Toddlers’ Dolls

Your toddler is barely out of their baby phase, and yet they love baby dolls and they do make some of the best gifts.


paradise galleries - The kid looks interested with the baby doll. Buy your kid a good baby doll that will last for years.

A baby doll can be a fun little companion and teach children the value of taking care of something smaller and more vulnerable in a safe environment. They make some of the best gifts for both boys and girls, but which ones are good for them? Here are some of the best dolls for the money.

Here, we’ll go over some of the features the best baby dolls have, along with some of the best toys that your child will enjoy, including why they’re great, and some unique features. 

What To Look For In A Baby Doll

  • Here are a few factors to think about and features to look for in a baby doll…

Baby Doll Realism

  • Some toddlers will want a baby doll that looks realistic. Others may wish for a more cartoonish look to them. Find the right balance to choose the best baby doll for your child. 

Baby Doll Customization

  • The best baby doll has changeable clothes and can be customized just for the kid. Meanwhile, other baby dolls can’t be changed. If your toddler loves customization, think about that. A lot of the best baby doll options allow for customization so your child can enjoy them. 
paradise galleries baby dolls: A bigger version of baby doll and a smaller baby doll. These are one of the best doll babies for kids.

Baby Dolls Movement

  • Some baby dolls have realistic movements. They can suck on their thumbs, close or open their eyes, or make noises. Other baby dolls stay still, which may be enough for your toddler. Think about that before you purchase a baby doll. While they do make the best gifts for younger children, if it doesn’t move very much, your child might get bored with it. 

Baby Doll Price

  • Finally, you want the best baby doll within your budget. More realistic baby dolls can cost more, so beware when shopping. They do make the best gifts, but because of that, sometimes you have to pay a little more. 

Baby Doll Machine Washable

  • Finally, you might want to consider a baby doll that is machine washable. If you’re buying a baby doll for a wee baby, chances are they’ll get messes on it, and you want something simple to throw in the washing machine as needed. Thankfully, machine-washable baby dolls, especially cloth baby dolls are perfect for Wee Baby, and usually, they come with parts that are easy to clean in the event of messes. 
  • Plush baby dolls are usually better for younger children and infants, but a plush doll may not be ideal for older children. A plush baby doll does have the upside of being washable, but a downside to a plush baby doll is there is a chance it may unravel and break apart over time. 
Paradise Galleries - Machine washable plush baby doll. A baby doll that is washable is good for toddler to keep the baby doll clean all the time.

Baby Alive Luv N Snuggle Baby Doll

Baby Alive baby doll has a more cartoonish look to it, but it’s still a popular baby doll. It’s soft and cuddly, and it includes its bottle for imagination. Toddler sometimes needs a snuggle companion they can love, and a Baby Alive baby doll can help them with that. This baby doll is beloved by toddlers and little girls alike. You can even put its thumb in its mouth. The only downside is that it’s not waterproof and you can’t change its clothes, but it’s still a cool doll for the price. This top baby doll can even be gently washed.

The appeal of Baby Alive dolls is they are similar to actual babies. They are the most popular baby dolls out there. You can feed baby-alive dolls, and these baby-alive dolls even poop.  Your child can change the baby alive doll’s diapers, and they can even play with it too. Some children want a realistic doll, but not for a realistic doll price. Luckily, with Baby Alive, you’ll be able to get that for a reasonable price. Baby Alive dolls are also relatively inexpensive for a baby doll, which makes them one of the best baby dolls out there for a parent on a budget. 

Baby Alive: one of the best baby dolls in the market. Get a good paradise galleries doll like this for your child.

Lifelike Realistic Baby Doll

Realistic baby dolls can add a bit more, well, realism to your kid’s playtime. Some parents love how real they look and may confuse them for a real baby. Others may dislike their price tag, and their uncanny valley looks to them. If you’re more of the former, you may love this doll. There are Paradise Galleries for toddlers and babies.

