Are Honest Diapers The Best Choice For My Baby?

It’s already time for fellow Moms to understand the truth behind most commercial, conventional, and disposable diapers in the market. The chemicals in them harm not only the environment but also your little one starting from that simple rash and discomfort your baby may be having. Good thing that organic and much safer diapers, especially Honest diapers, are now dominating the market.


Here are my exact thoughts and reasons why I consider Honest diapers, under the Honest Company, to be the only diaper for my little one:

Eco-Friendly Materials


Lots of moms and dads out there still prefer the widely available commercial and conventional diapers because they are a lot cheaper and widely advertised. Imagine this: Thousands of babies are being born every day, and thousands of new moms use at least five diapers per day. These diapers are non-biodegradable. For how many years do you think these tons of plastic would stay harmful to Mother Nature? The honest company diapers are the best because of its ‘eco-friendly’ claims.

If I am going to turn into a green advocate, so is my baby. Some would ask maybe why I did not switch to a cloth diaper instead (considering using a cloth one is indeed a whole lot greener than a disposable one). Well, nobody can argue how convenient traditional disposable diapers are. As a working mom, I have to balance my time. I need to make sure that I look for things which would help me achieve this everyday goal of mine. The Honest diaper helps me in this aspect with their innovative combination of conventional and green diapers.

Honest diapers don’t have latex, chlorine processing, fragrances, and lotions. They instead use natural rubber latex, sustainably harvested fluff pulp, and plant-derived materials that inevitably lessen my guilt for being a reason for environmental destruction.

This is one of my two main reasons (aside from the proven fact that it is safer for my baby) why I preferred organic diapers and switched from my commercial ones.


Non-Toxic Kind Of Diaper

In addition to the de-clogging of drainage, a simple act of producing synthetic diapers releases Dioxin into the environment. This chemical is known to harm developing fetuses if we are looking into a bigger picture. I can’t imagine myself patronizing those synthetic diapers knowing it is an indirect way of hurting my future babies.

Honest Company sees to it that the baby’s delicate skin will feel no discomfort nor harm from using their products. The other main reason why I made the switch to this diapers company is my baby’s constant skin contact is not with plastic anymore. I need not worry much about the rashes and irritation on my little one’s delicate skin brought about by the synthetic components of my old brand!


Absolutely Zero Leakage


Honest co diapers are absolutely poop and pee leak-free! They have what this called Honestly Secure Fit technology. This technology promises (and truly delivers) leakage-free through soft, stretchy, comfy waistbands and sure-fit leg cuffs and effective fastening tabs. This is a bonus for a busy mom like me. Moreover, I don’t like seeing my baby in discomfort for the constant leakage I’ve experienced from my past brands.


Super-Soft Liners

True to their word, the Honest Company manufactures only the best for your baby’s comfort. Indeed, the diapers don’t disappoint. They have the pictures looking all soft and smooth on their packaging up to the actual usage.


Adorable Designs

If there’s one more thing I would laud Honest company diapers for, it is their unique way of putting adorable patterns on their products. It might sound like a ridiculous reason to consider buying a particular brand. But hey, those cute little prints perfectly complement my adorable little one!


Honest diapers truly deliver what’s the best for my baby’s and my comfort. The switch is all worth it. Most importantly, honest diapers give me peace of mind. I know I don’t add to those reasons for clogged drainage and nuisance for the betterment of our environment.

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