Some Reviews That Can Help You Decide The Best Diaper Pail To Buy

It is really fascinating to become a parent. You would need to do different things that you’ve not done before. You will learn new things that your school never taught you. The school of parenthood is one of the longest classes that you attend in your whole life. For starter parents, one of the things that they need to focus on is learning how to take care of the baby properly. The baby is very sensitive. Every gesture or body movement it does might have a meaning. One example is when it is deeply crying. You might think he or she is hungry, but most of the time, it is a sign that you need to change the diaper.


Now, the smell of the diaper really stinks, sometimes it makes our nose bleed. You cannot dispose of it straight into the garbage bin because for sure, the house would have a really bad smell. Thanks to the diaper pail, the diapers won’t have to all be squeezed into the trash, along with the other bits of garbage that don’t stink. However, there are many options in the market today. To help you choose, we have listed down some of the best diaper pails that are recommended by other moms and dads.


The Best Diaper Pails Of 2018

Watching your baby grow is really amazing, but definitely, you will agree that the odor of the poop gets unpleasant as time goes by. The good thing is that diapers are there to capture the worst waste coming from the baby. However, diapers do not have the ability to remove the stink from the poop or urine. So, the first thing to do is to find a way on how to dispose of the diaper. You just can’t throw it in your ‘universal’ house garbage. What you will do is to find the nearest dump or big community garbage bin to get rid of it. But can you imagine how much time and effort you would need to go outside and throw it every time the baby poops?


But here’s the good news. Thanks to the inventor of the diaper pails, our problems are solved! You could easily collect diapers daily or every two days before dumping it outside. The difference of diaper pails to ordinary trash bin is it can keep the diapers compressed, preventing the odor from coming out. On the other hand, the process of choosing the right kind of brand is not easy. Each product has its own unique features that would suit the needs of the consumer. You need to read some product reviews to know if the item is suited for your needs. But let me remind you that you must not let the diapers stay stuck there for too long, because any diaper pail could not prevent a very intense smell. It is not a substitute for laziness!

So here goes the list.


  1. Munchkin Step Diaper Pail

There is a reason why this product from Munchkin is in the first place. The outside appearance of this item should not become the basis of its performance because it might look simple, but the effectiveness of preventing odor is definitely awesome! When you need to open the cover, you just need to step on the button so you would not need to hold it. Most of the bags in the market are compatible inside so no need to worry about the compatibility. The smell of lavender and baking soda are one of its secrets.

  1. Diaper Dekor Kolor Plus Pail

If what you are looking for is a diaper pail that does not look like one, this product of Dekor Kolor is one of those that have the most polished looks. You do not need to touch the pail cover to throw a diaper; you just need to step on the lever. With regards to odor protection, there is a second cover that serves as the protection before getting in touch with the bag that is holding the diapers. Thus, you will have enough time to hold your breath before opening the second cover.


  1. Ubbi Steel Diaper Pail

Do you want a product that would give you satisfaction on the side of reliability? Then you should give Ubbi a try. Unlike many of its competitors, instead of using plastics, it uses steel that would definitely prevent the odor to come out. Plus, it is hard for odors to get stuck in this material. With regard to bags, you could almost get anything available in the grocery so no need to worry. It uses a slide for the cover, and you just need to slide it to open and vice versa.

  1. Baby Trend Diaper Champ Deluxe

The science of odor protection for this product from Baby Trend is very simple. There is a cover that can be rolled up and down. The cover has storage enough for a diaper to fit in. When you push the cover upward, you will be facing the storage side. Then when you pull it downward, the diaper will go through the main bag. The appearance just looks like an ordinary trash can, very simple and affordable for many starting parents.


  1. Playtex Diaper Genie Elite Pail

Well, not using your hand to open a diaper pail is a big help especially when you are holding the diaper. This is the main factor that parents consider when buying this product from Playtex. It does not require you to do so. You just need to step on one of its parts at the bottom, and the cover would open. What is good with this item is that it is taller compared to other products. However, it’s not that effective in hiding odor.


  1. Safety 1st Easy Saver Diaper Pail

This product is almost the same model as a trash can. And with its low price, it is understandable not to have too much high expectation. It has an odor remover just like the others that you will put on the storage below the cover. The button to open the cover is found above. Pressing it would open the cover — a simple kind of diaper pail that has an equal value to its price.

  1. Tommee Tippee Simplee Diaper Pail

Comparing this with Dekor Kolor, the Tommee Tippee Simplee also has a second layer that prevents the odor from coming out instantly once you open the cover. You just need to put some pressure in putting the diapers on the second layer. The diapers must also be thrown a few days after to prevent them from stinking. Unfortunately, you would need your hands to open the cover.


  1. The Diaper One N Done

So here’s something unique from the list. It is not your typical diaper pail that has a cover. No, it doesn’t have one. In fact, it is even confusing to call it a diaper pail. It only has a plastic roller below and a bin with a little hole in it, enough to refill a plastic bag. The process of throwing is simple. You just need to pull a plastic, fill it in the bin, put a diaper, and then knot the bag and throw it. Repeat the process every time you change diapers.


To Sum It Up


These are only eight of the best in the list, eight of the leading brands that you should look for in the market. Remember, if you have the extra money to purchase a diaper pail, then you should. It saves you time to clean and spares you more time to spend with the baby.








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