Top Six Baby Bottle Brands That Are Popular With Moms

I guess all moms would agree that one of the most meticulous things that we must all learn and perfect is feeding our babies. No matter how much we try to make it easy for them, they don’t always feel happy while drinking from their bottles. They may have gas or colic, and often they can’t finish their milk even if they want to.


Because of this, I thought of searching for the best baby bottles that would make it less stressful for our babies – and for us – whether we’re breastfeeding or feeding them with formula. There are tons of brands in the market today, each of them claiming to be the best or top of the line. It can be quite confusing for us to choose from all these brands, so perhaps maybe you could filter them according to your baby’s needs and conditions.

For example, if your little one can’t adjust feeding from your nipple to the bottle, then find the best that helps avoid nipple confusion. If he seems to be irritated and crying while bottle-feeding, then look for something that is best in preventing colic.

In this list that I prepared, I’ve covered everything from easy to clean and wash, avoiding gas pain, and for comfort and convenience. Here are six candidates for the best baby bottles according to user-friendliness, advanced design, and awesome innovations.


Top Baby Bottles Of The Year


Philips AVENT Natural Baby Bottles


This brand of bottles goes a long way when it comes to credibility, durability, and design. It is among the top favorite brands for moms worldwide. For years, AVENT has been innovating its design to fit the needs of the past and present-born babies. They always aim to customize their products to fit the baby’s needs. Their nipples are soft and easy to latch on and are created to avoid too much air from entering the bottle, thus preventing colic.

Another feature of AVENT that has become distinct to them is its relatively wider neck compared to the rest of the other brands. This makes for easy washing and brushing, as well as more convenient preparation of milk for feeding.


Dr. Brown’s Original Baby Bottles

 This brand has been known all over the world for its effective venting system that prevents babies from having colic, acid reflux, or gas pain. The company has created their bottles in a way that negative pressure and air bubbles are reduced, if not eliminated. This positive pressure and vacuum-free features simulate breastfeeding and therefore provides a comfortable and smooth feeding experience for the baby.

Dr. Brown’s has been in the market since 1996, initially releasing all-glass bottles, which were quite expensive. As years passed, they produced high-quality plastic bottles that are BPA-free, making them more cost-effective. They are shatterproof and lighter than their original glass baby bottles.


Comotomo Natural Feel Baby Bottles


 This brand is a little more expensive than the others but is worth it. Comotomo is not among the pioneer brand of baby bottles, but it has managed to climb to the top fast. It was named 2018 Best of Baby Winner just recently. Its nipple is extra soft and designed to have a wider base to mimic that of the mother’s true nipple. It makes contact with the baby’s tip of the nose, chin, and cheeks, thus producing a secure and air-free feeding experience. The bottle itself, which is made from silicone, is very comfortable to hold and the baby can grip it safely while he’s drinking.

Safety, credibility, and most of all, its realistic feel, are features that have made Comotomo one of the best baby bottles today. They come in pink and green versions, so take your pick.


Tommee Tippee Closer To Nature Bottles

 Among its many kinds of baby bottles, the Tommee Tippee Anti-Colic bottle is one of the most popular among moms. It is quite the same in appearance and features with Comotomo, only that it has a single vent instead of two. These bottles have a wider upper body and a large opening for easy cleaning and brushing – no need to brush. They can be boiled or simply washed and soaped. Most moms also prefer this brand when they shift from breast to bottle-feeding, as they noticed that babies had an easier time adjusting because of their soft and wide nipples that resemble their mom’s.

Like Dr. Brown’s, Tommee Tippee anti-colic bottles have a vent that is composed of a tube where the air is directed, leaving the milk without the negative pressure. These bottles come in 5 and 9 ounces.


Munchkin Latch Baby Bottles



Although this brand is new, it has become popular for its unique venting system, wherein the valve is placed at the bottom of the bottle. Parents had commented that their babies experienced less burping and less colic when they tried them out with the latch bottles. It is called a ‘latch’ bottle simply because its flexible, soft, and stretchable nipple features allow for more latching of the baby to the bottle, preventing air ingestion as well.

Some moms complain that the valve at the bottom is difficult to clean properly, although most only have good words to say about this newly rising brand. Their sippy cups also have great reviews and are getting much attention lately.


Medela Breast Milk Bottles 


This brand is not so much a winner for moms because of its new characteristics and awesome design, but because it is still high quality at a reasonable price. These bottles are great especially for newborns, being leak-free, durable, and have simple to read measurements. They also look good and are great for bringing with them to parties and out-of-town. Its most loved feature, however, is that it directly connects to the pump. At only $4 per piece, the Medela bottles are the last on the list, but not the least.





I’d like to emphasize the fact that truly, no one bottle is perfect for every baby. Each of our newborns latches and sucks a little differently from the other. One may be more comfortable with a longer nipple length, and the other just can’t stand a too-soft texture. The width of the AVENT bottles may be too much for your little one, but Dr. Brown’s longer bottles snugly fit his small hands.


What I did was I tried to buy one of each of my favorites and observed which brand was best for my daughter. I bought small ones from Tommee Tippee and the larger ones from AVENT and Medela. Of course, this strategy may be a bit expensive, but I’d rather spend for each and then buy more when I find out which one brand is tailored for my baby. You could try my style, or you could just choose from my list. All of them are top of the line – you can do your research. What’s important is that feeding bottles, just like any other gear or product that you buy, should be helpful for the healthy development of your baby.



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