Gifts For 13 Year Old Girl That They Will Love

Thirteen is an odd age to shop for, especially for a girl. At 13, your daughter is going through plenty of physical and mental changes. What they like or dislike may change. They are starting to worry about their appearance a bit more. They may be thinking about the future. At 13, your daughter is officially a teenager but is still quite young. It’s still a few years until they can get the independence that older teens have. So what is a parent to do? No daughter is the same, so what they like can vary. However, we hope that this article gives you a few ideas.



Perhaps one of the best gifts to give your 13-year-old is a laptop, a tablet, a phone, a desktop computer, or another piece of technology that is personal to them. If they haven’t done so already, 13 is a good age for them to do so.

They are at the age where they are starting to get a little more independent. If they’ve been using a family computer, give them their own computer. This is not only good for schoolwork, but a personal computer can help your daughter express themselves and discover more interests. This is one of the best Christmas gifts for 13 yr old girl.

Now then, this isn’t to say you shouldn’t let her do whatever she wants on it. Obviously, you want to make sure she isn’t talking to someone suspicious online or going to a site she shouldn’t be going to. However, this is within reason. Your daughter should have a reasonable expectation of privacy.

With a phone, they can also be more independent while you can make sure they’re doing okay. A phone is great for her to start talking to other people and to make plans.

Also, think about a camera for your girl as well. Now then, most phones and tablets have cameras in them. However, if your daughter is interested in photography more so than most girls, you may want to give her a DSLR camera. This camera is meant for the pros. While phone cameras are catching up to DSLRs, a DSLR can still do a lot more when it comes to getting that perfect shot, and we recommend getting your daughter a starter camera that she will love.

Technology is great as a birthday or a Christmas gift, and your daughter will love it.



At 13, your daughter has her own interests and hobbies. In fact, you may not realize everything she is interested in. You may buy something that she was once interested in, but no longer so. Teen girls go through lots of phases, after all.

That’s why it may be ideal to give your daughter money and let her decide what she wants. Besides cash, you can give her a gift card to help her shop at her favorite store or help her buy online. For example, an Amazon gift card to help her shop for something without the hassle of asking for your card.

For some, money may seem like a cop-out when it comes to a gift, but for a teen girl going through phases, it may be one of the best gifts you can get her. If you are having a really hard time thinking of Christmas gifts for 13 yr old girl, this will surely be the best choice.


At 13, your daughter may start worrying about her appearance more. She may have a few boys or girls she’s trying to win over, and she wants to look her best. Plus, she may want to start working on her own makeup just for her. After all, she’s experimenting with how she looks and you should allow her within reason. You can take her shopping at the makeup store and give her plenty of starter kits and other tools she may need to start doing her own makeup. Who knows? She may take it up as a hobby and you can have a young makeup artist who is destined to win.

Examples of makeup and similar products include:

Eye shadow.



Hair straightener or other styling sets that can allow her to do her own hair.

Nail polish.

Skincare products, seeing as how she may have or may get acne.


Art Supplies

If your daughter has shown interest in the arts, why not give her some art supplies? The teen years are a time of expression, and art is a great way for her to express herself. Some teenagers may express themselves through drawing, so give her some paints or other art tools. Other teenage girls may use digital art. If they have a computer or other device, you may consider a good program to express themselves with, such as Photoshop. That would go great with her camera, too.



Also, think about entertainment. Does your daughter like to read? Give her some good YA novels that she will love. Does she like to play video games? Give her a game to play. At that age, she may be able to handle games, books, and movies with more mature themes. Try it out and see what she likes.

Gifts For The Future

You may want to think about gifts that would be great for a teen girl’s future. At 13, she is still a few years away from learning how to drive, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t let her practice. You should give her a book on how to drive and let her study for it so she can be well prepared for when she takes the test to get her permit. You should think about what college or job she wants to get into and give her some gifts around that. You may think she has quite a few years until adulthood, but time flies. For most parents, it feels like just a few years ago, your daughter was a baby.



Teenhood is a time where gift-giving is hard, yet it can be an exciting time, as your daughter’s future is soon. Consider the above when selecting a gift. Choosing Christmas gifts for 13 yr old girl may be one of the hardest things to do.

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