The Kitchen Cutter Hand Set Tool For Cool And Amazing Designs

Crinkle cutters are a great way to teach children how to cut items. It’s important to understand that, with crinkle cutters, you want to get something that is made for children, and this post will discuss the top crinkle cutter set and the best crinkle cutters set out there that small hands size will love.

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What Exactly Is A Crinkle Cutter Tool?

Just in case you don’t quite know what a crinkle cutter is, we’re going to look at that first. A crinkle cutting tool is kind of like a knife with a wavy blade. A great crinkle cutter is meant to wave cut vegetables into some of the shapes, sculpted, we’ve all seen before, but maybe didn’t know how they got that way. You can make any fruit and vegetable wavy looking. A crinkle cut knife is what is used in making French fries, works great for cutting fruits for an eye catching tray, and is the type of vegetable slicer that makes pickle slices look the way they do just like ravioli. You’ll find the crinkle controlled cutting action tool in different kinds of styles and the colors vary from one set to another, so you’ll want to choose the one that suits your needs.

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Why Do You Need To Have The Best Crinkle Cutter Set?

The crinkle cutter sets are best for children, especially if they want to learn how to cook. With crinkle cutters, you’re able to cut and chop some foods that you normally may not be able to chop easily, and for children, these are safe, too, since you don’t have to worry about them possibly cutting off their hands with the edges of knife. Loading the kitchen with child-friendly tools, such as crinkle cutters, can help keep the content of your cooking stock safe and age-appropriate for young aspiring chefs.

Compared to a chopper knife, a sturdy crinkle cutter set is so much safer for kids to use. It also gives them a fun way to forward cut veggies and fruits by trimming to make nice looking food trays, allowing them to explore their creativity while preparing salads and other dishes. They’ll also love if you get them a French fry cutter so they can make their own homemade wavy crinkle French fries, adding another layer of excitement to their culinary adventures.

Knives are how we normally cut food, but let’s face it, the big ones are almost too hard for a child to work with, and your child might want to use it, but they might not have the motor skills necessary for this. A chopping knife with a high quality stainless steel blade could sliced right through a kid’s finger. You’re better off getting them a crinkle cutting tool set, rather than letting them use a chopper knife from the kitchen knife set. You should, when choosing crinkle cutters, get ones that do different chopping options too so that you’ll be able to get them to better understand and familiarize yourself with them.

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  • Wavy Chopper

It is one of the top crinkle cutter items for carrots, cucumbers, zucchini, and other small vegetables. If you want to create a snack or even some soup, you can use this product. It is a cheap option in terms of crinkle cutters, being only about four bucks, and on Amazon store in your gadget/device, it’s got over four stars. They’re easy to manipulate, and they are simple and soft grip. Plus, they have to be steady, dishwasher safe, and safe with their fingers on this, but it helps them better understand how they can cut items in various forms, such as creating purple cucumber slices or zucchini ribbons. This versatile tool can enhance their culinary skills while keeping safety a priority.

The Wavy Chopper knife lets you cut your vegetable wavy. It has a stainless steel crinkle cutter  blade on it. You can even use this one as a French fry cutter if you cut larger potatoes into smaller pieces first. You don’t have to cut the potatoes down first if you’d rather not, it will just make it easier to cut a French fry if you do because the wavy chopper knife is pretty small.

  • The Spreader

It is probably the first knife that you’ll want to introduce. It is for simple spreading and soft chopping. So, if you want to teach your child how to slice say bananas or other fruit that’s soft, this is simple. Plus, the cool thing about this is you’ll be able to get them started with cutting, so they can even prepare their sandwiches at a later age, making them more self-sufficient.

They’re not just good for kids, parents can purchase and use these too, and they’re fun, and simple for children to use, and good if you need something that spreads easily. This one won’t make a good french fry cutter because potatoes are harder and more dense than other fruits and vegetables, but it works great to cut veggies and fruits that are pretty soft.