The Paradise Galleries like toddlers’ baby dolls look real and can give your toddler some companionship. It includes ten pieces of accessories and feels just like a real baby if that’s something you or your child are looking for. It is pricey, though, and for that price, it doesn’t have any eye movement, and it doesn’t make any sounds, which seems a bit like a missed opportunity. However, we believe you’ll still love what this baby doll can offer your toddler. These Paradise Galleries toddler products have different premium vinyl such as gentle touch pop, soft-touch pop, and flex touch pop.

Paradise Galleries offer satisfaction guaranteed 30-day full refund and you can contact their customer service at 1 800 673 6557. They have a 4.9-star rating and offer 3 easy payment methods. Check out their website header and find everything you need to know on how to purchase.

American Girl Bitty Baby Doll

This is a fun baby doll that can open and close its eyes, can be dressed up, and is quite cuddly to boot. It even has a personalized announcement, it can say. You can’t pose, or machine wash this baby doll, but with so many accessories you can buy, it’s one doll that will keep your child entertained for quite a while. Try this good baby doll today and see the difference. It’s a bit on the pricy side but still good.

While American girl dolls may not be suitable for younger children, some older girls and boys like these baby dolls.  If your child likes playing with dolls but wants a doll that is high-quality and holds up well, then American Girl is the way to go. 

American girl dolls are quite pretty, and they come with realistic features. Though they’re not plush baby dolls like some of these, some children like these because they are great for pretend play.  The customization options also offer even more fun during pretend play for some. 

They do come in baby doll versions, although they aren’t plush dolls and are a bit fragile. 

Paradise Galleries - Here are top baby dolls collection. Select a good baby doll for your child.

Corolle Calin Charming Pastel Baby Doll

This is a top baby doll that is oh so soft, and it even has a scent of vanilla on it if your toddler wants a companion that doesn’t smell like a dirty diaper. It’s filled with beans, and you can even pose it. Its eyes open and close too. It seems like a great baby so far, and it’s also realistic. This doll may not be good for tiny children, such as 1-year-olds, since the smell might be a little bit overwhelming for some. But, if your child likes vanilla and is young, then some 1-year-olds may like this baby doll.

However, this baby doll is not suitable for bathing, as it can be tough to dry it, and you may end up losing that baby’s scent. Also, the hair is painted on and not designed to be realistic. Despite those couple of downsides, this is still a lovely baby doll you’re going to love, and if you want a baby doll that comes in different skin tones, this is one of the best there is. 

Corolle Mon Premier Baby Doll

The Corolla mon premier baby is one of the best baby dolls for your child to use. 

The Corolle Mon Premier baby is a great first doll, and it is about a foot long, comes with pastel pink pajamas, and the Corolle Mon Premier baby doll will show your child how to take care of a baby doll as well. 

The Corolla mon premier baby doll also can be posed like a real baby, is made with soft vinyl, and also has a vanilla scent.  The Corolla mon premier baby also will hug you, and it comes with sleepy eyes when it lays down, and the child can give the Corolla mon premier baby a pacifier when fussy too. 

It is a cute and good baby doll, and the Corolla mon premier baby will show your child how to be a little mommy in just a few simple steps. 

Corolle Mon Premier Baby Doll looks like a real baby doll with its pose. Will you get your child this good paradise galleries doll?

JC Toys Lots To Cuddle Babies Soft Doll Twins

A pair of twins is suitable for a household with multiple children, who may or may not be twins. This pair of baby doll twins has many sizes and ethnicities to pick from, which is always good for our diverse country. They can make some very expressive faces, and they are quite cuddly no matter who you are. You can take off the clothes and wash them, and put on garments of your own. You can buy clothes designed just for them as well. These are great for 1-year-olds since they don’t come with a lot of small parts, and most 1-year-olds can use some of the fun little accessories you can buy for these dolls as well. They are plush baby doll, so you don’t have to worry about them breaking. 

