The Best Newborn Twins Stroller On The Market

Having twins can be an amazing experience. You have two babies, both identical, and who knows where they’re going? With that said, having infant twins can be a hassle as well, with you having to pay double. That is when you need to buy accessories that are meant for two people. 

The twin stroller is one such idea. When you’ve given birth to twins, you need a stroller that can carry both. Let’s find out the best newborn twins stroller, shall we? 


Many brands offer twin strollers, and it can get confusing when choosing which one to buy. To give you an idea, we made a list of the best newborn twins stroller on Amazon with their unique features. You can also continue reading to learn more about the things to look for in a twin stroller and more FAQs.

Joovy Scooter X2 Double Stroller - (See Customer Reviews & Pricing)


  • With the ScooterX2 you won’t have to worry about getting stuck or folding your stroller to pass through. Its narrow design will allow you fit without trouble.
  • It measures 30″ in width and it can accommodate infant twins or toddlers up to 45 pounds each or 90 pounds in total.
  • It is complete with cup holders, large compartment and oversized canopy for sun and rain protection.


Baby Trend Navigator Double Jogger Stroller - (See Customer Reviews & Pricing)


  • The Navigator double jogger stroller is your perfect companion if you like strolling or jogging outdoors.
  • It can accommodate 2 baby trend infant car seats and it has front swivel wheels and pneumatic tires for sweat free strolling.
  • It collapses fast and easy and it has padded seats to keep your little one happy while you stroll.

Baby Trend Sit N Stand Double Stroller - (See Customer Reviews & Pricing)

  • The Sit and Stand stroller is ideal if you have an infant and a toddler since it allows the older one to sit or stand on the rear platform.
  • It includes two full size seats, a bench seat and a standing platform.
  • It has a foot activated rear brake which give you more control when strolling.



  • The DuoGlider can accommodate 2 children up to 40 pounds each. It is a practical option for a growing family.
  • It has safety features that you can customize according to your baby’s needs.
  • It includes rotating canopies and footrests which gives your children a fun-filled ride.

What To Look For In A Twin Stroller 

What you need in a twin stroller is typically the same as a regular stroller. Here are some factors to consider when you want to purchase  twin strollers.

  • Weight and Portability

Being a double stroller, you want one that won’t break your back. You should get yourself a stroller that is lightweight, easy for you to fold and store, yet can keep your babies nice and snug. 

  • Budget 

There are different twin strollers for all sorts of budgets. You may be able to splurge a little bit and get a luxury stroller that allows your twins to roll out in style. Alternatively, you may be looking for a more affordable but still quality stroller. Think about your budget, and see which strollers fit your budget quite well. 

  • Room to Grow 

You want strollers designed for newborns. However, you also want a stroller that allows room for growth. Your newborn twins will soon be toddler twins, so think about that.

  • Easy to Maneuver 

A stroller that is easy to control is a good move, especially if you’re strolling in tight spaces or you’re in an area where you have to make some sharp turns. That all depends on where you live. Some parents may be able to use a stroller that just has a smooth ride in a straight direction.

  • Side By Side? 

Some parents prefer the side by side capabilities, but one of the downsides of a side by side twin strollers are they are much wider.  A side by side twins stroller is the best option if you know both will use them.  However, some side by side twin strollers are a bit on the big side, and may be awkward to move about. 

  • Portability 

You have two babies, which can already be a hassle for your vehicle, so make sure that you have a stroller that is easy to fold and store. Some twin strollers are a little bulkier, while others are more portable. Get yourself a stroller that has a portable lean, unless you have lots of room to store a stroller.

  • Read the Full Review 

A full review of the stroller is good to look at. With a full review, they’ll talk about the pros and cons. Usually with a full review, they’re done by parents too, and if car seats and other features are included, they will mention these.


Now, let’s look at some strollers. 

Car Seats Or No Car Seats

One of the features of twin strollers is of course, the ability for them to become car seats. Some parents love the convertibility to infant car seats because with these car seats, you can just put the adapter on there, and then, they go from car seats to strollers. 

However, these car seats don’t always come with the stroller. You may have to get adapters to make them car seats. This of course can make the price much higher, and if you don’t think your child will be using these car seats enough, it may not be good for them.

