How To Find Some Amazing Car Seat Deals And Discounts


When it comes to buying car seats, there’s one thing that you’ll notice, and that is that they are super expensive. You may wonder where you can find car seat deals and discounts. Well, you’re in luck, because usually there are some great deals that you should consider, and ones that you don’t need to spend a ton of money on in order to take advantage of them.


Consider Amazon!

Really, one of the best places to check is Amazon. While usually, the listed items have a higher price, you can compare deals and find one that fits. You could end up saving a lot of money on this. You should make sure that they’re in good condition though, because if the car seat is used, and the condition is poor, you’ll be ending up spending more money, and you’ll have to spend more money later on.


Check Local Groups

Local Facebook groups or even Facebook Marketplace is actually a great resource if you want some great carseats. Usually, these carseats are used, but they are in decent condition, and you could end up striking a deal. Lots of parents have old carseats they may not need anymore because the child grew out of it, and you can take full advantage of this as well by asking about it. There are even groups dedicated to buying and selling baby items, and it’s a great place to look.


See If Friends Are Giving away

Friends are another great means to find some great carseat deals. If your friends have kids, especially older kids, you can ask fi they have a carseat that they’re willing to sell. If the kids are grown up, chances are they’ll beg for you to take it off their hands, and if they’re not going to get pregnant again, this is probably going to be a blessing for them. Some are even nice enough to give it away for free, which is great if you really don’t want to spend lots of money.



Look Into Garage Sales

garage sales can be dicey when it comes to products, but if you want to find a carseat, you may be able to strike a major deal. Lots of times, carseats are usually sold if the family needs to get rid of this, and many times, if the children are grown up, they’ll be getting rid of these quite readily. Many garage sales are filled with items for kids as well, so it can’t hurt to take a look.

You may get lucky at estate sales as well if you’re looking to buy some carseats, but they typically aren’t as good when it comes to buying this sort of item due to the audience these sales usually have. But, it never hurts to look, and it’s a resource that you should definitely look into.



Check Before You Buy

When it comes to carseats, always check before you buy. You may want to attach the seat wither with a seatbelt, or a LATCH system, and you should definitely look at the size of your car, and how the seats are to determine whether it will be a belt or LATCH system. If you do decide to use LATCH, make sure that you know where the attachments are in the car. You should also look to see how much room there is in the back. A carseat with a larger base may not fit smaller cars, but you may go for something a bit narrower as well. You should also factor in how many children you have, and how many will have carseats. One big thing before you buy, is doing your research, because that will save you time and money. You don’t want to buy something, only to find out it doesn’t fit your car, right? That is something you should always focus on before you buy this.


Consider Going Convertible

Convertible carseats are popular for a good reason. These can be adjusted from rear-facing to front-facing, to even booster seats, and they can last parents up till the age of 10 or later, which by then they wont’ need it. If you want to really take advantage of deals, consider going convertible before you buy. They may be a bit more expensive in terms of initial investment, but if you want to save money by not buying 100-dollar carseats every other year, then this is really the best option, because they can be adjusted both in terms of position, and even seat height in many cases, so they will end up lasting a long time as well. The one downside to these, is they typically can’t be removed, so you’ll want to make sure you get one that fits your car before you even consider buying.


Get a Car Seat Stroller

Car seat stroller packs are actually really nice if you want something that is really easy to move about. The stroller can be expensive, but if you want to get a travel system, you can typically get these discounted. Essentially, this is a seat that can be used for both strollers and carseats, which is awesome if you don’t want to spend a lot of money on both of these, and also if you don’t want to deal with having to wake up a sleeping baby, or dealing with getting them out of an infant carseat. It’s something that should be considered.

The one downside, is usually these tend to only accommodate a few years, so far less than the convertible option does.


Carseats are great for kids, in that they can protect the kid, and parents don’t have to worry as much about how they’re faring. Instead of having to spend a ton of money on carseats and the like, you can search for these deals, and from there, you can ultimately save more money than you’ve ever thought possible, and create a better, and much safer environment for your child as well, making it bette for everyone too.

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