The Best Toys, Games, And Gifts For Your Eleven-Year-Old Girl

Another year into the preteens or tweens (some people have said)!  She’s getting older and more independent.  These are the golden years of her life before becoming independent as a teenager and less reliant on adults.  Her likes, as well as dislikes, are even more distinct than in the years before.  That said, sometimes it can be difficult to buy a present at this age. Worry no more, as we give you age-appropriate gift ideas and the top options you can buy now!

An eleven-year-old girl wearing a red shirt smiles while looking right straight in the camera.

Here are a few ideas to help you choose the right ones.

Tablet Or I-Pad

Some kids at this age already have a phone, but it is best to start them off with a tablet or iPad.  This helps them get used to smartphone-like technology without the heavier responsibility of an expensive phone.  A tablet or iPad also provides access to homework assignments that may be online.  With an 11-year-old girl soon entering middle school, homework may become regular.  If you are not the parent, make sure to ask for approval first. You may never know, the parents may have already bought her one.

Two kids sit together in the room while playing with their iPad.


Trampolines are great for 11-year-old girls.  They are growing constantly and need an outlet to expend their energy.  Plus, it is a great way to have slumber parties on a nice Spring or Fall nightAn eleven-year-old lady can invite her friends over, and they can all play and sleep on the trampoline.

String Lights

A great, simple gift for 11-year-old girls is string lights.  She can hang it up in her room to give it a personalized look.  There are many types of string lights.  You can get shower curtain style, regular string lights, ones that change colors, string lights shaped like stars or hearts, or bulbs.  She can hang it up in a way where she can hang photos from it and instantly make this a room decor. Some string lights use a USB cable for charging and the remote control is easy to use.

Wall Collage Arts And Crafts Kit

Girls aged eleven will surely have fun if they can use their imagination and personalize their rooms. Some wall collage arts and crafts kits come with foam squares, stickers, quotes, cutouts, and many more pieces that will inspire your eleven-year-old girl to customize her walls according to her taste. She can design her wall. If she loves rose gold, blue, green, or whatever color, she may also create a color theme on her wall.

Polaroid Camera

Girls are really into capturing the moment so an instant camera is a great way to give her just that.  Even if she already has the technology to take pictures, a Polaroid camera offers an instant print of a picture so eleven-year-old girls can hang up those silly and cute pictures on their walls, lockers, and other places.  Plus, it’s nice for the younger generation to taste old fashion items! One cool camera to consider is the Fujifilm Instax Mini 9. Besides being available in several colors, one great feature is the small mirror that makes your eleven-year-old girl’s selfies much easier.

A pink polaroid camera placed on the table.

Bluetooth Speaker Lamp

Young 11-year-old girls love music.  Some love playing music when they go to bed.  A Bluetooth Speaker Lamp provides a way to play music and light when they are winding down to sleep.  Most lamps have different color settings that your 11-year-old can choose from.  Some even have timers to turn off after a specific time.  A lamp with this perk is best so that when she falls asleep, the music doesn’t play throughout the night. You can look for reviews and prices here:

Charm Bracelet Kit

This is the best gift for friends. Girls love to produce or create personalized and unique jewelry. A charm bracelet kit is perfect because it allows your 11-year-old girl to do just that. This is even better when friends can make them together. It provides quality time with friends; girls can even make another bracelet for someone they cherish.

Charm Bracelet Kit can be one of the ideal gifts that can be given to a girl aged eleven.

Neon Effect Message Frame That Lights Up

This is a new product that has just been showing up.  You can write a neon message on what looks like a class picture frame.  It lights up the message.  The message or drawings on the glass can be changed whenever she wants.  It is a cool gift that can be customized however she wants it.  It is also one of the best gifts for 11-year-old girls to show off.

Coloring Books And Colored Pencils

Not only is this a great gift for girls, but it is also a great way to relieve stress. You can get a coloring book personalized to her likes. If she likes butterflies, there are many coloring books with different variations. If she likes Marvel heroes, there are coloring books for that. Coloring books have become even more popular today than ever before. Let your budding artist develop their imagination!

Materials that can be used for kid's arts and crafts

Money And Gift Cards

If you’re strapped for time and don’t know what to get an 11-year-old girl, money or gift cards are always a good go-to gift. Get a gift card to her favorite store to get what she wants. If you don’t know her favorite store, give her some cash. Maybe she wants to spend it on something specific, or maybe she wants to save up.

Complete Cookbook

If you have young chefs in the family, a cookbook is one gift that will inspire their talent. Whether your child wants to make simple muffins, cool snacks, or easy breakfast, delicious and age-appropriate ideas from the cookbook will guide and motivate her in her cooking journey.

DIY Journaling Set

Though many kids are fond of toys and playing games, some 11-year-old girls are fond of writing their thoughts and ideas. Motivate your little freelance writer by gifting her with a DIY Journaling set. Some sets come with stickers, bookmarks, or glittery frames. She can decorate and personalize her journal as she wants it.

Strategic Card Game

If you are looking for a fun and interesting gift for your daughter, the TeeTurtle Unstable Unicorns Card Game is a cool one to consider. This is a strategic card game that will encourage the improvement of their critical thinking. Since the game’s theme is the unicorn, your 11-year-old girl will definitely like this.

Echo Dot

Amaze your daughter with the best-sounding Echo Dot. If your child is fond of listening to music or audiobooks, she will appreciate the sound quality of this technology. Its multiple features, like the ability to check the weather and set alarms, will definitely make your kid smile.

An Outing

If your 11-year-old has everything and you want to make her special day one to remember, go out and have fun on her special day. You can do many things with her and her friends so that she remembers what a blast it was. You can take her to the movies, the skating rink, or maybe an event in town that interests her. Surprise her. Show her you know what she likes by giving her a day out to splurge a little with friends!



If you get your 11-year-old a phone, it may be best to get a used or older model. Phones are expensive, and having one is a big responsibility. Some newer phones can break easily or must be replaced if certain parts break (like the iPhone XR, which breaks the glass on the back, and you must replace the whole thing). Androids and iPhones have screen time controls to limit any applications on your child’s phone.


Things To Remember When Looking

When selecting gifts for an 11-year-old girl, it’s essential to consider her individual preferences. While some might be big fans of charm bracelets, others might have a wish list full of science kits. Peer pressure shouldn’t dictate your choice; focus on what she truly enjoys. Whether it’s a must-have water bottle or accessories in different colors, tailor your gift to suit the main character of your friend. Researching her interests ensures a great choice that she won’t forget.

Good luck with your search for the top gifts for an 11-year-old girl!

Frequently Asked Questions

What Do Kids Aged Eleven Like?

For birthday gifts for the 11-year-old girl, consider options that cater to her interests and growing independence. Charm bracelet kits and similar crafts are fun, as this age group is often into creative activities. However, it’s essential to recognize that each tween girl is unique; some may prefer sports or other activities. Ensuring the gift aligns with her personality will make the birthday party all more memorable and all the rage.

Should A Girl Aged Eleven Have A Phone?

For your tween daughter’s birthday present, consider something like a Nintendo Switch, which is popular among her peer group. You can also look into accessories like a belt bag or lip gloss, which are sold separately. Spending time together and playing games with her can be a wonderful gift for this special girl. If you decide on a device, make sure to set it up with step-by-step instructions and consider adding LED lights for extra flair. Always prioritize her safety online and be cautious of the applications she uses.

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