However, car seats do save some money. Car seats are part of a travel system, which makes it more compact since the car seats are used of course are part of the stroller, and of course, car seats also are used in the car. These car seats are highly rated too, so if you choose to use car seats, it is a worthwhile investment. 

At the end of the day, when it comes to the choice of car seats or no car seats, that’s ultimately up to you. Some parents like having car seats attached to this, but some parents prefer to have the car seats separately. If you have car seats already, you obviously don’t need the car seats attached, but ultimately, this is your choice. 

Now, let’s look at some strollers.

Peg Perego Book For Two

The peg Perego book for two is another great side by side stroller, and this side by side stroller is pretty easy to fit anywhere. 

However, despite it being a side by side stroller, the Peg Perego book for 2 is actually one of the smaller ones out there. The Peg Perego book for 2 is just 29 inches wide, so it won’t be too big for most places, which means you can use the peg Perego easily in most places, due to the compact side by side features.  

The Peg Perego also fits inward and easily, like a book. The Peg Perego is compatible with car seats too, and it is a travel system that works well. The peg Perego book for two, however, does not sell the infant car seats together with the stroller. The infant car seats are sold separately, so if you want to get the infant car seat adapters, you will have to buy it.


With the peg Perego book for two, you also get independent backrests that you can use with this stroller. The Peg Perego can be adjusted in each compartment depending upon what the child wants. The Peg Perego also comes with a loading basket that also has pockets, and the Peg Perego also has wheels that are soft, for an easy ride, and the Peg Perego also comes with suspensions and ball bearing that won’t’ be irritating.

The Peg Perego can be used as strollers or infant car seats, but with one hand you can close it. The Peg Perego also does have a range too, and with the peg Perego, you can hold a child up to 45 pounds. 

You can read the full review of this on their site, but you can also read a full review on this from different people who bought this on amazon. However, the Peg Perego is great as infant car seats, and as a twin stroller you can trust. 

Baby Jogger City Mini GT Double

It is an awesome little jogging stroller. For those who don’t know what a jogging stroller is, it’s a stroller that lets an active parent jog while they are pushing the stroller. This stroller boasts quite a bit of range, being able to hold kids up to preschool age.

The baby jogger city select is one of the best strollers for twins. The GT2 double does take it to the next levee. With the baby jogger city mini GT2 double, you can get one of the best strollers for twins. It has an updated design, and this baby jogger city mini is one of the best lightweight strollers for twins. 

This is one of the best strollers for twins because the baby jogger city mini GT2 is easy to move around, and in the full review on this, many moms love the baby jogger city mini GT2 because it is so easy to move about.  It is one of the high end stroller for twins, and this is one of those strollers for twins that’s easy o put away, and one of the best strollers for small parents.  This is also one of those twin strollers that also comes with calf support, and a flat recline that many twin strollers don’t have. It is one of the best umbrella strollers for twins too, because with the baby jogger city select, you can put the canopies and peekaboo windows there, and is considered one of the best strollers for children who like to sleep. Your child will get a great rest with the capabilities of the baby jogger city mini GT2 

It does work as a travel system with certain baby carriers. The baby jogger city mini GT2 double does work with the City mini 2 double pram, and is one of the safest infant car seats out there. If you’re looking for strollers for twins, the city mini GT2 has a wide range. With the city Mini 2, you can use this with a child up to 50 pounds, and many parents report the baby jogger city mini GT2 is very easy to move around even when a child gets older.

The storage capabilities on the baby jogger city mini GT2 are also worth mentioning too. With the GT2 double, you’re given an extra large storage basket for everything, and it’s something that twin strollers need a lot of.  You don’t have to worry about the baby jogger city min GT2 failing on you either, because it’s one of the best and safest twin strollers out there.  One of the downsides to it though is that it can be expensive, but you can read a full review to figure out for yourself if the baby jogger city mini is the best for you, since you can read about whether the baby jogger city mini fits your storage needs, or if you need something else other than the baby jogger city mini. The GT2 double is more of a mid-range stroller, but with the side-by-side functions and the range, it’s one of the best strollers if you don’t want to buy one often. 

Also, it’s a stroller that’s easy to maneuver and can handle some uneven terrain. It’s a nice, mid-range stroller that’s well worth trying. 


