Wii Games For Kids Of All Ages

Games consoles are now all the rage. Every kid wants to have one. Your child can be from six to ten. He or she can even be eleven to fifteen, and he or she will still be excited at the notion of having his or her very own game console. One game console that will surely make your child’s excitement level spike is the Wii by Nintendo.

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Wii By Nintendo

One thing you should know is that Wii games for kids is a home video game console and was released by Nintendo in 2016. You will be comforted and assured of its quality because it made sales records in one month. There are a lot of Wii console games that you can choose from.

The good thing about game consoles like Wii is that there are a lot of playing options. Your child can play by himself or herself. If you have more than one child, most games can have as many as four players. If you like playing with your child or children, you can also play with them. There are a lot of games that will challenge both child and adult.

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Games To Keep Your Child Physically Active

One game to get your child to keep him or her physically active is “Just Dance.” When you and your child play with “Just Dance,” the two of you can dance to several songs and learn the choreography. This can really get your child and the whole family moving. So if you love to dance and you love music, this is one game you should not pass up.

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Problem Solving

Problem-solving is one of the skills that your child needs to develop. You can do this in “The Lego Movie Videogame.” When playing this game, your child will need to guide the character, Emmett, through 15 levels and different worlds. The goal is to fight an evil tyrant. To do this, your child will have to use his imagination. He or she will need to decide the best ways to beat the villain! An ultimate adventure!

Cooperation And Team Work

At an early age, your child should be learning about cooperation and teamwork! You can help him or her learn this while playing “Mario Party.” You have a lot of options when playing this game. There are a lot of mini-games you can choose from. You can also have as many as four of you in the family playing. The game will automatically assign you to teams. So, be ready to be cooperating or competing! You can even teach your child about being a good sport!

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Every Girl’s Dream

Playing with Barbie and Friends is every little girl’s dream! You can make a dream come true when you get your little girl the Barbie Dreamhouse Party game. You little girl can explore the Dreamhouse. Your little girl and her friends can also customize the characters by wearing different outfits. There are also mini-games that your daughter can explore. The mini-games are related to fashion, cooking, grooming and even gardening!

Wii Games Available From A Lot of Retailers

Of course, you can purchase the Wii games for kids in a lot of places! You can start by creating an account with Nintendo and making your purchases from there. Be updated in all the new games too by signing up.

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Amazon, of course, has different Wii games available. Aside from Amazon, Target and Walmart online stores carry the games. Just choosing which game to buy first will require problem-solving skills from you and your child.

Wholesale stores also carry Wii games. You can go to Sams Club and Costco, and you may be able to find the consoles and some of the games that you want or need.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


The Nintendo Wii is released by Nintendo on November 19, the year 2006. It competed with Microsoft’s Xbox 360 and Sony’s PlayStation 3 as a seventh-generation console.
What was the last Wii game made?
The last game for the Wii was Just Dance 2020. It was released on November 5, 2019.
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