Choosing The Best Presents For 7 Year Old Girl

Sometimes, looking for the right gift for young kids can be as difficult as getting them to eat their vegetables. Well, we’re here to help. We’ve put together a guide that’ll help you find the best presents for a 7-year-old girl. We’ll give you a few factors you’ll want to look for, as well as some specific gift ideas.


Presents That Encourage Play

Playtime is crucial to kids’ development. It may seem like just a fun time to kill time, but this also helps children develop physically, mentally, socially, and even emotionally. The best presents for 7 year old girl are those that achieve such.

Notice how kids are super hyper and full of energy? Playtime puts that to proper use. Look for gifts that encourage physical activity. These will help improve motor skills and keep them physically fit. Some great ideas include the Waboba Moon Ball and the Razor A Kick Scooter. 


Playtime can also mean dressing up, or playing pretend. While mermaids seem to be the trend nowadays, don’t just limit your young girl to traditionally feminine roles. Why not tune into the superhero hype and get them something like the Marvel Spider-Man Hero FX Glove?

Another gift idea is to get them a play tent. The girls can use these tents indoors and outdoors. You can let your 7-year-old play “house,” you can fill it with balls and turn it into a ball pit, or you can have them turn it into a reading nook. This gift has great social value as well as your daughter can share the play tent with friends.

Gifts With Educational Value

At this point, your kids are still going through their formative years. Thus, their mental and cognitive abilities continue to form at this point. Now is the time to encourage learning. These types of presents give them a great advantage at school and later in life.

STEM toys are particularly popular nowadays. Scientific Explorer creates a lot of kits that introduce them to science in an exciting way. You can start your daughter’s set with My First Mind-Blowing Science Kit. About the Seashore also helps them become more environmentally-conscious, a vital trait to teach our kids.


You don’t have to stop at science too. 7-year-olds are particularly curious about a lot of things. Girls will love playing the role of a detective with gifts such as the Wildlife Detective Kit and the MC2 Super Spy Set. These help your child develop her cognitive and problem-solving skills.

Books also make some of the best presents for a 7-year-old girl. Your budding bookworm will love titles such as Charlotte’s Web, the Frog & the Toad Treasury, and even the Nancy Drew series. You can spend time reading with them or let them go on book adventures on their own. Storybooks are a great way to help build lingual skills.

Choices That Foster Creativity

There’s no denying that kids have some of the most imaginative minds. It’s up to us to encourage and foster their creativity. Aside from books, there are dozens of other gift ideas that achieve this.


Coloring books have always been a favorite amongst kids. Companies have come up with other things your girls will have fun coloring. Your Décor’s Color Your Own Water Bottle Kit is particularly popular on online lists of the best presents for 7-year-old girls. There’s also the Doodle World Map Pillowcase. These are great because your kids can make use of them after they customize them to their liking.

The Klutz LEGO Chain Reactions Craft Kit puts a new twist on your favorite childhood bricks. This LEGO kit lets your daughter build simple machines. It’s a great way to familiarize them with basic physics concepts and to think creatively.

Picks That Teach Them Lessons

One of the most interesting gifts we’ve seen is the Moon Jar Money Box. It’s better than your average piggybank. The Moon Jar teaches your kids to manage money through three different compartments: save, spend, and share. It’s never too early to build on financial literacy!


You can also use this opportunity to teach your kids how to be more responsible in taking care of things. The Enchanted Fairy Garden Craft Kit is a great way to do this. They develop creativity by decorating their own miniature garden, while also learning to be responsible by tending to it a few minutes a day.

Final Tips On Finding The Best Presents For 7-Year-Old Girl

Gifts aren’t about getting the latest high-tech gadgets, the prettiest doll, or the most expensive crayons money can buy. The trick to finding the best presents for a 7-year-old girl is finding out what your child enjoys. Pay close attention to the types of things they take an interest in. From there, you’ll have a better idea of what to look for.


At the same time, remember that gifts aren’t everything. Yes, it’s a great treat during special occasions like birthdays and Christmas. However, teach your daughter to look past material value. Let gifts complement the love you show your children every day. From there, they’ll be sure to cherish anything you give them.

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