Top Infant Car Seat Products To Choose From

One of the must-have items that you have to bring to the hospital during the birth of your baby is a newborn car seat. Some medical institutions place that under the list of requirements that parents practically have to produce before they release the child out of the hospital. More than being seen as a hassle, though, it is effective at making sure that the infant can travel safely and comfortably in the car.


The thing is, new moms and dads typically overthink the matter and wait until the baby comes out before the father rushes to buy an infant car seat somewhere. It is not supposed to happen because of anything good results from rushed buying. If you don’t pick the first product that you see, you might get the most expensive one that the salesperson recommends to you without doing background research about it.


To help you choose the right newborn baby car seat, we reviewed a few Walmart car seats infants and parents alike may want.

Disney Baby Light ‘n Comfy 22 Luxe Infant Car Seat

An excellent starter item is Disney Baby’s light and comfy car seat. Newborns weighing four to 22 pounds can fit right in here. Aside from the five-point harness that keeps your offspring secured, it has high side panels, and an insert to protect his or her head and feet during the commute. The fabric design is Minnie-Mouse-inspired in this sample, but there is also a Mickey Mouse version for it.


Evenflo Embrace Select Infant Car Seat

In case you feel partial towards on-the-go Walmart infant car seats, you may like Evenflo Embrace. The combination of thick handle and lightweight body is perfect for parents who prefer to carry the seat with the baby instead of transferring him or her to a stroller. With a washable head pillow, a four-point buckle, and a broad canopy, it is among the best baby infant car seats out there.



Evenflo Platinum SafeMax Infant Car Seat

Considering the previous product does not suit your requirements, a Walmart car seat infant may love is Evenflo’s Platinum SafeMax. Its full-body pillow is something worth talking about because of the support and coziness it gives to the baby. You can get the standard five-point lock here, but the straps have padded covers for added comfort. Also, the TempRight Fabric won’t make the child feel uneasy because of its cooling effect.


Graco Snug Ride Click Connect 30 Infant Car Seat

If you already have a Click Connect stroller from Graco, then getting a baby infant car seat from the same line and brand is a no-brainer. On its own, the Snug Ride product ensure that the baby is safe throughout the transport with its five-point harness and shock-absorbing foam. The canopy rotates too, so your child gets shielded from the sun in any direction. Once you are out of the vehicle, you can quickly attach this seat to the Graco Click Connect stroller and go to your destination without worries.


Baby Trend Flex-Loc Infant Car Seat Base and Baby Boot

Among the Walmart car seats, an infant can get cozy in is the Flex-Loc model from Baby Trend. This luxurious item has a triangular handle that is both uncommon and handy for transport. The same plush fabric covering the actual seat can be seen as well on the canopy. To release it from the car, you only need to use one hand, which is highly convenient.


In The End


The best car seats for infants have sturdy cushions and high-quality buckles to protect the baby from harm while on the road. A canopy or bottom insert is an excellent addition to the product since newborns are sensitive to sunlight and coldness too. If you can carry the seat around the supermarket or park without your arm feeling like it’s about to fall off due to heaviness, then that is another plus.

Don’t hesitate to use our review as your infant car seat buying guide. Good luck!

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