Snuggle Me Vs. Dockatot: What’s The Better Baby Cover?

Baby loungers have been en making the news as of late, and they’re a great little way for your baby to lie down and play. Animals have been using nests for years, and for a good reason. These baby loungers can make your baby feel like they are in a safe place, making them ideal for the first few months of your baby’s life. 

When it comes to baby loungers, two have been making the rounds: the Snuggle Me Organic and the DockATot. Both are critically acclaimed loungers, but if you have to pick one, which one do you choose? Let’s find out. 



Both are quite similar. First, both are designed to help babies who want to sleep, and parents who want to co-sleep with their baby. Both have similarities in that regard, giving the baby a safe, comfy place to sleep.

The DockATot is a bit better for sleeping because of the raised edges and its bigger size, while the SnuggleMe isn’t meant for co-sleeping. However, both are great for sleeping if you don’t need a pillow for co-sleeping.


Both are easy to wash. Just remove the covers, put them in the washer, and there you go. No strings attached. Some similar products make you wash it by hand, which is always a hassle. When you’re on the go, putting your product in a machine is so much nicer.


Both lounges start to become different in this regard. The Snuggle Me is designed to be more huggable, giving your baby the feeling of being cuddled. Meanwhile, the DockATot lacks this ability. If your baby being hugged by the lounge is something you crave, well there you go.


What Are They Made Of?

The Snuggle Me and DockATot are a bit similar in that they come from USA-made fabrics. With the Snuggle Me, you can pick between organic or conventional fabrics, or wool, or various other forms. The DockATot isn’t organic, but it is made from high quality goods. Some parents, however, want organic products, so the Snuggle Me may be the better option in that regard, but there isn’t anything wrong with the DockATot, either.


The Snuggle Me is one size fits all, at least if your baby is up to 8 months. Meanwhile, the DockATot has more variety. It has the 0-8 months that the Snuggle Me has, but also 9-36 months. It’s a great way to transition your kid to sleep in a bed, so try it out. Your older kid should love the DockATot, making it the ideal solution for any baby over 8 months.

What The Snuggle Me Has

Unpadded sling to keep the baby in. 

Sides that are designed to hug your baby and make them sleep on their back to prevent SIDS 

Only for babies who are 0-8 months, preferably 0-6 months. 

It’s very portable, and you can put it anywhere you need to.

The Snuggle Me can be made from organic materials.

27” x 18”

The Snuggle Me can be used for multiple uses, such as co-sleeping, tummy time, and various other things as well. 

A 30 day money back guarantee, giving you peace of mind. If you don’t like it, you can return it for a full refund. Of course, most products you order off Amazon have that.



The DockATot has quite a few uses as well, including:

Materials that are hypoallergenic. While there is no organic option, it’s still very comfortable, keeping your baby warm. Just make sure they are in a cool environment.

Created in Sweden, this is a nice international product. 

Designed for older toddlers as well, this has quite a bit of variety to it. 

It’s 18”x29-34”, depending on the clasps. This is for the Deluxe model. The Grand Model is 24”x39-47”

Both are safe, but with DockATot, it’s not recommended for crib or pack and play use, or belly sleeping. However, it has many different uses, all of which can make the experience much better for your baby.


What Are The Reviews Saying?

When picking a baby product, many parents want to go on Amazon and look at the reviews that are for parents, by parents. With both these products, there are quite a few reviews to comb over. Both have received great reviews, averaging around 4.5 stars respectively. The DockATot is slightly reviewed higher overall, but the Snuggle Me has twice as many reviews, so that may play into a part of that. 

Most of the criticisms the reviewers had about these products include the DockATot not being good for co-sleeping, which the manufacturer does state, and the SnuggleMe not being friendly for hot environments. However, these are in the minority.

Also, one negative reviewer claimed the product came in stained, but it’s unclear if they bought it from an authorized retailer or not.

Which Is Better? 

 We honestly love both, with the SnuggleMe the better choice for young babies because it hugs the baby. Young babies love the security that the Snuggle Me brings, and this is a great option for newborns who feel that. 

Then, there is the DockATot. Honestly, the DockATot is a great product for older babies, giving the baby the ability to transition from a crib to a bed. 

We believe that both products have their pros and cons and that the parent may pick one over the other based on their needs. Try both out and see how they work for you. 



Both products are awesome and are great tools for a growing baby. When your baby doesn’t seem to want to get any rest, these products can help them get the nap they need. Check either out. If there is a store where you can try it, do that. Or see if there’s a way to order one risk-free and try it out. As the old saying goes, you have nothing to lose. 

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