What Are The Best Gummy Vitamins For Toddlers?

For many parents, gummy vitamins are usually ideal for them, because they’re the only type kids may like, cause it’s like candy for them. Though many kids don’t need daily vitamins, it allows them to get all of the nutrients that they need. You want to choose a gummy vitamin they’ll enjoy, and one that has the major vitamins that they need to be healthy. Here, we’ll tell you about the best gummy vitamins for toddlers that your kids will enjoy, and ones that will provide everything they need.

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Why Consider The Best Multivitamins To Choose From 

The best multivitamins are important for some parents, because multivitamins for kids help them get everything that they need in a daily gummy form. A lot of children are a little bit picky with what they eat, and sometimes, having multivitamins for kids get them everything that they need.

Multivitamins for kids have everything all packed into one location, especially in a daily gummy. A daily gummy option in multivitamins for kids gives them what they want, when they want it.

Most multivitamins for kids either come in a chewable, a daily gummy, or even a liquid multivitamin.  Multivitamins for kids helps prevent nutritional deficiencies in a lot of cases, and plenty of parents like giving their child multivitamins for kids so they get what they need.

Multivitamins for kids are good for other things too. If flu and cold season is around, multivitamins for kids helps prevent their child from getting subjected to sickness.

Some multivitamins for kids even contain probiotics for weight loss. Other multivitamins for kids may even contain means for your child get to the right brain and body health that they can.

Some multivitamins for kids help with sleep too, and multivitamins for kids that help with this are great, since you can get the support that you need in a daily gummy form.

If your toddler is picky when eating, multivitamins for kids are great for them, because they can get the nutrition that they need in the form of a daily gummy or a liquid multivitamin, and it gives children the nutrition that they need. 

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Liquid Or Chewy 

You may wonder if a daily gummy is better for children, or if they should take a liquid multivitamin.

A liquid multivitamin has the benefit of taking everything in one fell swoop. Some pickier kids take that. But this compared to a daily gummy can be jarring, because it can be quite pungent to the taste. 

A daily gummy offers all of the nutrition in gummy form. With a daily gummy, you take it, chew it, and then swallow it. Many children prefer the daily gummy because a daily gummy usually has a fun taste, and a daily gummy usually comes in fun shapes. 

The one downside to a daily gummy is usually you have to chew it for a longer period of time. If your child is a bit forgetful with taking a daily gummy, they may forget to take their daily gummy at times. 

But, a daily gummy is usually easier, and alternatively, if you don’t want to get a daily gummy, you can always get a chewable tablet to help them get the nutrients that they need. 

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Gummy Vitamin Factors To Consider

The one thing to remember with multivitamins is that gummy ones may have a lot less in them than say the chewable multivitamins. They also may not have the same vitamins and minerals compared to others. For example, the Centrum vitamins have 23 different vitamins, but a lot of the other ones have just 14 in there. Chewable multivitamins may have 100% of the daily value. A gummy may have half to a third of that. Gummy vitamins typically don’t have iron within them, so you will want to make sure that you get your child, one that works for them, and effective ones. If you need to, invest in an iron supplement for your child as well.

Still, here are a few of the best gummy vitamins for toddlers.

Clifford Multi-Vitamin + Brain health

You’re probably familiar with Clifford, the big red dog, But did you know you can get a Clifford multivitamin that provides all of the various nutritional aspects that your child needs? Well, fish oil is an essential part of the body since it prevents heart disease. It is good for children that don’t eat a lot of fish, and it actually can help in some cases, promote brain development, and also prevent other diseases in the future. If it has DHA or EPA in it, it’s a good supplement. There is a little bit of controversy behind them, and some parents aren’t super into it, but it shouldn’t harm the child, and this is a good one.

Garden Of Life Multivitamin For kids 

If you want a multivitamin for kids that also helps with weight loss, then you may want to consider this one.  Weight loss may be something some kids need, and you want something that doesn’t have as much corn syrup as other multivitamin for kids options. 

