The Best Xbox One Games For Girls

Xbox One is still a hit nowadays. There are various Xbox One games which catch everyone’s attention, and more and more contender games are arriving continuously to ride the gaming hype. For guys, it is easier to pick what game suits them. However, it takes a while to decide what the best Xbox one games for girls are.


Kinds Of XBox One Games Girls Look For

In a study by Quantric Foundry, the company asked its respondents to list down nine types of games they play the most. Here are the top five categories:

  1. Family/Farm Sim – Girls find it fun to simulate situational realities such as taking care of a family or a farm. For them, it enhances their creative thinking.
  2. Casual Puzzle – Casual puzzles include games that involve critical thinking. Some examples of these are Tetris and Candy Crush.
  3. Interactive Drama – Girls love placing themselves in stories which require participation in how the game will go about.
  4. City Building – City building games are geared towards improving the creative and strategic thinking of women. These also get their attention since girls are more inclined toward games which require them to be the head of a city.
  5. Strategic Games – These strategic games include activities that are time-based. Some examples of these are spa games and food games.

Best Xbox One Games For Girls

As seen on the results above, most girls won’t be interested in games which require killing zombies or holding weapons. With that in mind, here’s a list of some of the best Xbox One games for girls which will surely keep them occupied.

  1. Rock Band – The combination of music and rhythm may be the best offer to girls. This Rock Band offering will definitely bring their competitive nature. Add to this the addictive performance experience in playing different kinds of instruments such as the guitar and drums. This game will surely be a treat to her.
  2. Zoo TycoonZoo Tycoon is one of the most famous games for girls. It involves a Zoo Tycoon series which aims to build an ultimate zoo while requiring to accomplish different challenges throughout the storyline. This game is a perfect combination of challenging, fun, and exciting.
  3. Spongebob SquarePants: Plankton’s Robotic Revenge – If you are looking for the best Xbox One games for girls, you will not go wrong with this offering. This adventure-type and role-playing game lets the players choose what character to use from the squad of Spongebob, Squidward, Patrick, Sandy, and Mr. Krabs. This game is a challenging course which requires the players to solve mysteries to be able to defeat the new legion of evil robots of Plankton.
  4. Rush: A Disney Pixar Adventure – Nothing can beat a Disney game offering. Rush is a compilation of Disney games—from time-based activities to challenging story-based activities. What’s noteworthy about this game is that it has excellent graphics which makes it more enticing to play.
  5. Stardew Valley – Stardew Valley is an appealing game based on the old series of Harvest Moon. It is a relaxing game where players can run a farm, tend animals, plant crops, interact with friendly townsfolk, and more.
  6. Life Is Strange – This game is a story-centric game best fit for high schoolers. It is centered on a character called Max. This character got involved in high school drama and some bits of a paranormal thriller. Its first chapter is free. However, the next four episodes should be bought to be able to continue with the story.

If you are a girl looking for games which can match others’ enthusiasm, you can never go wrong with the six best Xbox One games for girls mentioned above. Playing these games will definitely be a fun and challenging ride. Just make sure to keep your console in one piece while playing the best Xbox One games for girls!

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  • i am surprised to know 3 of these games because i live in Syria and we play different games like Tarneeb or trex best card games ever but cool games these you mentioned

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