All About Gas Powered Go-Karts

Riding go-karts can be a fun activity for the entire family or a competitive event. Go-karts are now found in many amusement parks because they can be enjoyed by the whole family. There are also specific locations to race higher-powered go-karts. These places usually have age minimums and required waivers to be signed. So as you can see, there is a type of go-kart event and activity for everyone. No matter your skill level. 


To give you a better understanding of go-karts, this article can be used as an educational tool about all the things you need to know about gas-powered go-karts, with additional information included about electric go-karts, kids go-karts, and off-road go-karts.  

Gas-Powered Go-Karts

When go-karts were first invented, they were gas-powered. This was the only option when first manufactured. Gas-powered go-karts are still widely found and can be used for racing or leisure. Children who may be interested in a future in racing, they will start off with gas-powered go-karts. There are even racing competitions around the world where gas-powered go-karts are used. 

Gas-powered go-karts are the better option to start out on because they are relatively inexpensive to rent or buy. But it is helpful to keep in mind that the maintenance can be where the costs add up because there are a lot of moving parts in a go-kart that need to be maintained. The maintenance required will also depend on what size of go-kart you have as they come in multiple different sizes. The sizes depend on what you plan on using your gas-powered go-kart for.


In order to keep your go-kart running, the go-kart gas that is required can be found at any gas station. Go-kart gas is the same fuel that your would put into your car. You can always keep go-kart gas on hand by having a portable tank filled and stored in your garage or shed. This way you can continue to have fun with your go-kart without having to go all the way to the gas station to get go-kart gas when it runs low. 

Electric Go-Karts

In addition to gas-powered go-karts, there are electric go-karts. Electric go-karts are relatively new on the market in comparison to the gas-powered go-karts. An electric go-kart is a lot better for the environment because it lets out zero-emission. Emission released by gas-powered go-karts, cars, and trucks can be harmful to us causing respiratory issues, heart problems, reproductive issues, and even early death.

An electric go-kart is also faster than a gas-powered go-kart. This is beneficial to the racers out there. This way they are able to achieve more speed that hopefully leads to more wins. Even though a faster electric go-kart may appeal to a racer, if you use your go-kart for leisure, then a kart that is gas-powered is the way to go.  

One last thing to know about the electric go-kart is that they have a built-in safety feature that allows the kart to be programmed based on the driver’s skill level. When the electric go-kart is programmed at a specific level, the driver will not be able to reach speeds that are higher than what has been set. Indoor go-kart racing facilities that use electric go-karts use this to ensure that drivers can get used to the go-kart before increasing the speed ability. 


Go-Karts For Kids

There are many different types of kids go-karts. There are kids go-karts that require pedaling, kids go-karts that are electric, and kids go-karts that are gas-powered. In order to determine which kids go-kart you want to purchase for your child, you have to decide the type of kids go-kart you think is best. For example, if your child is two or younger, then a pedal go-kart is the best choice. If your child is about to enter the teenage years, then a gas-powered go-kart is suitable for them. Or if they are somewhere between 8 and 12 then they can use an electric go-kart.

All kids go-karts are built for safety so many will feature tubular steel-frames that help to prevent rollovers. You should also look for a kids go-kart that has a seatbelt for an added safety measure. In addition to purchasing a safe kids go-kart, make sure that you also get them the proper gear. This means a helmet and a protective jacket for your child to wear while driving their kids go-kart. 


Go-Karts for Off-Road

One last type of go-kart that is available on the market is an off-road go-kart. Off-road go-karts can be used for racing, riding over dunes, or dirt paths. Off-road go-karts allow you to venture off the pavement and explore different terrains. Depending on where you are driving your go-kart, you will get wet, dirty, sandy, or muddy. These types of go-karts are mostly gas-powered. 

How Much Is A Gas-powered Go-kart?

The price of a gas-powered go-kart is going to depend on the brand, the intended use, and the size. In general, a gas-powered go-kart can be as inexpensive as $500 and they can reach prices that are well over $1000. The electric go-karts are going to be less expensive because they are generally only made in children’s sizes. 


How Fast Is A 196cc Go-kart?

A gas-powered 196cc go-kart is going to reach a top speed of 31mph.

How Fast Is 200cc Go-kart?

A gas-powered go-kart that has a 4-stroke engine can reach a top speed of 75mph.

How Fast Is 80cc Go-kart?

An 80cc go-kart can go as fast as 15mph. An 80cc go-kart is one of the best speed options for children who are just starting out with their first go-kart. This is a safe speed for them to practice on and learn how to properly drive a go-kart.

How Much As Go-karts Worth?

Go-karts are similar to cars in the fact that once purchased, their value depreciates as time passes. So if you purchase a go-cart that is $1,500 then in five years it could be only worth $800. So calculating the worth of your go-kart depends on when you bought it, how much you paid for it, and how much use it has gotten while you owned it. This is the same for gas-powered and electric go-karts. 

How Fast Do Go-karts Go?

The fastest a go-kart can be made to go is 160mph. These go-karts are mainly used for racing, not leisure activities. 


Is It Illegal To Drive A Go-kart In A Neighborhood?

In order to drive your go-kart in a neighborhood, it has to meet certain requirements set forth by the state that you are living in. Usually, go-karts, as is, cannot be driven in a neighborhood. To do so, you have to add safety features onto your go-kart and have it tested and inspected by the DMV. 

How Fast Can A 270cc Go Kart Go?

The top speed that a 270cc go-kart can go is 80mph.

How Fast Is A 20hp Go-kart?

An adult electric go-kart that has 20hp can go up to 50mph. If the electric go-kart is the junior model with 20hp, then the fastest it can go is 25mph.


How Fast Is A 10hp Go-kart?

The fastest that an electric go-kart with 10hp can go is 40mph.

How Fast Will A 420cc Go Kart Go?

A 420cc go kart can reach top speeds of 100mph.

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