The Best Toys And Presents For Your 11-Year-Old Boys

There are a lot of different toys to watch out for, it seems like they’re part of a never-ending whirlwind of fads. The variety of options out there, plus the added difficulty of a child moving from the stage of little kid to pre-teen, can make picking out practical gifts for 11 year old boys feel nearly impossible.

An 11-year-old boy wearing a black shirt smiles while playing outdoors on a bright day.

But, going back to the basics and thinking of toys that get a boy’s mind developed and his body moving is a great way to decide on gifts for boys this age. There are a few basic categories of gifts to guide you that will never fail if you manage to tie in a few of their interests. Let us know the latest trends in toys and gifts that will definitely make your son happy.

Outdoor Toys

Thinking outside the house is the ideal place to start when thinking of appropriate gift ideas. Many kids at this age have started to be interested in video games and mobile device applications with long screen time, which can keep them inactive. A gift that encourages running around with a friend and spending some energy with other players under the sun is a great idea. An activity that will let him have a mess and have fun in an outdoor space with fresh air is worth trying. It will make for a prized gift for 11-year-old boys and their parents, too. This is also true if we are talking about the top gifts for boys age 13.

A boy wears a yellow helmet while paying scooter outdoors on a bright day.

Eleven-year-old young lads usually enjoy winning sports, Most are commonly familiar with soccer, basketball, football, and baseball, though they may not have as much experience with racket sports. Kids this age tend to love the classic ping pong when they’re introduced to it. Motivating your kids to new sports, like pickleball kit or tennis, is also an idea worth considering.

Board Games

If you are shopping for a toy, board games also make the perfect gifts that can be given to your eleven-year-olds. Oftentimes, they are into a certain video game or type of cool character, like pirates or zombies. Try to pick out a fun board game that incorporates those interests so you can get him hooked on the game.

Different kids' board games pile together on the table in a brightly lit room.


If you’re not sure that the young lad you’re buying a present for will love the collaborative nature of board games, then a paper back book is another good option. Like with board games, you can choose a book that aligns with his other interests, like perhaps a certain open-world video game series or a kind of character.

Kids that might have an interest in history could also benefit from this kind of perfect gift. Don’t forget that some people love non-fiction as much as they love fiction.

Books like the Percy Jackson series and the Ranger’s Apprentice series are very popular among this age group.

Robots, Coding, And Science Kits

Not everyone likes to read, and that’s OK, too. If that’s the case for the eleven-year-old kid you’re trying to buy a gift for, but you’d still like to gift him something educational. At this age, they are often starting to become interested in robots with batteries, coding, and science. Besides being a great tool to let your kids be tempted away from screen time, robots and other STEM toys encourage the development of a child’s problem-solving skills, creativity, motor skills, and many more. Plus, some robot toys are environmentally friendly too since they have a standby mode that can extend their battery life.

Science kits are filled with activities that will sharpen the minds of your kiddos. There are many kits out there made for this age group and they can make great gifts that will surely make the kids this age excited. From shop monthly subscription kits like Kiwi Co to one-time kits, like this Smithsonian Mega Science Lab Kit, there are lots of options out there. You can never go wrong with these STEM toys and science kits.

Kids Project Kit

Musical Instruments Or Art Supplies

Kids this age are still in the stage of the fidget craze. Keeping their hands busy with the classic Rubik’s cube can sometimes be boring. Another option to consider is musical instruments or creative art supplies to give their hands something to do. Plus, it opens their creative side too.  Small, relatively easy-to-learn instruments like a recorder or even a ukulele can be an exciting present, while kids that already enjoy art will always appreciate new fill paints or pencils to create their artwork. Improving your kid’s talent in music and arts is one way to improve his self-esteem besides joining extra-curricular activities.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Where Can I Take My Kid Aged Eleven During His Birthday?

Eleven-year-olds will love any activities they can do with their new friends. From arcades to laser tag to go-karting, group activities that involve running around and playing are excellent choices to make their celebration fun. It’s a good idea to take your 11-year-old somewhere with a specific activity involved, though, and not just a playground or restaurant, because their energy levels are probably high with their school friends around. So it’s perfect to have an outlet for it.

A kid go-karting

Do Boys Aged Eleven Play With Toys?

Though boys this age will be starting middle school, many of them still play with toys, from action figures to legos. But it is possible that they are starting to grow out of that stage. These kinds of toys can still make the top gifts. But aiming for something with a little more longevity is a good idea since kids this age really is on the cusp of becoming big kids and eventually young adults.

What Does A Boy Aged Eleven Like To Do?

Many 11-year-old kids are just starting to be interested in tech/electronics that they use independently like cell phones with a waterproof case and Nintendo Switch Lite, but they also still likely enjoy toys like an action figure and Legos. In general,  you don’t need to worry, they still are gaining independence. So they usually enjoy both kinds of activities as long as they have some control and choice over what they’re doing.

top kids gift

What Age Range Is Considered A Tween?

Yes! Boys, and girls alike are tweens at age 11. A tween typically refers to a kid who is between the ages of 10 and 13 – not anymore a little kid, but also not quite a teenager yet.

Is Your Eleven-Year-Old Child A Little Kid?

An independent eleven-year-old is no longer one of those baby boys that you might remember. Now he’s growing up and entering the preteen years, where most kids start to make the transition from little kid to big kid and eventually a young adult.

During this time period, their interests and attitudes change a lot. They can change quickly, leaving their loved ones a little bit surprised from seeing them grow up so fast.

What Are Good Birthday Gifts That Can Be Given To Young Lads Aged Eleven?

The perfect birthday gifts for eleven-year-old boys will usually depend on their interests and hobbies. If you make a little research about the likes and dislikes of the little lad, then you are one up in determining the ideal birthday gift for him. However, the following can be good gift ideas that will surely thrill them too:

  • Nintendo Switch Lite
  • Night Mission Goggles
  • Smart Ball
  • LED Light Up Gloves
  • Shahibo Shape Shifting Box
  • Magic Kit with illusion and card tricks
  • A camera
  • A good pair of headphones

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