What Are Some Good Baby Girl Travel System Strollers To Use?

A travel system stroller is always convenient if you need it. Today, we’ll be looking at a travel system for baby girl strollers (or boy. There isn’t really a difference.) Before we begin, however, let’s take a look at what a travel system is. 

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What Is A Travel System?

A travel system is a combo of a car seat or a stroller. It’s good for when you need the best of both worlds, and you can typically combine the two to get the most out of it. With a stroller, it’s recommended that the baby is at least six months old, or until they can sit up without assistance. However, some strollers are infant friendly.

You can purchase a car seat and then a stroller later on, but some strollers may not work with certain car seats, or you may need an adapter for it to work. 

Usually, a travel system costs less than buying them separately as well. You got to love the packaged deals. 

Is There A Travel System Made For Girls?

We mentioned that gender does not matter, and that is true. Your girl doesn’t need anything different. However, many of the strollers on here have color options. You can pick a pink or similar colored stroller if you want the stroller to be more gendered, which is a perfect travel system for baby girl.

Our Picks 

  • Baby Trend Expedition Jogger Travel System

This is a budget travel system, with prices around $200. For parents who need to save every penny, it’s a nice combo. Best of all, you don’t sacrifice quality. It’s a travel system that holds a lot of stuff in its basket, and it’s able to turn sharply. Best of all, it’s easy to fold and store, too. 

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As the name implies, this is more for parents who want to jog, but it works as a regular combo as well. If you do wish to jog, you have to wait until your kid is in the standard seat first, so beware.

  • Chicco Bravo Trio Travel System

This system goes for $379.99 on average. While the price tag is a bit expensive, think about all you get. You may end up saving a lot in the long run. This is a great combo. For the car seat, it’s quite easy for you to put it in your car. The stroller itself is quite adjustable as well, with the ability for you to put your infant seat in there, and then adjust as your kids grow up. It even has a cup holder, which some strollers make you pay extra for.

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  • Britax B-Free & B-Safe Ultra Travel System

This travel system is a bit pricey, going for over $500 in most retailers. However, it’s still worth looking into for quite a few reasons.

For one thing, this stroller has a huge weight limit. Most strollers go around 50 pounds, but this one goes up to 65. When you’re a kid, this is a sizable difference. Also, it has an awesome canopy to protect your little one from the elements. It’s easy to store, including having a storage basket. 

The only downside is you can only wash the seats by hand. It’s a little disappointing since many strollers have removable, machine washable seats.

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  • Baby Jogger City Mini GT Travel System Stroller

This is another travel system built for joggers. It’s around $579, and you get quite a bit. For one thing, this stroller is great for those who are in a hurry or dealing with crowds. It’s a slim, easy to turn stroller that uses its three wheels to the best of its ability. 

It’s also easy to fold and carry, too. It’s a light stroller for a compact world. The only disadvantage is that the storage basket, while it exists, is a bit impractical to reach and is a bit small. Sadly, with a thin unit, you do have to sacrifice a little bit of storage, so remember this. 

  • 2019 Nuna Tavo & Pipa lite LX Travel System

At about $700, this travel set is quite pricey, but it’s well worth it, we say. It has a beautiful look to it, with chrome and pleather, but it’s also not just all style. The canopy is easy to use and uses magnets, making it quiet. It’s easy to fold and store, and the tires are foam and allow for a smooth ride. It’s suitable for newborns as well, and its recline system is excellent.

Oh yeah, and the car seat part is light. It’s a little above 5 pounds, making it one of the lightest around. When you’re a parent, every pound matters, and we are glad to see a combo that is light for most parents. 

The only disadvantage is that the car seat is hand wash only. It’s almost 2020, and we still have car seat covers you can’t put in a washing machine. That’s a little strange.

  • UPPAbaby Cruz Stroller

This combo is almost $850. Parents who are on a budget will probably want to look elsewhere. However, if you do have some money to burn, this is a nice stroller to try out. It’s a compact, stylish stroller that is so easy to steer. You can do it with one hand. Also, it’s great for surfaces that are uneven and rough.

It boasts a reversible seat, huge canopy, and other ways for you to protect your little one. It’s overall a great luxury combo, so try it out if you can afford to do so. 

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There are quite a few travel systems designed for your girl or boy, and these boast quite a few features. Moreover, we love the fact that there is a travel system for any budget. If you want something luxurious, there you go. If you want something cheaper, but still quality, there are plenty to choose from. You’re a busy parent, so having a travel system to do the work for you is awesome.


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