Well, garden of life has a multivitamin for kids you can have, without the corn syrup or other additives. It is available as a chewable multivitamin, or in a daily gummy form, and it contains probiotics which can help with weight loss too. 

This is one of the best multivitamins because with this, it comes in a fun gummy bear form, and is one of the multivitamins for kids that comes in a lot of fun options.  

MyKind Organics 

Mykind Organics are a great gluten-free multivitamin for kids.  It doesn’t contain artificial colors and flavorings, but does contain some of the fat-soluble and water voluble essential vitamins and minerals. This is a gummy vitamin that contains plenty of the essential vitamins and minerals that. kids need for growth and development.  They’re sugar free, and MyKind organics is known for being a high quality gummy vitamin that. doesn’t contain any flavorings either.  It is one of the best vitamins for kids that’s organic, and also doesn’t contain corn syrup, and also is a great multivitamin for kids. The best multivitamins can come in different forms, and this multivitamin for kids has a lot that it can offer. 

With a multivitamin that doesn’t contain corn syrup, or other additives, this can be one of the best multivitamins if you want something organic, and has everything to offer in multivitamins for kids. 

SmartyPants Kids 

This is another gluten free multivitamin for Kids.  It is a fun organic multivitamin for kids that doesn’t contain artificial colors and artificial flavors.  It does have many of the essential nutrients you need, so if you’re worried about your child getting essential nutrients, then this daily multivitamin will provide it. It has everything you want in kids multivitamins, including nutrients that are in fruits and vegetables, so if you’re worried about your child not getting enough of the vitamins and minerals, then this multivitamin  for kids is good. 

These also come in a chewable multivitamin form. A chewable multivitamin is different from a regular gummy vitamin because with a chewable multivitamin, you can give this to the kid, and they’ll be able to chew it. Some children prefer the chewable multivitamin over the regular vitamins, and if your child is picky, you can get the chewable multivitamin for their bodies, and it offers the same immune system support too, so chewable multivitamin are there as a great multivitamins for kids option 

It doesn’t contain corn syrup, and it’s a gummy vitamin that. does contain fatty acids including omega 3 fatty acids. It’s a sugar free high quality multivitamin for kids that you can rely on, and when looking into kids multivitamins, this is one of the best multivitamins for kids to try. 

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Zarbees Naturals 

This is another daily multivitamin you can rely on. It doesn’t contain any artificial colors or artificial sweeteners, and Zarbees naturals are good for a variety of things. 

This does contain some high quality sugar free elements to help with sleep, and the immune system. These are great vitamins for immune system support, and it is one of the best multivitamins for your child to use. 

There is no corn syrup or other additives in this, so if you’re trying to avoid sugars and corn syrup, this is one of the best multivitamins to chose from. 

They also can be used in the form of liquid vitamins to help with sleep and your immune system health. If your child is sick, then this vitamin for immune system is good. 

It has some that contain essential fatty acids too, and these fatty acids promote brain and body health.  They are high quality, and sugar free too, making it some of the best multivitamins for your child to have. 

Disney Gummies Multivitamins

It is another one that contains DHA, and it’s a good vitamin if you want to give your child a vitamin that is fun for them and provides the nutrients that they desire. It contains gummies of different characters, so that’s fun for them, and it also has fish oil and other important vitamins for them to have. They’re worth it, and they make using a multivitamin even better for everyone.

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Flintstones Gummies

These are arguably the best gummy vitamins for toddlers on the market, based on the popular cartoon The Flintstones. They typically are simple to take, don’t have lead in them, and they don’t have too much Vitamin A from retinol. They are pleasing to kids, which makes it easier for the toddler to take. However, the one downside to this, is that they don’t contain calcium, which is something that growing children do need, but you can get the bone-building support supplement that will fill in those gaps. Overall, these are praised by a lot of consumers, including parents, as the best multivitamin out there.