Bumbleride Indie Twin Double Stroller

It is another great stroller that is useful for all types of terrain. If you live in a rugged area, or an area that is prone to a lot of snow, this stroller does the trick.

The Bumbleride Indie Twin is great because this is a stroller for twins that is the perfect umbrella stroller for twins.  This stroller for twins is easy to move about, and you can actually convert this to one stroller if you don’t need this. The Indie twin is made with air-filled tires and an all-wheel suspension, and the indie twin is one of the best strollers to give little passengers an easy ride. If you want to put the umbrella down, this umbrella stroller is one of the best. The one downside to the indie twin however is that the price is high, but you can check price on Amazon or other competitor sites, or even read the full review on that there.  The full review will tell you what you need to know. This is one of the best strollers out there, and they also are infant car seats too.  You can take these and convert them to infant car seats, which makes it a travel system you can use, and one of the best baby carriers for twins. 

It’s a higher-priced stroller, but it’s well worth it if you can afford it. It has a mode that’s for newborns and infants, and it has an amazing recline, allowing your little ones to be as safe as possible. Again, if you live in an area where the terrain is bad, you’re in for a nice stroller. 


Valco Baby Snap Duo 

This is one of the best twin strollers retailers to buy from. Valco baby makes specialty strollers like this, and these twin strollers are the lightest they’ve been.  They are side by side twin strollers, so they are a bit wider, but the Valco baby snap duo is one of the easiest strollers to use.  

The Valco Baby Snap Duo also is incredibly lightweight, and it is packed with features. This is one of the smallest twin strollers, and when you fold up the Valco Baby it will be easy to put away.

The Valco baby is perfect for those that want something to fit their lifestyle.  The Valco baby is easy to use, compact, and in just one fold, you can put the Valco baby in the car and  take it out. 

The Valco baby also comes with a reclining position features, an easy-to-use handle, magnetic closure, a storage basket that’s pretty easy to put things in, and it has the features of a many of the lightweight twin strollers. 

One great thing about this Valco baby stroller is that it also comes with the ability to be an infant car seat. That means, you can put the adapter and the infant car seat directly into the car, and take the infant car seat out, and then use it as a stroller. The Valco baby is one of the easiest side by side twin strollers to use, and the fact that the Valco baby can also be used as an infant car seat is an extra pluspoint.

You do have to order the infant car seat option if you want an infant car seat, which is one of the downsides to these twin strollers. But, it’s easy to get the infant car set adapter, and Valco baby has plenty of options. 

There are some full review of baby strollers on amazon, but if you want a simple and easy to use side by side twin strollers, you can check these out, and read the full review from different parents who use this. 


It is a lightweight stroller that is more for the parents on a budget. It’s only 19 pounds, allowing you to carry it with both hands. It’s also filled with accessories that make it awesome for a busy mom or dad. Overall, give it a try. You don’t need to be too luxurious when you’re raising twins; sometimes, a  budget stroller works just fine. Try this one out and see what we mean. 

Joovy Scooter X2 Double

It is another budget stroller. It’s good for urban parents, and it has lots of room for a growing baby. Besides being cheap, it also has a nice little basket that is quite spacious. We understand that if you’re a parent of a newborn, you need a stroller that can hold a lot of stuff, so here you go.


J Is For Jeep Brand Destination Ultralight Double Stroller

Oh, you need an even cheaper stroller? This product is an affordable double stroller, going for around $180. This stroller is again an urban stroller that’s quite easy for you to push. As the name implies, it’s a stroller that’s quite light, so parents who may not have much strength should be able to push with ease. Give it a go and see if it’s the stroller for you. Odds are, you’re going to love it.

 Joovy Caboose Ultralight

This item is a good stroller for twins or a kid and their sibling. It’s been a good stroller for the price, having some cool accessories as well. If you need a stroller that has a tray for your kids, a nice little console, and all the other essentials, you can’t go wrong. 


 Joovy Twin Roo+

It is a good stroller for early childhood, going up to 6-9 months. It’s a unique little stroller, having a shape that’s more like a shopping cart. It’s quite affordable, and it’s so easy to fold. You can store it in practically every space. It is a good stroller when you’re on a budget during the first year. You can eventually trade in this stroller for a nicer one, but for now, this works just fine

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