The Top Robot Dog Toy Models On The Market

The robotic pet has been an interesting market as of late. Originally, robotic pets were just dogs or cats that made a couple of noises, maybe moved around in a robotic way, and that was that. It was no substitute for a real dog or cat.


Now, robotic pets are much more advanced and can do quite a bit. While they are still no substitute for a flesh and blood animal, they’re still a good way to keep you busy if you can’t have pets, or while traveling and having to leave Fido behind.

Let’s look at some robotic dogs in this post, and you’ll be surprised at what they can do.

Georgie Interactive Plush

This is a cute little dog that can do quite a few tricks. First, it has 12 voice commands. If you tell it to take a selfie, they will take a selfie with you. It can give you a high five as well. There are different games it comes with. Little Georgie has a tug of war game, for example. Your kids will spend hours playing with Georgie, and it even has a guide to make it a lot easier.

With that said, Georgie’s voice activation is a bit challenging at first, so hopefully, your child has patience.


WowWee Chippies

These are smaller pets that all play together. With the power of sensor control, your WowWee can interact with other ones, can stay in their territory, and use other characteristics to make them seem as real as possible. Their personalities adapt, too.

You can pet them and they make noises. You can play with them too. However, one downside is that they’re recommended for hard floors only. They struggle on carpets! However, this downside is a small price to pay for a great robot dog.

Zoomer Zuppies

These are simple robotic dogs if you don’t want one that has that many features. They come with LED eyes that can be expressive. This allows your kid to humanize this toy and they can learn empathy and compassion.

Like we said, it doesn’t have too many other features, though. It doesn’t walk well, which is weird for the name. You would think something with the word Zoomer in it would be zooming around like a dog who missed its owner. However, it still has games and music it can play, so it’s still good.


Bump And Go Dancing Dog

This is a dog that is great for the musical kid. First, it moves around, and it’s smart. If it hits an object, it will change a direction. It can bark and make music, and its paws and head light up to the beat.

It being noisy is one downside, however. You would think the answer would be to turn down its volume, but it doesn’t have a volume control option. Hopefully, future models will come with that.

Paw Patrol Zoomers

Paw Patrol is a cartoon series. Any series about animals is going to have plenty of merchandise, and Paw Patrol is no different. These toys can say many different phrases and they have tons of interactions. They can also follow the child. This toy is more than just a cheap cash-in; it’s actually a worthy robot dog, and we believe your child will love it.


Peppy Pups by Les Toufous

This is not really a robot pup, and instead, it’s a pup powered by friction and a little bit of springs. All in all, it’s just an interactive plush. However, this makes it great for younger kids, and you can save money on batteries. You can pick between a few types as well, making it great for someone who loves variety.

FurReal Friends Get Up & GoGo

FurReal has been a popular robotic pet series for a while now. They always come with realistic fur and make some realistic noises and movements. FurReal toys nowadays come with smartphone apps for even more features. The more FurReal friends you have, the more they will interact, too. You can even control it with a leash controller that’s included. It will come to you if you clap at it. This is why FurReal is a good brand to try.

SainSmart Jr. Smart Dog

If you want a robot dog for older kids, this is the one to get. It has 22 tricks it can do, and it’s quite responsive to your kid’s commands. It has many different actions, such as tail wagging. It can even mark its territory, minus the pee going everywhere. You’ll be surprised at how well-built this toy is, and you may even be a little jealous over you not having one as a kid.

FurReal Makers Proto Max

Here is another FurReal toy, and this one involves assembly. You can put your little pet together, and then have so many different options you can program it with. That’s right.

One problem with robotic pets is that they are all the same. Real pets can have different personalities and can do many different tricks. That’s the appeal of this toy. You can program it to stand among the rest, and its personality can develop with time.

It’s also a great way to teach children coding and showing the power of training your dog. All in all, another hit from FurReal

Robotis Play Pets Kit

We mentioned learning how to program earlier. This is another robot toy that is a learning experience. You can assemble it from scratch and then program it to do many cool tricks. If your child is interested in robotics or wants to learn anything else STEM-related, they can’t go wrong with this one.



As you can see, robotic dog technology has gone far. We don’t live in an age where they can replace a real furry friend, but they are still cool and your child can learn a lot from one. Buy one and see what it can do for your kid.

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