These top baby dolls are sold individually as well, but we love seeing them as twins. Well, no matter who you are, we believe you’re going to love what these baby dolls have to offer.

Cabbage Patch Kids Doll

Cabbage patch kids have been around for a long time, and if you want a great baby doll for a 1-year-old and beyond, this is a great option. Cabbage patch kids come in a variety of different skin colors, and hair colors, and you can get these patch kids in different options. 

This good baby doll has been around since the 90s and for a good reason. Cabbage patch kids come in a variety of different options, and they’re plush baby dolls that will hold up for a long time.  They do some with some machine washable parts, and the clothes they wear can be taken off and are machine washable if there is a spill. These are good for pretend play for 1-year-olds and even small toddlers too. 

Cabbage Patch Kids Doll with hair made of yarn, cute and chubby cheeks. This good baby doll is great for 1 year old and up.

Madame Alexander Baby Huggums Doll

Quite a long name, isn’t it? This baby doll is ready for hugs. It’s a foot long, which is great for smaller kids who may have trouble holding a bigger baby doll. As you can expect, it’s so soft, and you can wash it close. The eyes of this good baby doll do open and close as well. As we mentioned before, a little bit of movement in the dolls goes a long way for a toddler who wants more realistic play. This is one of the best baby dolls that can do quite a bit. Madam Alexander is another toy company that’s been around for quite a long time, and while the dolls are expensive, they are realistic and look great. 

It’s meant for older toddlers over two, and because it’s squeaky, it can create a lot of noise. However, it’s still a high baby doll made from nothing but quality. If your kid is looking for a baby doll, they can’t go wrong with this one.

Madame Alexander Baby Huggums Doll: Paradise Galleries

Melissa And Doug Mine To Love Jenna Soft Body Baby Doll

This is a top doll with completely movable arms and legs. This allows for posing and other motor skill developments your toddler can use. Its onesie is removable for customization. The baby doll can suck on thumbs as well, giving it a bit more realism. Also, it’s effortless to clean. Your toddler can wipe any messes from it, and the baby is as good as new. It does have small parts and accessories that are sold separately, but this doll can be personalized and overall makes one of the best baby dolls for your child.

Melissa Doug is a very popular toy company, and this realistic baby doll is a great option for a child. Melissa Doug dolls come in a variety of different options as well, especially for baby dolls.  The smock that this Melissa Doug doll has is also easy to clean, and your child will learn how to take care of this Melissa Doug doll when they use it. Melissa Doug is a popular toy company, and many children enjoy these top baby dolls because not only are they realistic, but they can be personalized for your child too. 

The Best Realistic Baby Dolls 

You may want to shop all doll babies for some dolls that are a bit different.  These realistic baby dolls are popular for women who want something realistic, or for those who want something a bit different.  

While these may not be the best baby dolls for toddlers of all ages, if you’re looking for a realistic baby doll this is a great place to begin. Paradise Galleries has some amazing reborn, and great baby dolls if you want something real.

Paradise Galleries

Reborns Collectors Vault Baby Dolls

Reborns collectors vault baby dolls are dolls babies toddlers may not enjoy, but these reborn collectors dolls babies are great for people who want more realistic dolls.  The reborn collectors’ baby dolls are realistic to lifelike babies, and they are dolls with magnetic pacifiers to use with any of these reborn collectors’ baby dolls. 

For Reborn Baby Dolls, purchases of Paradise Galleries toddlers, SoftTouch Pop, and FlexTouch Pop are needed to make birthdays and playtime adorable.

The Reborns collectors’ baby dolls are very similar to actual babies, and they are good if you want something real.  Some of these reborn collectors’ baby dolls are varying, and you may want a pretty in pink, or even an African American reborn collector’s baby doll. 

Reborns Collectors Vault dolls are retired realistic dolls.  These reborn collector vault dolls come in different options. You can get reborn collectors vault dolls in the form of an African American child, or even reborn collectors vault baby dolls that are triplets.  There are so many options, and many of them use magnetic items such as a magnetic pacifier to do the job. 

