The Best Kids Tool Bench That Your Child Will Use

Tool benches are a great option for kids who see you being handy, and it’s also a fun way to engage in pretend play. Here, we’ll talk about the best kids tool benches that your child will definitely use, and why they’re the best out there, including both the good and not so great things about both of these.


Black And Decker Junior Power Tool Workbench

This kit is literally the miniature versions of some of the famous power tools that Black and Decker use, and they are even simple for any child to play with. It comes with 50 accessories, and it includes toy saws, toy drills and even a toy flashlight for them to use to assess what is wrong. It’s pretty big, about three feet wide and 39 inches high, and it even has a peg board for the child to put their tools. While they do need 6 AA batteries, children can still use these. But, when they have batteries in the saw and drill, they can press down and hear sounds like the real items, and there is even a vice that makes a sound similar to a crack. It does have realistic sounds, and it does include projects for your children to use. The one downside to this is that the tools tend to be lighter due to the fact that they are plastic, and the workbench only has a few sets of wood pieces for the children to utilize.


Step2 Deluxe Workshop

This is an amazing workshop for toddlers to use, and it’s very similar to the real thing. It does use Durafoam to hold itself together, and provides a large and expansive workspace, with lots of room for the child to explore and play with the tools in a curious sense. It does have an electric drill, drill bits, screws, nuts, a hammer, pliers that they can use, and the wrench is adjustable as well to feel like the real thing, and it even comes with a screwdriver, and some wood pieces for them to use. The cool thing about this is that it’s so big that more than one child can use this, and it does increase the engagement for children multiple times over. There is a lot of detail in this, including cabinets that they can store this in, and even bins for them to store the “wood” that they’re using.

Hape Master Toolbench

If you know Hape, then chances are, this is a good tool bench for a child. It’s crafted entirely of wood, and it’s a mix of both modern, and traditional actions, and it does come with some wonderful, vivid accent colors on the bench, and also on the tool pieces, it’s a great choice for kids, and it’s so cool that you can purchase some of the excess pieces and expand all of the different possibilities. Kids can use the tools, bolts, gears, and other parts, and it’s scaled for ease of use for younger hands. The tools all have finishes that are safe for children, and you can also add other toys to this so they can have a full-on workshop.


Little Tikes Construct NN’Learn Smart Workbench

This is one of the top options for kids, and it’s a great construct and learns set for children. The cool thing about it is that it comes with a myriad of building options, especially for the different vehicles that are there. This is great for children that want to work on cars, or if they want to work with you on cars. It comes with nine interactive tools for them to use, and along with 40 different accessory pieces, and some blueprints, and even an app that integrates with this, so they can create car configurations, and even play games with it. The one downside is that the cars are a little hard to play with when they’re put together, and it does require some batteries. But, if you love cars and your child loves cars, then this might be the perfect bench for your child to have fun with.

Step2 Real Projects Workshop

This kids workbench also comes with a whole set of fake wood that kids can use for projects, and it even comes with blueprints for children to have ideas on what to make. Of course, your child can also be super creative and make their won designs thereby bringing forth the creativity that allows for a ton of creative play. It comes with a battery operated drill and some drill bits, including a plastic hammer and some other cool tools. It does have a working vice, which isn’t dangerous of course, and two different storage bins. It’s not as huge and expansive as the deluxe option, but the cool thing about it is that if your child is curious about learning about tools, this might be a good option.

Little Tikes Handiworker Workhorse

This is a great one for toddlers in that its the perfect size, and it balances utility, along with fun. It is perfect for tiny hands, and it is a great way to help fine-tune motor skills and improve their hand-eye coordination. There are storage areas on the sides of the workhorse itself for storage, and it folds flat for easy storage.

It’s simple and straightforward, and it’s a great project bench for your child to use, and it’s a good way to get them started on this type of creative play, that’s for sure.


Kids tool benches are fun for children, and here, we discussed some of the best ones that your child will inevitably love. you’ll be surprised by all of this, and you’ll want to get them started ton learning tools and building right away. It’s a good way to get them to understand these types of skills, and it’s a good way to help build fine-tuned motor skills when you feel like you’re ready too.

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