The Best Xbox One Games For Girls Today

Xbox One is still a hit nowadays. There are various Xbox One games that catch everyone’s attention, and more and more contender games are arriving continuously to ride the gaming hype. For guys, it is easier to pick what suits them. However, it takes a while to decide what the Xbox One games for girls are.

Girls' Xbox controller in white. Other Xbox controllers are also available in different colors.

The Benefits Of Video Games?

Girls can enjoy video games, and there are tons of benefits. It teaches female gamers responsibility, along with coordination.

Games like Call of Duty have been around for a long time, and while Call of Duty may not be the type of game girls like, Call of Duty teaches them coordination, and perseverance of course.  If your daughter does like shooting, Call of Duty might be one of the great Xbox games option, the game even has a Microsoft Windows version that can be played just using a PC.

Games are also a big part of the digital age. With smart home options springing up, and many smart home technology additives coming forward, many girls are learning to embrace the digital age.

Games are fun too. Girls can enjoy them, and they are quite good for building coordination and offers them a chance to use their imagination.

Gamers' best Xbox one controllers - showing different buttons and controls used to play Xbox games.

Why A Video Game?

Why would your daughter like to get a video game system though? Well, video game systems and action game options aren’t just for boys, and you can get many different video game types out there. From Call of Duty, to personal care and simulation games, there is a great game for any kid, and there are so many wonderful options out there.

Some young female gamers like personal care and taking care of others. There are plenty of personal care games out there, and with each personal care game, they can learn to take care of others.

If your child likes to play shooting games, they might even like Call of Duty. Girls can like Call of Duty these days, it isn’t just for boys, and there are plenty of other video game options for those who like shooting too, and there are great game options too.

You don’t have to spend a bunch of money on a standard edition either. There are plenty of cheaper standard edition video game rank sets, so if your child isn’t sure whether they want a game or not, getting them the standard edition will help them get a bare-bones feeling. Then, if they want the expansion, you can go beyond the standard edition and get them something they love.

A child playing games similar to earlier versions of games available in the XBox gaming console.

Kinds Of Xbox One Games Girls Look For

In a study by Quantic Foundry, the company asked its respondents to list down nine types of games they play the most. Here are the top categories of video games that young female gamers love.

  • Family/Farm Sims – Girls find it fun to simulate situational realities such as taking care of a family or a farm. For them, it enhances their creative thinking and many young female gamers enjoy these simulation game options because they are relaxing. With a simulation game, it lets them take care of neglected things, and oftentimes lets them plan things in their own way. A simulation game, especially a farm one or one that’s based off building things like Minecraft sandbox is a great one for young girls to enjoy.
  • Casual Puzzle – Casual puzzles include games that involve critical thinking. Some examples of these are Tetris and Candy Crush.
  • Interactive Drama – they love placing themselves in stories that require participation in how the game will go about.
  • City Building – City building games are geared toward improving the creative and strategic thinking of women. These also get their attention since girls are more inclined toward games that require them to be the head of a city.
  • Strategic Games – These strategic games include time-based activities. Some examples of these are spa games and food games.
  • Role Playing games- young girls like to be someone else and go on an adventure, and a role playing game is a great one for them to enjoy.  There are also many memorable characters that young girls can enjoy and even look up to, and role playing games also have powerful female characters that are great idols for young girls.
  • Action Adventure – These are a great video game subgenre in the same way that some of the other categories discussed. With action adventure, you have fun activities that young female gamers can love, while also high-strung adventures that they will enjoy. There are a lot of great action adventure games on the Xbox Series that lets them enjoy different aspects

A group of people playing games similar to Xbox.

Xbox One Games For Female Gamers

As seen in the results above, most girls won’t be interested in games that require killing zombies or holding weapons. With that in mind, here’s a list of some of the top challenging games for girls and boys on Xbox One which will surely keep them occupied.