With reborn collectors vaulted baby dolls, the dolls run into the issue of the stock selling fast.  These versions of the reborn collectors dolls suffer from the stock selling fast, and when that happens usually it’s hard to get one of these reborn collectors vault baby dolls. But if you can pick one up, there are collectors vault gift ideas such as reborn collectors vault baby dolls for you to check out. 

Some people wonder that despite the stock selling fast are there fast reborns for you to get.  There are, and fast reborn means that they’ll be here early on. Fast Reborns are already made, and with fast reborn collector’s vault dolls, they simply ship them to you. 

Having fast Reborns is great because if you recently lost a child, some moms suffer from postpartum depression, and fast Reborns can help with this. Fast reports have many similar features to actual baby dolls, and fast Reborns collectors vault dolls are a good alternative. 

These collectors’ vault dolls oftentimes have stock selling fast, since these fast collectors’ vault baby dolls usually are shipped out immediately. With fast reborn collectors vault baby dolls, you can get these in as little as two days.  Unlike other reborn, with fast reborn collectors vault dolls, they are on hand and are great options if you need them. 

Fast Reborn Collectors vault baby dolls are great because you can shop all dolls, look for the fast reborn collectors, and have them right away. Some parents like the variants of the fast reborn collectors that you can get. 

Types Of Fast Reborns Collectors Vault Dolls To Consider

  • There are plenty of fast Reborns collectors vault baby dolls, despite the stock selling fast, and we’ll go over a few. 

First we have Jannie de Lange dolls. Jannie de Lange is a very popular type of fast Reborns collectors vault baby dolls you can get. 

  • These dolls work with a magnetic pacifier
  • They are dolls with magnetic parts on the body that use the magnetic pacifier and other items.

The Jannie De Lange dolls are a very popular doll, and she works with all kinds of skin tones from African American dolls to even fair-skin dolls. She also does sleeping dolls and awake dolls, and are great collectors’ vault gift dolls. Jannie de Lange gives you reasons to shop since she offers plenty of dolls babies as well, and Jannie de Lange also offers some pretty popular dolls.  Most of these Jannie de Lange Dolls are Ages 3+ low-stock dolls, so you will want to act fast.  These are doll babies that are great for women who want a real doll. 

Paradise Galleries so realistic galleries dolls

Then you have the Pat Moulton dolls Pat Moulton dolls are a type of doll babies that many women like, and are another reborn collectors vault gift doll that’s great. It does have some dollars for ages 3+ low stock options, so for your child, you can get them doll babies that toddlers can enjoy. But you also have flex-touch vinyl Pat Moulton dolls.  Flextouch Vinyl Pat Moulton dolls are incredibly realistic and they feel realistic. Flextouch vinyl also offers more types of movement, and if you want to, with a Flextouch Vinyl Pat Moulton doll, you can even get them anatomically correct. Many people like the flex-touch vinyl options because with Reborns collectors vault gift dolls, you’re getting realistic baby dolls, and they also come in different skin tones. If you want African American doll babies, you can get it with this.  They also come with the magnetic pacifier option, and also dolls with magnetic parts. There are sleeping dolls and awake dolls, and you also can get twin dolls.

Then you have Sherri Williams which makes baby bundles and sleeping dolls. The Sherri Williams sleeping dolls are incredibly realistic, and Sherri Williams also does dolls with magnetic parts to use with this.  The Sherri Williams dolls also are primarily porcelain sleeping dolls, so they’re usually not good for toddlers ages 3+. however, there are plenty of baby bundles with Sherri Williams, and they offer some great collectors Vault gift reborn dolls for you or your child to enjoy.

You also have low-stock Adora toddler time dolls.  Low-stock Adora toddler time dolls are popular because they offer realistic toddlers for you to take care of.  You can put in your cart Adora toddler time tolls, but if you hesitate to purchase they may not be there the next time you log in. 

