Nuna Pepp Review: Does This Stroller Do The Job Well?

When it comes to strollers, there are so many to shop for that it can make your head spin. You want a quality stroller for your child that can be used with their car seat, but you don’t want to pay a lot for a stroller that just doesn’t cut it. Meet the Nuna pepp, a Dutch stroller that is available in the US. It’s a luxury stroller, meaning it costs a pretty penny, but it’s said to be compact and runs well on different types of terrain. The Nuna Pepp stroller is fairly light weight, has wide set wheels that help give your baby a smooth ride, and comes with an infant car seat adapter so you can use it with your baby’s infant car seat, such as the Maxi Cosi and other brands of infant car seats.

So is Nuna Prepp a good stroller? Can you use the Prepp with your infant car seats? Or is it one that isn’t worth the money? Let’s find out in this Nuna Pepp review.


Other travel systems are worth a shot. Hence we made a list of Amazon’s best-selling travel systems to give you an idea of your options. We also highlighted the essential features of each stroller to provide you with the opportunity to choose right. If you want to learn more about the comprehensive information of what the Nuna Pepp stroller offers, you can continue reading the article.

Who Does It Fit? 

The Nuna Pepp stroller is excellent and fits a child from the newborn stage, who is still in an infant car seat carrier, until 50 pounds, giving it quite a range. This Prep set is perfect for a baby or for a toddler who likes to look around. Thanks to its leg rest, it gives plenty of space for your child to enjoy the world around them. You can adjust the calf support to lay out flat for a smaller child or fold down when they get bigger. You’ll need to refer to the manual to find steps for using it with various car seats. Just make sure that everything is adjusted beforehand, and there you go.


Ergobaby Stroller, Travel System -(See Customer Reviews & Pricing)


  • The stroller from Ergosbaby is reversible, you can flip the handle bar to change the view of your baby.
  • It is light weight and just around 20 lbs. You can easily carry it anywhere.
  • It comes with necessary features such as an extra large storage basket, huge sun canopy, mesh sidewalls and reclining seat.


BRITAX B-Lively Lightweight Stroller – (See Customer Reviews & Pricing)


  • The stroller has all wheel suspension and strolls easily even on a bumpy road.
  • It is also lightweight and easy to fold and store.
  • It is compatible to all Britax infant car seats and adapters.
  • Highly recommended for baby up tp 55 pounds.


Ergobaby Metro Lightweight Baby Stroller – (See Customer Reviews & Pricing)


  • The Metro Lightweight baby stroller is compact and easy to carry, when folded it can fit on subways, buses and airline over head bins.
  • It is well padded and comfortable for the baby to travel on since it supports the head, back, bottom and the legs.
  • It has spring suspension and large back tires that helps ensure a smooth ride.


Mountain Buggy Nano Stroller – (See Customer Reviews & Pricing)


  • The Nano stroller is a good option for newborn since it is infant car seat ready.
  • It is compact but versatile, you can use it till your child turns 4.
  • You can carry it on a travel bag and it has a two step compact fold that meets airline regulation for carry on luggage.

What About The Canopy?

A stroller should have a beautiful canopy to prevent the sun and other elements from hitting your baby. The Nuna Prepp canopy gives you a sun visor, and a drape you can use to cover your baby entirely. The dream drape makes it where your little one can sleep peacefully when they want to and stay dry if it starts to rain. You can simply lay the seat back to a full recline position and pull the dream drape rain cover down for a nice little bed on the go situation. This also works over your car seats when you have them attached to the Nuna Pepp stroller frame. It will slide over your sleeping baby silently when they fall asleep in their car seat and you don’t want to take them.  You can then put it away, and it’s quite lightweight, so it isn’t a burden. It includes your typical peekaboo window as well, that is in the back of the seat, making it so you can see your kid and keep a watchful eye on them. 

Can Nuna Prepp Recline?

A good stroller has a way to recline in three different positions. The Nuna Prepp stroller uses a zipper recline. It is quite a hassle, to be honest. You have to move the seat back and zip it. This one will need two hands, making it quite annoying. Imagine if you had a reclining chair that you could only recline when you zip it up. This Nuna Pepp stroller review has to take points away for the two-handed recline feature.