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YummiBears Multivitamin

It is another gummy multivitamin, and this is one that does have a little bit of lead. However, it has way less than the limits that the FDA has. If your toddler does take more than three of these, you’ll have to be careful because that’s almost too much retinol vitamin A. Most kids like the taste of these, and they are good unless the kid is a super picky eater. These also don’t contain artificial coloring or flavoring, As a bonus, they do have calcium and vitamin D, which is what the Flintstones one lacks, so it may be a better option if you’re looking for a good gummy multivitamin.

IronKids Gummies

It is another fish oil supplement, and it has a lot of omega-3 in it, which again is good for heart health and brain development, and in some cases, can help with metabolism too. It gets awarded as the number one omega for kids according to a study in Canada, and they are specifically formulated with EPA and DHA in mind. It does contain fish oil and organic soybean oil, and these gummies also have the daily recommended amount of vitamins and minerals that you need, making them even better for a kid. They’re super good for children, especially those who need some extra omega-3 during their formative stages since it provides a lot of this.

L’il Critters Immune C Gummy Bears

Finally, if you’re worried about immune support or you don’t want your kids to have too many fruit juices, this is the one for you. These gummy bears are pretty cute, and you can also get fruit and gummy veggie bears that contain Vitamins A, C, and E, along with antioxidants in there too, which prevents inflammation and other issues. Usually, if you’re worried about immune support, you will give them one of these, but it’s important to note that vitamin C is good as a preventative for colds in some cases, but it often doesn’t need to be given.

The L’il Critters vitamins also contain fiber, which, if a child doesn’t have enough of that, can have issues with digestion and stomach issues, so it might be a good investment for them. These are good if you feel your child needs that little extra boost, and since they are in gummy form, they’re easy to have and quite worthwhile.

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If you, as a parent, see that your child has some issues with taking vitamins, whether it be they are picky eaters, or they don’t get enough nutrients, consider a supplement. Gummies are probably the easiest way to go, and you can see from this that they’re doable for any child’s health and wellness, and overall do the job and then some for your child, making it even easier.

FAQs On Best Gummy Vitamins For Toddlers

Are gummy vitamins good for toddlers?

Gummy vitamins are made just like yummy candies. So they are a good alternative to be given to picky toddlers, especially if they aren’t keen on drinking the vitamins recommended for them.

What are the best vitamins for toddlers?

According to Amazon, the best vitamins for toddlers is the SmartyPants Kids Formula Daily Gummy Vitamins. It is a non-GMO product that is also free from allergens. It is also packed with a multivitamin and omega-3 fish oil, so it’s really good for toddlers.

What is the best multivitamin for a 2-year-old?

On top of the list for the best multivitamin for a 2-year-old would be the Zarbee’s Naturals. Made by a pediatrician, this multivitamin is packed with the right amount of vitamins and minerals for healthy development and a strong immune system of your child. It is recommended for children ages 2-4.

Should I give my 2-year-old vitamins?

You may give 2-year-old children food supplement which contains vitamins A, C, and D. But if your children eat a well- balanced healthy diet, vitamins may not be necessary.

Can a 2-year-old take gummy vitamins?

Two-year-old children may take gummy vitamins but in moderation. Too much intake of gummy vitamins may lead to vitamin or mineral toxicities

Are Flintstone vitamins healthy?

Flintstone vitamins may be healthy because it contains vitamins. But if you overdose it or take with other medicines, it may produce unhealthy side effects.

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What age can you give gummy vitamins?

You may try giving chewable vitamins if your child’s doctor suggests. But it is usually safe to start giving gummy vitamins at the age of 4.

How effective are gummy vitamins?

Gummies may lose potency over time. Thus, some manufacturers tend to put in a lot more of certain vitamins than labeled that somehow makes gummies less effective.

Are gummy or pill vitamins better?

Most gummy vitamins are missing too many essential nutrients. Hence, even if they are better tasting and easier-to-swallow, pill vitamins are still a lot better.

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What happens if your kid eats too many gummy vitamins?

Since gummies are better tasting, a child may tend to overeat it. But taking too much of it may lead to vitamin or mineral toxicity, which may harm the body.


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