Britax Affinity Stroller Reviews: Should You Get This Model? 

(Note: this review is of a stroller that is currently discontinued. We will update should it be back in stock through official sellers)

Strollers. Just like cars, there are many to pick from, and all of them have their own pros and cons. A stroller is something you don’t want to buy after seeing just one; it’s something you want to think about for a bit. Look up some strollers, read the reviews, and decide based on your needs and your budget. This is a stroller that meets quite a few budgets and needs.


Today, we’ll be looking at one brand of stroller, the Britax Affinity. Is it any good? Let’s find out in this in-depth review about this popular stroller from Britax.  

What Is The Britax Affinity? 

This is a stroller that has quite a few features. One of its best features is that you can reverse its seat so that the baby can face you. Many parents like that, as it increases the bond between parent and child. A seat with reversibility and different recline positions is always good to have. It has four positions, including full recline. For parents of sleepy babies, this is awesome. It has a footrest you can adjust as well. 

When you’re a parent, you understand why this is such a good feature. Babies have their own preferred sleeping position, and the Britax Affinity gives you quite a few options. It also has a handlebar that you can adjust. Made of leather, it’s a cool handlebar to have. We have no complaints on this one.

Also, this stroller holds a child up to 55 pounds, giving it a great weight limit. If you have an older child you need to carry around, this stroller is quite convenient to have.

Finally, it has a nice sun canopy to protect your little one. Zipping it up is quite easy, allowing you to adjust with ease on a day when the sun just can’t decide if it wants to be out or not. 


How Does It Control? 

Just like a car, a feature that can make or break a stroller is how easy it is to control. This stroller is made for cities and sidewalks. It’s not built for off-road terrain, but if you’re an urban parent or a sidewalk parent, you’re good thanks to this stroller. 

The stroller controls quite well, and its tires are air-filled. It’s quite easy to fill them up if you need to. However, sometimes the tires can work against you. 


This is another feature that’s important for any stroller owner. If you’re a traveler, you want a stroller that travels with you. This stroller does have a few annoying features in the portability department, such as you having to remove its seat. It is a bit bulky, so be prepared. If you have a compact car or can’t carry heavy loads, this may deter you from purchasing this stroller.


This stroller is very customizable. It has many colors to choose from, and you can choose the color of its base, seat, and various other parts. You can create quite the colorful stroller out of this, making this a great stroller to use. 


Babies and toddlers are messy creatures. The last thing you want is a stroller that is hard to clean. Luckily, this stroller has removable padding you can put in a washing machine, and the footrest is designed to be easy to wipe if you so wish. 

What Are The Reviews Saying? 

When you’re choosing a stroller, you always want to see what parents like you are saying on Amazon. This product has over 90 reviews on Amazon, and around 4 out of 5 stars on average. This indicates that most customers are satisfied with the product, but there are a few complaints. 

Many reviewers love this stroller’s style and enjoy all the features that come with it. Some parents claim that they’ve tried them all, and this is the definitive stroller for them. However, other parents have had issues such as canopy or tire problems. When buying any stroller, there’s always a risk of a defective unit, but this stroller seems to have gotten quite a few complaints and a lack of customer service. 

Also, this stroller has another problem as well…



It’s Discontinued

This stroller has been retired from first-party purchase. You can buy the stroller through third-party websites, usually ranging from $169-$199. Purchase at your own risk, as sometimes, you may end up with a defective stroller and no way to return it. 

Also, because you have to buy from a third-party seller, chances are that you won’t get those features such as custom colors. What they’re selling is what you’re getting, sadly. 

On Britax’s website, there is an option to order replacement parts for this stroller, so, fortunately, if something happens, you can fix it. 

The Good 

  • This stroller is well-constructed. 
  • The seat is adjustable and quite comfortable, with many reclining options available.
  • So many colors that you can customize your stroller with. 
  • It’s easy to control and has a nice handlebar you can use. 
  • This stroller holds babies up to 55 pounds. 

The Bad

  • It’s not very portable for people with compact cars. 
  • Some people have had problems with the wheels and canopy. 
  • In order to change some features, you have to remove the baby, which is a hassle. 
  • It is currently discontinued, so you have to buy from third-party sellers. 

Is It Worth It?

If you can find this stroller from a reliable seller, we say that it’s worth the price. Just remember that you are buying a discontinued stroller, so some perks may not be available. You may want to look for a newer stroller from Britax if you have a problem with this.

However, it’s a good stroller, and some parents may want to hunt for it. While not the best stroller on the market, it does its job. 


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