What Do Snuggle Me Organic Reviews Say?

There are many different reviews out there for all kinds of products for your baby, and it is only natural that you’ll want to read them all to make sure you’re getting the very best product out there for your little one.

Unfortunately, new parents or soon-to-be parents often don’t have a lot of time to go through hundreds of reviews to make sure they’re getting the best product. At the same time, relatives of these parents might not be familiar with the products to know what makes for positive and negative experiences with products, so they may have a hard time sorting through reviews.

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In order to help parents and relatives understand the most important reviews about the snuggle me out there, we’ve complied a list of reviews that represent the most common positive, medium and negative comments about the snuggle me as well as some take-aways so you can make sure you’re well-informed before buying.

We looked for reviews where the comment name email and purchase were all confirmed to make sure we were only taking into account real reviews from real parents with real experience with the product.

Positive Reviews

“Since we bought it, when our baby was about 4 weeks old, he’s slept through the night, occasionally waking up once to eat. Now, at two months old, he sleeps anywhere from 8-10 hours a stretch. It’s amazing. I don’t know if this pillow is the reason why – maybe he’s just a good sleeper? – but I wouldn’t put him to bed without it. Totally worth it.”

“I have to say… I was very skeptical about buying this expensive pillow. My now 10 weeks old has not slept outside my arms since he was 2 weeks old. I tried everything- co-sleepers, bassinets, vibrating nappers… nothing worked. I just got the snuggle me- I used it the first night and the baby slept in it like he had been in it his whole life.”

“We have used this when we travel and baby sleeps well because she’s familiar with it.”

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Medium Reviews

“Great for newborns, as it snuggles them with its hammock design. However, baby outgrew it by 3 months. Lifesaver for those first few months though.”

“Let’s first talk about the quality of this product: it’s as described. The one I received met the quality expectation, it was soft (not too soft) and snuggly and frankly I wished I could crawl up on it. [But, the] reality is not all babies love comfy, organic, cozy, expensive pillows. Mine was one of those said babies.”

Negative Reviews

“Did our baby sleep in it? Sure! After we had rocked him for 30 minutes into deep sleep, he could be put into it without waking up. However, we could have achieved this with a lot of other things which are WAY cheaper.”

“My baby hated it and she was always getting very hot in it since it hugs the baby in there. Not good for hot climates.”


Many parents are extremely pleased with material quality of the snuggle me as well as the method that it uses for putting newborn babies into comfortable positions, allowing for parents to get a little reprieve from sleepless babies.

Some parents, on the other hand, recognized that although the product seems well-made and comfortable, it just wasn’t right for their baby. That is one of the primary reasons many parents were not pleased with it, and given the price, this highly turned off some buyers.

For a select few, the material was too warm for their hot climate, and they strongly recommended against using the Snuggle M

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e if a baby would be sleeping somewhere warm.

Lastly, some parents also noted that they wouldn’t use it all the time at home for overnight sleeping, but they felt somewhere in the middle about the product, and felt it was ideal for travelling and naps.


Frequently Asked Questions: 

Is Snuggle Me Organic safe for sleeping?

The FDA warns against parents using this product and similar products for unsupervised sleeping, especially for babies that may be able to roll over, since the loose fabric could block a baby’s airways.

Parents generally agree that for very young babies, they have had positive experiences, but it is a good idea to consult with a medical professional before using a product to see if it is right for your baby and their state of growth.

It also should be noted that the snuggle me is not safe for tummy time because the pillow’s loose fabric could block a baby’s ability to breathe.

Which is better Snuggle Me or DockaTot?

Which is a better fit for your baby depends on their needs. Both products are great for replicating the feeling babies may have had in the womb of close, warm comfort during lounge time, but the snuggle me is better for keeping babies on their backs while DockaTot has more versatile features for playtime and changing.

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Is a Snuggle Me worth it?

Whether or not Snuggle Me Organic is worth it depends a lot on individual preferences and budgets. Part of what brings snuggle me’s price up is their use of organic materials and fair trade materials, as well as that they manufacture their products in the US. Some consumers highly value these aspects of their products, while others might seem that as a way that unnecessarily brings up the price of the product.

How long can a baby use Snuggle Me?

Most babies can use snuggle me for about 4 months, which is typically the time when they start to grow out of it or are able to roll over and product becomes unsafe.

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When to stop using the Snuggle Me?

You should stop using the snuggle me when you child is either too large for the product, or they start to be able to roll over. This can apply to the child either rolling out of the snuggle me or rolling over within the snuggle me, since both situations could pose a danger to your baby.

It is not safe for tummy time because of the loose material on the pillow, which can block an infant’s ability to breathe.

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