Reclining with a lever is always a good thing, and we’re sad that the Prepp doesn’t have it. Perhaps future models may make the recline a bit easier. When you’re using the Nuna prepp with your infant car seats, the recline feature won’t even really matter.

Nuna Prepp HandleBar 

A stroller should have a fantastic handlebar. The Prepp stroller handlebar is adjustable, with five positions that make it suitable for short and tall parents alike. Everyone should be able to use the handle bar comfortably, and with the Nuna Pepp stroller, that’s possible. We do like a stroller that takes all sizes into account, and that’s okay. 

Also, the handlebar of the Nuna Pepp is comfortable for your hands. When your hands are going to spend a lot of time gripping a handlebar, it should be comfortable. Some infant car seat carrier handlebars have been known to leave blisters on parents’ hands. Also, many strollers, double strollers, and wagons have, too. The Nuna Pepp won’t leave blisters on your hands and gives you a comfortable spot to place them.


What About The Nunna Prepp Stroller Harness?

A good stroller has a harness that makes it much easier for you to adjust everything. The Nunna preppp stroller has a five-point harness, such as what you find in infant and toddler car seats, that can be three points as well. It’s a beautiful harness, but the shoulder straps are a bit annoying to put together. Strollers and car seats all have adjustable harness straps, and you’ll find that many of them are tough to assemble or adjust.

What About The Nuna Prepp Stroller Basket?

Many strollers have baskets that you can use to store goods. The Nuna Pepp stroller has a small basket that can store all the essentials in a small diaper bag, but we do say it should be more prominent. You can hang stuff from your Prepp stroller as well, making it a good thing. It would have been nice to see a little more storage space for this Nuna Pepp stroller review, but you have to expect there’d be less with such a compact stroller. At least it has some storage, unlike an umbrella stroller, which has none. You’ll just have to decide what’s more important to you, having lots of storage or having a compact stroller. 

The Nuna Prepp Wheels 

The wheels on a stroller are always something you should look at, as wheels that are high quality can make the strolling experience so much better and vice versa. The Prepp stroller has rubber wheels and is a four-wheeled stroller. Nuna Prepp uses the double-single combo to make the wheels easy to maneuver than other four-wheeled types. 

It’s quite easy to turn, especially in tight spaces, and while it’s not an all-terrain vehicle, Nuna Prepp does handle uneven surfaces decently enough. While you’re not going to go in the woods with the Prepp stroller, it’s quite lovely and can absorb some bumpy rides. A compact stroller is much better at maneuvering through all kinds of spaces than a full size stroller. That makes the Nuna Prepp a good everyday stroller and a great travel stroller.

The Brake Of The Nuna Prep Stroller

A right brake is a need in case your stroller goes awry. This Prepp stroller is excellent for all shoe types, and it’s quite easy to lock and unlock it. Try it out a few times, and you should be the master of it. Some strollers have brakes that are a puzzle to figure out, and when you need to use it, that’s something that should not happen whatsoever. The Nuna Pepp was designed with convenience in mind so parents could be more at easy.


Folding The Nuna Prep Stroller

It’s quite easy for you to fold this Prepp stroller and store it. It’s quite intuitive. The stroller folds nicely into a size that’s easy to carry around. You can quickly put it away and use the included Velcro straps to keep it secure. We do wish that there was an automatic lock instead of belts, but that’s okay. The Nuna Prepp stroller is 19 pounds, so it’s still a little heavy, but it’s overall not that bad to carry otherwise. 

You can also fold it down and pull it behind you like a tow behind bag. The Nuna Pepp can be pulled just like a carry on suitcase. It’s a good travel system stroller that will make your life easier while you’re on your trips. The Nuna Pepp can collapse down to quite a small size like an umbrella stroller, but while giving you the functionality of a full size stroller for your travels. This part of the design is one of the things we like the most for this Nuna Pepp stroller review.

How Much Does Nuna Prep Cost? 