One of the games on Xbox One
  • Rock Band – The combination of music and rhythm may be the best Xbox One game for girls. This Rock Band offering will definitely bring their competitive nature. Add to this the addictive performance experience in playing different kinds of instruments such as the guitar and drums. This game will surely be a treat to her and is a great game to learn rhythm and movement.
  • Zoo Tycoon – Zoo Tycoon is one of the most famous games for girls. It involves a Zoo Tycoon series, which aims to build an ultimate zoo while requiring to accomplish different challenges throughout the storyline. This game is a perfect combination of challenging, fun, and exciting and is a great game if your child likes personal care games that involve taking care of animals.
  • SpongeBob SquarePants: Plankton’s Robotic Revenge – If you are looking for an Xbox One game for girls, you will not go wrong with this offering. This adventure-type and the role-playing game lets the players choose what character to use from the squad of SpongeBob, Squidward, Patrick, Sandy, and Mr. Krabs. This game is a challenging course that requires the players to solve mysteries to be able to defeat the new legion of evil robots of Plankton. This is a great game for a lot of girls who like SpongeBob, and with the re-release of Battle for Bikini Bottom, this is a great game to get girls into playing more SpongeBob games and enjoying the antics of SpongeBob SquarePants.
  • Rush: A Disney Pixar Adventure – Nothing can beat a Disney game offers. Rush is a compilation of Disney games—from time-based activities to challenging story-based activities. What’s noteworthy about this game is that it has excellent graphics, which makes it more enticing to play. Disney has always been a favorite among girls, so this is easily one of the top  Xbox One games for them.
  • Stardew Valley – Stardew Valley is an appealing game based on the old series of Harvest Moon. It is one of the ideal Xbox One games since it is a relaxing game where players can run a farm, tend animals, plant crops, interact with friendly townsfolk, arrange kitchen, and more. This is a great game for those who like personal care games, and with the personal care you give the village, they’ll of course survive for a lot longer.
  • Life Is Strange – This game is a story-centric game fit for high schoolers. It is centered on a character called Max. This character got involved in high school drama and some bits of a paranormal thriller. Life is strange does come with some characters that are interesting, and innovative.  Its first chapter is free and Life is Strange also comes with a prequel story too involving one of the characters mentioned.. It’s a great story-driven game with interesting and poignant characters that offers a lot to think about. Girls like Life is Strange because Max is a relatable character, and her relationship with Chloe is interesting and dramatic.  Life is Strange does deal with some adult themes however, which might not be good for some children.
  • Rayman Legends – Rayman Legends is a great game from Ubisoft and offers the traditional platforming Rayman adventure that many love.  It’s a bit easier than some of the other Rayman games that are out there but does offer some fun musical stages, and a great side scrolling adventure for young girls.
  • Lego Worlds – This is a great game for Lego enthusiasts, and it lets you build your favorite places out of Legos.  The best way to describe Lego Worlds is that it’s like Minecraft, but for those who love Legos. This is available at BestBuy.
  • Kingdom Hearts – This is a great video game for a lot of girls who like Disney, and interesting characters and based on many of the memorable Disney stories that are out there, while also expanding to a much larger horizon.  .  You can get the Kingdom Hearts collection, which includes 1 and 2, but also you can get the third game, which concludes the final gears of the Xehanort Saga.  It is a role-playing game, but also an action-adventure that involves skill, and is quite fun.
  • Halo 5 Guardians –  This is a first person shooter that was developed by Bungie and is a great game for children who like a multiplayer experience.  Halo 5 Guardians comes with a whole new campaign, and it’s a great one to consider if your child likes video games that involve shooting, and a first person shooter that is a challenge, but is fun. The dangerous spacetime ties into the halo story since it involves Master Chief going missing, and if you’re familiar with this, it can be quite fun.
  • Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime – If you like playing video games with your daughter, this might be great for them.  Lovers in a dangerous spacetime is a multiplayer co-op shooter involving many different colors, and an interesting and innovative plot about a dangerous spacetime, and triumphing over anti-love factions.  It is a fun video game for girls who like something that’s a bit different, and something that they’ll enjoy.
  • Minecraft Standard Edition – Minecraft is great for many who like to build things.  It is great for learning to craft and build items, and the standard edition does come with a lot of great features. While you can get expansion packs, the standard edition of Minecraft does come with a lot of great building materials, an interactive map, and a whole lot of fun. The standard edition is also the cheapest, and with the standard edition you don’t need to buy any extra expansion packs.
  • Child of Light – This is offered on the Nintendo switch, but Child of Light is an RPG from Ubisoft that involves a female having a mysterious and new power, and from there, she must fight the minions who try to take it away. It is a great game for young girls who like these kinds of games, and if they like playing game versions with a lot of fun and interesting aspects to it.
  • Ori and the Blind forest – Ori and the Blind Forest is an adventure game that is quite beautiful. It follows a hero who starts to go through a blind forest, and within this blind forest, he will get new and amazing powers. It is a great game with some beautiful and wonderful graphics, and you’ll be amazed at how intuitive this is.
  • Star Wars – The Xbox One does have a lot of Star Wars games. First you have Lego Star Wars, which is a fun Lego game that has star wars aspects to it. There is also Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic 2 which is the Star Wars Sequel to the popular 360 game. There is also Star Wars Knights of the Fallen Order, which is a new Star Wars game that takes place after Episode 3.  While not every female is into star wars, if they like a game based off the popular serious, this might be a good one for them and their friends to enjoy.

