What Are The Best Wii Games For Kids 10 And Up?

While the Wii may be an older system, there are still so many games that haven’t gotten a port to the Switch yet, so it still makes the Wii a usable system. But, what are the best games for kids ages 10 and up? Read on to find out the best ones that your kid will love.

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Xenoblade Chronicles

This is hands down one of the best Wii games, and if your child loves role-playing games with characters they’ll love, quests that will keep them busy for easily over 100 hours, and action that they’ll enjoy, including a battle system that’s relatively easy to understand, Xenoblade Chronicles is Wii kid game that you should get. It is a hard video game, and you essentially need to learn to get good, but if your kid is persistent, or if you’re playing it with your child, both of you will love this. It’s got amazing gameplay that still holds up well over 10 years later, and there is a reason why it holds a 92 on Metacritic. It’s set on the frozen bodies of titans that are warring, but it’s a much deeper story than just war. It’s got beautiful art too, and the environments still look better than a lot of games that have come out currently. The soundtrack is also solid too, and it’s one of the best Wii games of all time. If you want a thrilling, beautiful RPG that you’ll love, and your child won’t want to put down, this is it.

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While it is rated T for teens, preteens will still love this, and really the only issue you may run into is that it does have a difficulty curve that may take some getting used to.



Okami is one of the best Wii games on the system, and while it does have an HD remake, if you want to experience the fun of the controls, the Wii version is the best one.

The story involves many different Japanese myths, about how the sun goddess saved the land from evil and is now in the form of a white wolf. While it is a port of the PS2 version, it’s a different game, and with the motion controls, it’s a fun experience. It does take a little bit of getting used to, but it’s a load of fun.


WarioWare Smooth Moves

WarioWare is known for the microgames, which are essentially really tiny, really short games. If you’ve ever played the one on the Gameboy Advance, you probably know what this plays like, and it’s super fun. The Wii kid game version involves new microgames, a new story, but many of the favorited cast of characters that you may enjoy. Characters from other games such as Mona and Ashley are in it, along with all-new favorites as well. This is super fun to play with kids, and both parents and children will love them. While it may seem a bit “childish” to teens, these can be fun challenges, and you’ll realize they’re more challenging than you think once you play them.


Metroid Prime 3

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If you’re a Metroid fan, then Metroid Prime 3 is a great addition to your Wii library. It takes place six months after Metroid Prime 2, which follows Samus as she confronts the Space Pirates, who have attacked the Galactic Federation naval base located on Norion. She and her fellow bounty hunters are infected with Phazon due to her doppelganger Dark Samus, and Samus is on a mission to find out what happens. You play it with the Wii remote and the Nunchuk, which is used for doing the jumping, firing, and weapons, and the nunchuk allows for Samus to look and lock onto enemies. It is a fun game, and if you can get used to the motion controls, it’s quite fun.


Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword

While Breath of the Wild is available on the switch, the only way to play Skyward Sword is via the Wii. It’s the first game in the Zelda timeline in terms of continuity, and is a great game for both veteran players, and those who have never played it before. It is semi open-world, and it does have great characters, arguably one of the best stories in the series, and some great quests and thrilling dungeons. It has an amazing soundtrack, and the animation holds up to this day, which makes it the perfect nostalgia game for those who have played the older games and want to experience it with their kids.

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Now the one downside to this game is the fact that it has motion controls. They’re awkward, they take getting used to, and you need to learn how to utilize these. It does take some getting used to, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t fun if you haven’t played this on the Wii yet, I highly recommend it.


Zack and Wiki: Quest for Treasure

If you like puzzle games and adventures, this is a great one. It involves the story of a pirate named Zack and his friend who is a monkey named Wiki, and after they join a pirate gang, they discover that there is a talking skull belonging to the pirate Barbatos. In exchange for finding the pieces, the pirate promises to bring them to the legendary pirate ship. It is inspired by traditional adventure games. It is a point and click game with a Wii remote. The goal is to reach a treasure chest by interacting with objects, and you can use the Wii remote to manipulate objects and get things done. It’s a fun game, but it didn’t sell super well. But, it’s a great Wii game kid will enjoy.

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These Wii kid games are fun, and for those who are ready to have something fun, but not just your average child game, these games are perfect to satiate those desires. Plus, parents can play them with kids too, and the whole family will enjoy it.


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