The nice thing about this kind of crinkle cutting tool is it doubles as a spreader. It’s designed to be able to easily spread condiments for sandwiches that you’re also using the crinkle cut knife side for, as well. While it may not work for everything you can use other crinkle cutting tool options for, it serves two different purposes that are great for kids to learn with safely.

  • The Wavy Chopper With Handle

This crinkle cutter set may not be the most popular choice for small hands, because this is one that requires a bit more strength because of course, they’re not as sharp as regular knives. Plus, they usually have to use two hands for this, since the knife is a little bit strong, and it’s another good basic option. Having the ergonomic handles, though, does allow you to get a little heft behind it to make that crinkle cutter wavy cut fairly easily. The stainless steel blade should slide through most fruits and vegetables smoothly, while the handle, which is usually made of plastic, allows your hand to be comfortable.

  • Slicer For Vegetable And Making French Fries

It is another good basic crinkle cutter that can cut anything from potatoes to vegetables. It creates a cute little crinkle-cut on this, and it’s stainless steel with a wooden handle. It is a good one for both parents and children because it has a simple to use design, but it also creates cool crinkle shapes, textured, perfect for crinkle fries, or even carrots. Plus, for only 6 dollars, and with over four stars on Amazon, this is a great way to slice the veggies that you want to slice. This is one of the reasons why many are purchasing it. .

This one is a better option for a potato cutter because the stainless steel blade is longer than many of the other options. This crinkle cutting tool makes a great French fry slicer. It also works great as a vegetable slicer for all sorts of other veggies, though.

The contrast between the stainless steel crinkle cutter wavy blade and the brown wooden handle gives this crinkle cutting tool a nice aesthetic, as well.

  • Joyoldelf Vegetable

It is another crinkle cutter set, but it can be used for cutting veggies, or even cookies. They are ideal for cutting carrots, kiwi, and even watermelon, and it can decorate different items as well, including biscuits, cakes, pie dough, and whatever. It’s a great one if you want to get them to decorate or even design the food that they love.

They are food-safe cookie cutters made of stainless steel and safe plastic that never crack, are good for the environment, don’t even breed any bacteria, and are even temperature resistant. They are great for children looking to shape all kinds of food. They also have detachable protection, and this allows for children to use it safely. The green cap gets placed on top, and it’s great to help with cooking, and it is non-slip too, which means that you can get the items cut more conveniently and quickly. If you want to cut out items in designs, this is ultimately the way to go.

These fruit and vegetable wavy cutter kitchen tools are for cutting out different shapes. This set isn’t to be used as a vegetable slicer or potato cutter. This design isn’t the same as a chopping knife with a stainless steel blade. It also isn’t a vegetable wavy chopper knife that cuts like a crinkle cutting tool. These work just like cookie cutters, and in fact, can be used to cut cookies, too. They basically punch out a shape in whatever type of food you’re using them for.

  • Knife and Sizes

It is a great one for kids since it includes a set of knives, but also a fork slicing helper, which is perfect for children to use in the kitchen with parents. It’s got a safe design and a handle with a trapezoidal look to it so that you can protect the wet hands while cutting potatoes, tomatoes, onion, or whatever. It is perfect for children to help get involved with family dinner, and it’s widely used, perfect for cooking, and is compact and convenient in terms of storage. It is perfect for a variety of vegetables. It’s made of ABS plastic, and it’s durable and environmentally friendly. You get a money-back guarantee, and it’s really good if you’re looking to get a set that everyone can use. Plus, with multiple cutters, you can get many people looking to work together to help create dinner.

You can get a zyliss crinkle cut knife set that has a chopping knife with a wavy stainless steel blade. Then, it will also have different kinds of cutting tool options that you can make vegetable wavy cuts with. You’ll have options that are good for cutting different things. One will be perfect as a French fry cutter, while another will be a perfect chopping knife for tomatoes, and still another will work great as a cut knife for super soft fruits. Whether you’re wanting something to use as a French fry slicer or something to make beautiful veggie trays, a crinkle cutter chopping knife set will give you the great tool to do it all.