Even though it’s a luxury stroller, you can get it for a fair price. Nuna Peppa goes for around $269 online, making them not the cheapest strollers out there, but also not too much. This one may make justifying it much more manageable.

The Nuna Prepp stroller has a lot of good things going for it, such as its wheels, maneuverability, and it’s versatility. The Prepp also has all-weather seat fabric for better durability, and is compatible with many different infant car seats, such as the Maxi Cosi, because of the included adapter. It’s one of the more versatile travel systems.

But Nuna Prepp also has its cons, too. The harness is quite annoying to use, making it a puzzle to put together. We also feel like the peekaboo window should be in a better place. Also, the Velcro strap lock of Nuna Prepp is a little impractical. 

In this Nuna Pepp review, we have seen the features of this stroller. However, it is an excellent stroller for the price, and we do recommend you check it out at the very least. You can see if your local store has it, and if so, you can test it with your baby and see if it’s right for you. 



There are many types of strollers, and this stroller is just one of them. The Nuna Prep stroller combines a bit of luxury and affordability, along with a mixture of excellent features and features that do need improvement. So overall, a mixed bag. If you can find the Nuna Prepp stroller discounted, by all means, give it a try. It has plenty of good stuff. Plenty of people sell their unwanted travel systems on neighborhood social media sites. However, we do believe you could do much better for the retail price. Anyway, this has been another stroller review. We hope that you enjoyed Nuna Pepp review, and hope that you will come again. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) On Nunna Prep and Nuna Products

What is the best Nuna stroller?

The best Nuna stroller out there is the Nuna MIXX2. It is a high-end stroller due to its leather-wrapped handlebar, quality fabric, and significant rear rubber ties. Other additional features include foot-friendly brakes, mesh peek-a-boo window, and excellent storage. The best offering, however, revolves around the seat’s ability to face both forward and back at the parents, alongside its adjustable leg rest and easy-to-use push button. 

You can also check out the Nuna Tavo. It has a new design and includes all of the convenient features you get with the Nuna Pepp. You can fold it down with one easy step. It has an incredible suspension system so your baby gets a smooth ride. You’ll have the dream drape you get with the Nuna Pepp buggy and have the all-weather fabric you get from the Nuna Pepp seat. The Tavo also has a few of the luxury upgrades the MIXX2 comes with.


Does Nuna PIPA come with a base?

The Nuna PIPA comes with a base, and also has an additional one upon purchase. This extra base is a big help if your baby will be riding with his or her grandparents or caretakers often or if your family owns two cars. This feature lets you move your car seat from one location to another location quickly without having to use the seat-belt installation method. It also saves you from buying another extra car seat for your other vehicle. 

Infant car seats can be pretty pricey. So, when you buy into one of the travel systems that comes with the car seat base, you may have to spend a bit up front, but it will ultimately end up saving you money, most likely. A travel system is more versatile so you don’t have to more than one of the same thing.

Does Nuna have a double stroller?

The Nuna Demi Grow is an offering by Nuna designed to serve the whole family for years. This stroller can aid one or two children from infancy up to toddlerhood. Take note that the Demi Grow also works with two bassinets, two infant car seats, two toddler seats, or one of each. 

The Demi Grow isn’t one of those side-by-side strollers double strollers are known for being. This stroller can be used first as a single, and then you can add another car seat or use a stroller seat that will be in line, not next to each other. Users of side-by-side strollers double strollers often struggle to fit through doorways. This Nuna stroller solves that problem for parents.

Can you jog with Nuna Mixx?

The Nuna Mixx is composed of large wheels and an all-wheel suspension that is perfect for crossing varied terrains – from the suburbs, city, and rural environments. It also takes pride in its front-wheel lock option dedicated to beaches or any other tricky surfaces. Despite these features, the makers of the Nuna Mixx still do not recommend the stroller for running or jogging. What’s missing is a lockable or fixed front wheel that will prevent the stroller from swerving. 

You’ll find that most travel systems aren’t comprised of strollers meant for jogging. The travel system stroller is supposed to help with making life a little more convenient for parents. From the click in car seats to the car seat bases that you can install in several vehicles, the travel system just helps to take away everyday annoyances that other types of baby gear present.



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