Xbox gaming console in color black with Xbox games on top.

You can get a lot of these video games off the Xbox One digital, which is a video game option that lets people have digital versions of many of their favorite video games. A lot prefer to have games like this, and if you have Xbox One Digital, it’s all there.

You can also get a lot of video games listed here on the Nintendo Switch, so if your daughter prefers the Nintendo switch for their video games, it might be better for them.

There are many games Xbox has, including Call of Duty, which may not be a great game for girls. Call of Duty is a First-person shooter, and many people enjoy Call of Duty because it is a fun and really innovative game.  Call of Duty isn’t that fun for many girls though, unless they’re into shooters, and Call of Duty might not be good for them. But if a girl does like Call of Duty, it might be fun for them to enjoy.

Switch Or Xbox?

A big question parents might have is whether they should get a Nintendo Switch for their kids, or an Xbox.  There are many games Xbox has that are on the Nintendo Switch as well, and if your child is more of a Mario and Zelda fan, then a Nintendo Switch is a good option.

The Nintendo Switch is portable too, and the Nintendo Switch offers a lot of great games that kids can enjoy, both older and younger children. The one downside to the Nintendo Switch is joycon issues, since they tend to drift. But, if your child likes to take their video game experience on the go, then consider a Nintendo switch for them to use, since there are plenty of video game options for them to enjoy.

controller in pink and blue used for Xbox

If you are a girl looking for games that can match others’ enthusiasm, you can never go wrong with the six Xbox One games made for girls mentioned above. Playing these games will definitely be a challenging and fun ride. Just make sure to keep your console in one piece while playing the Xbox One games for girls!

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the girl games?

Some of the most popular girl games include Sweet Baby Girl Cleanup 5 – Messy House Makeover, MovieStarPlanet, Nail Salon Manicure Girl Game, Gems of the Aztecs, and Star Girl – Fashion Makeup & Dress Up. Meanwhile, Android games include Angry Birds, Candy Crush Soda Saga, and Pet Rescue Saga. Aside from these, you can still find more Xbox One games for girls. Call of Duty is not a girl game, but some girls do like it.

Gems of the Aztecs, a game that can be played on Xbox.

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What is the Xbox game for a 10-year-old?

Some of the Xbox One games for girls and boys are Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing – Xbox 360, LEGO Star Wars: The Force Awakens – Xbox 360 Standard Edition, and Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed – Xbox 360. Other lists also include Cuphead, Tacoma, and Stardew Valley. Call of Duty is fun, especially if they like to play shooting games, just be mindful of foul language you might hear.

What Xbox games are good for 5-year-olds?

The games for five-year-olds are Fruit Ninja Kinect 2 and Peggle 2. More of the recommended games that are appropriate for kids are Minecraft, Kingdom Hearts 3, and Riverbond.

Is Minecraft OK for a 6-year-old?

Yes, as it is child-friendly. Minecraft is popular, and one of the Xbox One games for boys and girls, because there are not a lot of rules in the game, so it released them to work with their creativity. There is very minimal violence in the game as well, which makes it child-friendly (More on Ranker Page)

Minecraft 360 edition, which is also available on the XBox.

Is Fortnite OK for kids?

No, it has a rating allowing kids that are 13 and above. This rating resulted from the amount of violence present in the game. Call of Duty is not an open world game for kids, but some children may enjoy Call of Duty as a shooting game.

Which game console is for a 5-year-old?

Some of the consoles for kids are Nintendo Switch and Switch Lite. Additionally, suggested consoles for kids include VTech InnoTV, Nintendo 2DS, just dance, and Leapfrog LeapTV. Some parents might want to consider smart home systems for gaming.  Alexa is a smart home device that does have some good video games to start with, and on a smart home device, you can simply ask for Alexa to bring up the system on the TV, and with the smart home setup, it will start.

Gaming systems are changing, and with the advent of smart home appliances and devices, the smart home incorporating video games and other technology has never been possible. For a lot of girls, they may not realize the span of smart home technology and expansions, and even at 5 years old they may not realize smart home devices and their popularity, but with more and more gaming systems using it, smart home options are possible.

As parents, learning about video games and smart home devices keeps you in the know of the times, and while it may seem complex, it is quite fun to learn about, and who knows, it might get you interested in playing with your child as well.

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