  • Joie Fruit And Vegetable Wavy Chopper Knife

The Joie Fruit and Vegetable Wavy Chopper Knife comes in different colors so your kiddo can choose their favorite color for their Joie fruit slicer with stainless steel blade. You can use this one as a French fry cutter, and even as a waffle French fry slicer. The stainless steel blade is great for cutting all sorts of fruits and vegetables with different textures. Also, the slicer with stainless steel blade is easy to clean and highly durable. You and your child will be able to have fun making all sorts of fun fruit and vegetable trays and delicious French fry snacks.


Crinkle cutters are perfect for children if they’re looking to help you in the kitchen. While some of them tend to be too sharp for them to begin with, there are some basic knives that they can use, and you can then graduate them to a nylon knife, and then finally a paring knife, which in turn will help them effectively cut veggies. Crinkle cutters are a fun way to cut veggies and teach fine motor skills too. You can also get a great slicer with stainless steel blade that’s fun to use as a French fry cutter to make their favorite French fry snacks.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


What Is A Crinkle Cutter?

A crinkle cutter is a type of knife that people use to make ridged cuts. It should be made out of stainless steel to ensure it will last for years. This is how pickle ridges are made, as well as the crinkle cut French fry.


Can You Crinkle Potatoes?

Yes, you can crinkle potatoes. It is one of the most common food products that you use a crinkle cutter for. Keep in mind, though, that not all crinkle slicer with stainless steel blade options will work for cutting potatoes. Choose one that is meant to work as a French fry slicer.

What Is The Top Crinkle Cutter Set?

The top crinkle cutter set is perhaps the Kuhn Rikon 2-Piece set. One is a mezzaluna knife, while the other is a crinkle knife.

Why Should Parents Use A Crinkle Knife?

Parents should use a crinkle knife to cut vegetables in fun shapes. Doing so may help picky eaters eat their greens. Also, having a fun French fry cutter is a good idea for parents, too.

Is It Okay To Cut Meat With A Wavy Knife?

No, it is not okay to cut meat with a wavy knife. You need a straight-edged knife for that.

Does the crinkle cutter set need regular sharpening?

No, the best crinkle cutter set does not need regular sharpening. Its uses are more limited than that of a regular knife, so it can preserve its sharpness.

How Can You Have Crinkle-cut Fries?
You can have crinkle-cut fries by making them using the crinkle cutter set. If there is no time to do it, you may buy frozen ruffled fries. Nothing beats fresh cut French fry potatoes, though, that you and your kiddo cut yourselves with a French fry slicer with stainless steel blade.

How Can I Make Waffle Fries?

With the help of a recipe with all the details and ingredients. You can make waffle fries by cutting a potato in a crisscross pattern. Feel free to rotate the potato once you are done cutting it on one side. You’ll simply use your French fry cutter to cut the potato one way and then at an angle that is perpendicular to the first cut to make the waffle design.

What Do You Call Waffle Fries?
Waffle fries are called pommes gaufrettes. You can make them with a French fry slicer.

How Should You Angle The Crinkle Cutter To Make Waffle Fries?

The crinkle cutter should be perpendicular to the surface with every cut. Your French fry slicer features stainless steel blade should come with instructions for how to make your waffle fries come out perfectly. If there’s none, you can just use the web browser to find an instructions.

Why are ridged fries better than regular fries?
Ridged fries are better than the regular ones due to its surface area. The former can hold more flavoring compared to the latter. This is a great reason for having your own French fry slicer.

What is the best brand of crinkle cutter?
What knife makes crinkle-cut fries?
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Why do crinkle-cut chips taste different?
Are crinkle-cut chips better?


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