The Best Skateboard For Kids That Teaches Them Coordination

Skateboards are fun, and getting your kid the right one to teach them coordination is a must. If you’ve been looking for the right skateboard for your child, you’re in luck. Here, we’ll dive into the best skateboards for kids that will teach them coordination, and that will adequately fit their bodies.


Rimable Complete 2

This is a good one for children to learn how to skateboard. It’s got a textured deck that provides traction, along with thick wheels that allow for a ride that’s smooth and quiet. If a child wants to use this for a long time, this is definitely a great option, and it is a penny board, so it also can perform tricks. It’s also incredibly durable and extremely lightweight, making it the perfect skateboard for those that want to ride for a long time. It is a little smaller than average, so that is one of the downsides to it. So if your child prefers a bigger skateboard, then you may want to consider another option.


High Bounce Complete 22

This is one that’s known for the amount of bounce that it has, and it comes with Abec 7 bearings, so you can actually get a lot more speed with this one and also learn cool tricks. The wheels are incredibly smooth, providing a ride experience that you may not have experienced up till now. The skateboard also comes in different designs and shades, and it has a kicktail that’s raised, so if you want to steer and do tricks, you’ll want this. It’s more of a trick skateboard than some of these others, and sometimes it can be almost too quick for kids. The wheels can also be a bit crooked and have issues with rolling too, and the wheels tend to snap off I you’re a bit more of an aggressive skateboarder. It’s a good choice among the best skateboard for kids.

Positive By Andy Mac

This is a professional-grade skateboard, so it’s for a more professional type of skateboarder. The outside layer is made of birch wood, and the skateboard is waterproofed, too, with the glue. This is a good one for children who want to start learning how to skateboard and perform tricks. It’s one of the best for children to learn, and it does help to heighten the skill development of a child. This tends to be slightly slower than the other ones and not as smooth, so if they’re trying to go fast, they may not get that with this. However, it does have benefits, especially if you’re trying to learn. There is a little bit of tape near the top of the deck that you will need to remove as well, but that should take all but a few minutes for you to do.

ENKEEO 22-inch Cruiser

This is for those looking for a smooth and comfortable ride and who want to take their skateboard on-the-go. The design of this is only 22 inches, so it’s compact and convenient. It is the right choice for the best skateboard for kids because it’s incredibly durable and robust. It’s also constructed from bendable polypropylene, so it will be pretty flexible, which is both good and bad. It does offer a stable and comfortable ride, so it is suitable for children if they want to use their skateboard for more riding reasons. It’s one of the best ways for children to get some exercise, and children will be able to ride this without the hassle. The board is flexible, and it won’t absorb the bumps well, so if you’re taking this on rougher terrain, this can prove to be a problem and possibly create a rough ride for you. So, remember that when purchasing ENKEEO 22-inch Cruiser.


Minority 32-Inch Deck

This is an all-natural wood deck skateboard, and it’s made from 100% maple, so it is wooden and a little bit lighter. Minority is one of the best companies for skateboards, and it does control fast, but it also handles very well. This is a high-quality skateboard company, and this model has many different options and design choices on hand for you to try out. It does feature a concave top deck, and it does move incredibly well. It’s excelled in maneuverability tests in different settings, and the graphics on this alone are quality enough that they won’t fade.

You may want to check the skateboard wheels on this one from time to time because they do come loose over time, and it may e a bit shorter than you expected, but this is one of the best models out there.  

Skatro Mini Cruiser Skateboard

Finally, we have this one which is easy for carrying, a great size, rides super well, and if your child is a beginner, this is one of the best to learn. It has a design that’s made for learning, so children can get a feel for how they re to move with this, and the small design makes it way easier to move about in. It also has a sturdy frame and a flexible frame. Still, some children may find this almost too resilient, so definitely keep that in mind when you’re choosing the different skateboards. This one does feel good in the hands, though, so it might be the perfect one for you to get a feel for skateboarding, and you can learn basic tricks with this.


Kids skateboards are great for building the ability to move about better and boosting coordination in the body. These skateboards are some of the best on the market. You’ll be able to, with this as well, perform the best tricks in the book, and in turn, get a feel for how to push forward and get a better grip on the skateboard. Then you can learn tricks and master this in any way that’s possible. We’ve listed down the best skateboard for kids for you to choose from.



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