Other Factors To Consider With Collectors Vault Gift Dolls

  • With these collectors’ vault gift dolls, there are plenty of options out there, and they offer different dolls babies toddlers and older women will love.  You can shop all the dolls, but if you want the lowdown on the shop of all the dolls we’ll give that to you.
  • While you can shop all dolls and realize they’re all dolls for babies and toddlers that are realistic, these dolls come in different options.
  • First, you have the low-stock dolls. Low-stock dolls are very popular, and if you see a doll that’s low stock, you may want to pick it up, because usually these sleeping dolls, or even dolls with magnetic parts may not be around, so if you see a low-stock doll, you will want to grab it. Low-stock dolls also tend to be popular. 
  • Then you have gentle-touch vinyl. This adds realism to these dolls that babies toddlers and adults enjoy. With gentle-touch vinyl, it is more of a weighted cloth body. Some like gentle-touch vinyl since it makes them heavier, and gentle-touch vinyl, it makes these dolls babies toddlers, and adults enjoy fare more realistic. You can get dolls with magnetic parts in this form, along with sleeping dolls. 
  • This site also comes with African American fast doll babies that you can get.  They come in different skin tones and are great if you want African-American baby bundles. 
  • You can get baby bundles too.  Baby bundles come in toddlers for ages 3+ versions and in some collectors’ vault gift versions. Baby bundles are great because it comes with a few extras. That way, you can have a realistic baby doll right there with you. 
  • You can get fast doll babies. Fast doll babies are great because they get there fast, and they are usually shipped timely. If you want something quickly, you can get fast doll babies. 
  • Then you have babies and toddlers for ages 3+. With babies toddlers for ages 3+, you can get babies toddlers will enjoy. With babies toddlers can enjoy, they’ll be able to get the experience of having all of the fun of a realistic baby doll, but also doll babies toddlers for ages 3+. these babies toddlers 3+ offer the babies toddlers experience to children.  With babies’ toddlers’ experience, they can enjoy taking care of a baby, and if your child likes baby dolls, but you want to get them something better, you can get them baby toddler dolls. These babies toddlers for ages 3+ also come in different sizes too. You can get babies toddlers baby dolls, and with these toddlers for ages 3+ dolls, your child can learn to take care of a baby, and the toddlers ages 3+ dolls don’t come with parts that they can choke on.  Toddlers ages 3+ with baby dolls are good because they give them the realistic baby doll experience. 
  • Then you have child dolls that are toddlers ages 3+. They are more the size of a child.  With toddlers ages 3+ lifelike dolls, can be like a companion, and if your child likes to play with dolls, a toddler ages 3+ doll that’s like this is a great investment. 
  • Now, you can shop all dolls, and from there, you can shop all doll babies to choose the one you want. But some people run into the issue of when they shop all doll babies, it’s overwhelming. But, if you’re not sure, you can shop all doll babies and look at what’s right for you. Sometimes, if you shop all doll babies, you can pinpoint what you want. However, you don’t have to shop for all doll babies Source: if you don’t want to.
  • There are plenty of reasons to shop for these dolls. One of the biggest reasons to shop is they’re affordable.  Another one of the main reasons to shop is they’re easy to get and they ship out fast.  These are the best realistic baby dolls for a good price, and you can see from here there are plenty o

Best Baby Doll Frequently Asked Questions


What Is A Reborn Baby Doll?

A reborn toddler is an art doll that resembles a real human infant. They are also referred to as lifelike dolls or reborn baby dolls. 

What Are The Baby Dolls That Look Real?

These baby dolls that look real are commonly called reborn baby dolls. They resemble real-life human infants. 

How Much Is A Silicone Baby Doll?

A silicone baby doll or reborn toddler costs around $300 to $1000. Many factors affect the variation of prices, such as size, hair material, and the availability of the sculptors and artists. However, there is a cheaper option which is primarily factory manufactured, the lifelike dolls which are priced at $50 to $1000. 

