What Features To Look For In Remote Control Cars Under $50?

It used to be, when you bought a cheap RC car, you wouldn’t get much out of it. You’d get a car that would spin out of control, break down on uneven terrain, and have a remote with poor range. You’d get a disappointed kid and a frustrated parent who doesn’t want to spend more on another RC car. 

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However, the game has changed. Nowadays, you can get some RC cars that do quite a lot despite their low price tag. Getting a quality RC car for under $50 is a possibility now. And, there are many more options now. There are cars for every age range, some that you purchase ready to run, and others that are app controlled with vehicle parts you assemble yourself. Also, the number of features you can find in remote control cars today has increased immensely. Here are a few features you can expect out of an RC car in this lower price range. 

Crash Resistant 

Many remote control cars under $50 are quite durable. When your child is driving them around, they’re going to drive the cars into walls, spin them around, flip them over, and do all sorts of stuff that can damage them. But regardless, they are quite durable. This is good because many cars are app controlled with vehicle parts that may be tough to replace yourself. If driving RC cars are new hobbies, remote app controlled vehicles may take some time to get used to.

Also, many cheap RC cars are waterproof. If your kid drives the car into some mud or a pond, you may not have to worry much about replacing it. Just remember to get the car out of the water ASAP because not all cars can last. You can end up with a car rusted and with stripped screws to replace.

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They Can Do Cool Stunts 

Another feature of remote control cars under $50 is the fact that they can do some unique stunts. From spinning them around to flying them around ramps, they are quite easy for a child to do, and a lower-end model can still do quite a bit. They don’t go in just four directions, but they can do all sorts of directions as well. 

They Go Fast 

Again, it used to be that cheap RC cars couldn’t go that fast. They were a slog, and your kid was disappointed. But nowadays, cheap RC cars can go pretty fast. They can go over 15 MPH, for example. That may be slow for a real car, but for an RC car, that’s quite fast.

Four Wheel Drive 

With cheap RC cars, it used to be that they couldn’t handle any terrain that wasn’t a paved sidewalk. Nowadays, affordable RC cars can speed off-road. Bumpy, dirt roads, rough terrain, and carpet are no match. You want a car that can go anywhere, or else you’re going to have a disappointed child who is upset they can’t play with their car in the great outdoors. There are all sorts of remote app controlled vehicles that can trek over just about anything.

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Decent Battery Life 

The battery life of cheap RC cars always used to be a bust. In the old days, you’d have to buy disposable batteries as well, meaning you’d go through many batteries just to make your kid happy. Nowadays, most RC cars are chargeable, and they can go for a while on a single charge. 

That will depend on the car, of course. Some cars do fail a bit in poor battery life. However, many can last a while, and they don’t take too long to charge. Also, the driver hobbies remote app controlled vehicles don’t have to be driven with a traditional remote control. The fact that they’re remote app controlled vehicles means you’ll use a device to control the car, which is also rechargeable.

Bright Lights 

Another cool feature of RC cars is that they come with bright, flashing lights. Sometimes, it has an LED light set that gives your kid’s car a bit of style, as well as makes it easy to find when it’s dark. Other times, they have full-on headlights to give your kid the illusion of night driving. Some cars have it so you can turn the lights on or off, depending on how you want to conserve battery. Toys and games, hobbies, and remote driving are all much more fun with light up things.

Some Good Sound Effects 

It used to be that cheap RC cars lacked good sound effects. The revving sounds and the horn sounded muffled, leading to something like nails on a chalkboard. However, newer remote control cars under $50 have some pretty good sound effects. Your child will feel the experience of driving a real car. Just come to think of the fun hearing the sounds the car makes as it glides across the road. Most kids are drawn to toys, games, and hobbies, including the best remote control cars for kids which come with parts and remotes that produce exciting noises. This makes playing more realistic and engaging.

Cars For Every Skill Level 

An RC car under $50 used to be for little kids only.  You would have a car that could move around, but it couldn’t do that much besides that. Small children would find them fun, but after a while, they would outgrow the car and look for something that offered more features. 

Nowadays, there’s a car for every skill level under $50. The cars meant for little kids cost nothing, and cars that can satisfy older kids aren’t too expensive, either. Then, there are the cars that are easy to control but hard to master, allowing all ages to enjoy them. 

That being said, children can certainly end up wanting something more expensive if this is a hobby they stick with. Companies like Redcat Racing and Traxxas make race quality upgrades assembled in US cars that can go really fast and cost a lot of money. Cars like these wouldn’t be appropriate for kids ages 14 years and under.

Long Remote Range 

In the dark days, a cheap RC car had a bad remote range. You’d have to be very close to the car to make it work. If you were even a few feet away, the car wouldn’t respond to your button presses, and it would go berserk. 

A bad remote range meant that your kid was limited in where they could go. There were some places the car could explore, but not the kid and the kid would be disappointed they couldn’t reach it.

However, newer cars have some good remote range. You can be quite far and still have a car that responds immediately. Remote technology has improved over the years, and you’ll be impressed with what they do. Games and hobbies remote app controlled have made it where the range can be much farther now.

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A Variety Of Colors 

Cars used to come in one color, and that was it. Now, with online shopping, you can buy cars in all sorts of colors. Some cars even allow your kid to customize the color scheme. Having your color sets you apart from the rest, and it’s always fun to see what color combinations your kid wants. Some cars are even compatible with a frame replacement for RC car types. Or, you can buy different vehicle parts for remote app controlled cars that add different colors. On top of that, you can even buy the best race car track toys that are compatible with RC cars. Kids love toys and games they can get in the colors they like the most.

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If you have a kid who wants an RC car, and you think back to the day when $50 wouldn’t buy much, stop thinking that way. There are quite a few RC cars that can go far for $50, even a fraction of that! There are even race quality upgrades assembled in USA RC car kit complete replacement packs that let you add colors, features, and vehicle parts for remote app controlled cars. You can shop through Hot Racing for kits and parts. Shop around for vehicles, and chances are, you can find the car that will last you a lifetime.


The fastest remote control car, according to experts, is the Radio Controlled Bullet car. It records a speed of 325.12 km/h and is built by Nic Case.
How much does an RC cost?
An RC car usually costs from $9.95 up to $100 depending on the type of RC car that you want. You can opt to have those cars made to handle rough conditions, or you can also choose simple and cheap ones.
Does Walmart sell RC cars?
Yes, there are lots of RC cars being sold at Walmart. You can go to their website and choose which is available in the market and have it delivered to your doorstep. Or you can personally visit any of their stores to see and choose for yourself the RC car of your choice.


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