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Traveling and going on adventures are all the craze for families today. Parents want their children to have the best memories at a young age. But going for a ride with kids can be daunting because their safety is a priority. Keeping them secured and happy on a trip starts from choosing the best baby car seat.

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While there are tons of brands to choose from, Chicco NextFit Convertible Car Seat is the most excellent choice out there. NextFit comes from the European baby brand Chicco, which has been trusted since 1958 and has stores in 120 countries worldwide. Here are the reasons why Chicco NextFit offers superior protection and comfort for your little ones.

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  • Chicco NextFit Is Loaded With Safety Features

As discussed by the American Academy of Pediatrics, they must be seated in a rear-facing car seat until the toddlers are two years old or until they reach the maximum height or weight limit of the car seat. After that, the kid can then be in a forward-facing position for easier interaction with the family.

This can be easily done with the Chicco convertible car seat. The Chicco NextFit car seat can keep your child rear-facing until they weigh 40 pounds. You can flip it to a forward-facing position, with a weight limit of 65 pounds, when it is safe to do so.

You can also recline the Chicco NextFit car seat in nine different positions, and there are bubble guides that indicate the appropriate seat angle in both rear-facing and forward-facing modes. Because of this adjustability, Chicco Next Fit can be accommodated in different kinds and sizes of vehicles.

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  • Chicco NextFit Is Easy To Install 

You can install Chicco NextFit in vehicles with a seat belt or lower anchors and tethers for children (LATCH) system.

If your vehicle has a seat belt, NextFit has belt locks to ensure that it fits snugly. For cars with a LATCH system, it has a tightener for security, as well as a slide path for a smooth transition between rear-facing and forward-facing position.

The Next Fit convertible car seat also comes with a removable infant insert that can support five- to 11-pound infants.

  • Chicco NextFit Comes In A Variety of Styles

There are style options available for NextFit. Arguably, the most famous one is the Chicco NextFit Zip convertible car seat.

Chicco NextFit Zip has a zip-off seat pad. Thus, it can be removed from the shell and makes washing and maintenance easier. Chicco ZipFit is also padded and has waist support so you can carry the baby safely inside or outside the car.

The other styles are the NextFit Sport for heavier children and NextFit Air with a mesh backrest.

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  • Chicco NextFit Is Durable And Comfortable

Your child’s use of Chicco NextFit can last from infancy to preschool age. A steel frame supports NextFit’s seat shell. The shell is two layers deep for all-around protection. It also features an expanded polystyrene foam which effectively absorbs impact energy in case of a crash.

NextFit comes with thick comfort pads. Your kid will be able to endure long rides, and you will have a peaceful drive because of this.

  • Chicco NextFit Has Good Reviews

Of course, reviews are more reliable when they come from the users themselves. It has over four-star ratings on baby stores, such as Albee Baby and Buy Buy Baby.

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Parent bloggers also have good things to say about the convertible car seat. They laud NextFit’s for its top-of-the-line safety features and the comfort that it brings to their child. They also find its user-friendliness advantageous for other parents who wish to install it. Overall, parent bloggers think that Chicco NextFit is worth your money.

With the protection, ease of use, comfort, and durability that Chicco Next Fit offers, it is no wonder it is the number one rated convertible baby car seat in the market. Next Fit further boosts Chicco’s reputation for quality and excellence and gives parents the ultimate assurance they need—that their baby is safe, content, and happy.

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