Paradise Galleries - Silicone baby doll. This type of doll looks real made of silicone material and top baby doll choice for child.


What Is The Difference Between Reborn And Silicone Baby Dolls?

Reborn and silicone babies are composed of different materials. Reborn dolls are made of vinyl, making them hard, while silicone babies are made of silicone. Reborn dolls are not as flexible as silicone babies. However, silicone babies are more vulnerable to wear and tear in contrast with reborn dolls. Lastly, high-quality silicone babies are relatively more expensive compared with the latter. 

What Is The Point Of A Reborn Baby Doll?

Consumers sometimes use reborn doll babies to cope with their grief over the loss of their child. It can also be a portrait of a grown-up child. Some use the reborn babies as a collection, while some use it plainly for playing.

Baby Doll: What Is The Most Realistic One?

The La Newborn Boutique 14 14-inch doll, 9 Piece Set, is considered the most realistic baby doll in the market. The brand offers options for various ethnicities and other preferences. It has very smooth skin resembling a human’s but is waterproof. It is small for children to be carrying around.

Which Is The Best Baby Alive Doll?

In the year 2019, the best baby alive listed was the REAL AS CAN BE’s. It comes with 80 lifelike sounds and expressions. It does not just speak but also laughs, giggles, and even babble when being talked to. It closes its eyes when rocked and has a soft body that’s perfect for cuddling!


Baby Alive Baby Doll - one of the best baby doll choices for kids. Read more about Baby Alive Baby Dolls in The Best Baby Dolls For Toddlers Children Will Love


Are They The Same As Doll Reborns?

Yes, Paradise Galleries dolls are reborn baby dolls. Their selection of Paradise Galleries Reborn Like Dolls is said to be their most realistic for its intricate details and meticulous design. Their artists have worked on even the tiniest details for their dolls to resemble real-life human infants. The Paradise Galleries like toddlers meanwhile may appear like real playmates for toddlers.

Do Reborn Baby Dolls Cry?

Yes, some reborn baby dolls cry, and some do not. It depends on the consumer’s preference. Since it tries to resemble babies in real life, aside from crying, some even eat and poop!


Reborn baby doll looks real. This paradise galleries doll is a top choice for your baby/toddler.


What Are The Best Dolls For Boys?

You may wonder if there are any dolls for boys that are the best. While many guides best discuss baby dolls for girls, there are some dolls for boys that may be good for them, and good baby dolls for both boys and girls. 

The Haba snug-up doll is probably your best bet.  This is called the snug-up doll Luis, and it is a good baby doll for both boys and girls. The snug-up doll Luis is a small, 8-inch baby doll that is a boy and is good for both boys and girls. 

The Haba snug-up doll is a safe doll for babies birth and up and comes with a cute face, big brown eyes, large freckles, and a smile. The snug-up doll Luis is a complement to the pinch version, and it is the doll Luis is known for being a high-quality, inexpensive doll. If your child likes pink, the doll Luis in pink is a good one for you to check out too.

Another good one is the baby Stella from Manhattan Toy.  This doll, from Manhattan Toy, comes in a variety of skin tones and variations, and this is one of the best baby doll options for both genders. The variety of skin tones offers some inclusivity to this doll, and the baby Stella is one of the top baby dolls from Manhattan Toy. The Manhattan toy is known for the baby Stella, which is one of their most popular toys, and they are great for pretend play.  Manhattan Toy also has various other options, including a toy buggy, and even accessories for the baby Stella.  If you want one of the best baby doll options on the market for both genders and a whole bunch of other accessories to make pretend play best, then Baby Stella is the way to go. 

What Is Needed For A Reborn Baby Doll?  

Are Reborn Dolls Healthy?

Are Reborn Babies Expensive?

What Are Real Reborn Dolls Made Of?

Can You Use Human Hair On Reborn Dolls?

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