. When rear-facing, it should be adjusted below your toddler’s shoulders. When forward-facing, on the other hand, the harness should be right around your toddler’s shoulders and not below them. The lever functions as both the harness and the headrest adjustment. The five-point harness can be kept in storage in the backrest of the car seat. It will be necessary when your kid is ready to use the booster. Then, he will be secured by your vehicle’s seat belt.


Frame and Fabric

The energy-absorbing and steel-reinforced padding of the Graco 4Ever safeguard your kid in a crash incident. Aside from that, the plush padding of the infant insert allows more support, preventing your baby’s head from nodding forward when he sleeps. This can also be removed for machine washing or when it is no longer needed.

Parents love the comfortable seat pad and seat cover, which are also removable for machine washing. However, for the harness strap, you may have to surface-wash it using only mild soap on a moist cloth. It was found that the belt could weaken when plunged in water.


Child’s Comfort

With sufficient extra padding, the Graco 4Ever allows your kid to be comfortable and well-supported. The two cup holders are quick to install and convenient to have when your kids need their drinks on the go.


Final Thoughts


The Graco 4Ever has received good scores when it comes to easy installation, quality, and value. Parents certainly recommend it to fellow parents or expecting mothers for its simple manual, comfortable padding, breathable fabric, and adjustability. You may consider testing the car seat to your vehicle before purchasing it to ensure that it will be up to your expectations. The belt path, the harness, and the car seat height and weight are some of the things to examine first.


Graco 4Ever and 4Ever DLX are two different models with a similar look. They differ in terms of some added features. DLX, to be precise, has the Graco® ProtectPlus Engineered™ that protects your child against crashes.
Graco 4Ever was crash tested in the US. It is a good option if you are looking for overall safety. The LATCH can be used in booster mode, which can be up to 42 lbs. However, you have to remember that it blocks rear visibility when the seat is extended to maximum height, especially when your car is small. It’s better to make some adjustments if there are visibility issues.
Graco 4Ever and Extend2Fit are both convertible car seats. 4Ever’s price is higher because it has more modes like changing the seat to the booster form that Extend2Fit does not have. If you are willing to pay extra, go for 4Ever since it can last for years with your growing child.
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It is a good brand if you would go for mid-priced strollers and car seats. It does not belong to high-end brands that make it easier to purchase in any leading stores. Budget wise, this is the right choice.


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