The Best Kids Swimming Pool For Parents On A Budget

When it starts heating up, your kid probably wants a nice pool to swim in. Many parents will turn to their local community pool for that, but it’s such a drive, and it can be a hassle if you don’t want to be there but your kid does. Plus, the costs add up and who knows what the other kids are doing in that pool?

Home pools are the solution to that. While we all can’t install a pool in our home that’s as big as the town pool, there are plenty of inflatable pools that are cheap and have all the fun of the community pool, all at home. Let’s look at a few of them.


INTEX Inflatable Kids Rainbow Ring Water Play Center

This is an inflatable pool that has quite a few activities for your kid, and it’s all for around $50. This pool has ring toss, a water sprayer, a ball toss game, and much more. It’s one of the best pools for your little ones because of all that it can do. You could even turn it into a ball pit when it gets cold outside.

It’s only 15 pounds as well, so it’s quite mobile. The only downside is that it’s only four inches in depth. Older children may not care for it that much. However, if you have a young child who is learning to get their gills, it’s great.


Manley Banzai Kids Splash Lagoon Pool

This is a PVC pool that has a nice little slide and three rings. When you inflate it, there are different chambers to make sure the entire pool doesn’t deflate should your kid poke a hole in it. It’s a pool that is quite durable and has a great aesthetic to it. While some older kids may not care for it, this pool works great for your little ones.

Intex Swim Center Pinwheel Inflatable Wading Pool

This is a colorful pool that has quite a few pinwheel patterns and whatnot on it. It’s quite great looking and has an inflatable pool for maximum comfort. It can fit up to 204 gallons and you can unplug it once it drains.

It’s a bigger pool as well, so older kids, and maybe even you, will love it.

Banzai Baby Sprinkles Splish Splash Water Park Sprinkling Activity Center

As the name implies, this pool is great for toddlers. It has a little slide and different ocean designs. It looks great, but as you may imagine, it’s not great for older kids. It’s quite durable for a rowdy toddler and has many great designs to it as well. It’s one toddler pool you won’t want to get rid of until your kid grows up. It’s easy to carry and set up, too.


Intex Sun Shade Inflatable Pool

This is a nice little pool with a sun canopy and fish decorations. It’s designed for durability too, crafted from ten gauge vinyl that keeps up with even the toughest kids. There is even a sprayer. Just plug in a hose and you can have quite a bit of fun with your child. It even has a patch in case your kid somehow finds a way to break it. It’s a pool for smaller children, but one that they will love.

Swim Ways 60” Spring Pool

This is a pool that has quite a few features. Water blasters, depth, and other bells and whistles occupy this pool. It can fit around five kids, so your kids can have a party with their friends. It’s a pool that does cost less, and can tip over, but if you supervise your kid, you can have quite a bit of fun with it.

Intex Easy Set Pool Set

This pool is quite deep and has some large floats as well. It’s sturdy too and fits up to three people. It has easy setup, including a DVD that explains it all, and accessories that will help you set it up even faster. It’s one pool that you’ll want to try out.


What To Look For In a Pool

When you decide to look for a pool for your kids, here are a few things to consider before you buy one.

Durability Does this pool have a backup plan if your kid pokes a hole in it? Does it have an easy repair? Can it take a beating? A good inflatable pool will have all of that and more. 

Accessories Is it just a pool, or does it have a slide and other games as well? Some kids will like just wading around in a pool, while other children will want something more. Make sure you’re appealing to all your children’s needs when you buy a pool.

Appeal Is it a pool for toddlers, or can everyone have fun in it? Some home pools are built for little kids, and others are deeper and wider for an entire family. Plus, a family-sized pool means you’re less likely to get rid of it because everyone outgrew it.


Size If you have a small yard, you’ll need a pool that won’t take up too much space. Some pools manage to save space while still having all the bells and whistles your kids will love. Others feel too cramped. It will all depend on what your needs are.

Mobility  Some pools are easy to carry around. They may have an easy plug to drain the water, then they will deflate into something anyone can carry. Other pools may be less mobile. Think about this if you’re traveling or moving a lot.

Off-Season Use When it’s no longer pool season, some pools still have an appeal. You can turn pools into ball pits, or put autumn leaves in it. Of course, most kids won’t want anything to do with the pool when it’s freezing, but if it’s warm enough to play outside but not warm enough to go swimming, your pool can plenty of usage.



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