Solar System Toys For Kids

Teaching kids about planets, while they’re young, is always the best thing!


Every kid dreams of being the best astronaut and being the one to one day, go where no man has gone before. These toys help teach your kids more about the planets and what they do. Here are some cool toys to get you started, but don’t forget to also explore the best educational websites for kids, which can greatly supplement their learning experiences while keeping them entertained.

Planet Toys

Our solar system is a vast place, and for a lot of children, learning science can be hard. But, if you give them an educational toy about our solar system, boys and girls will be more interested in learning about these planets.

There are many different options for best solar system kids toys that they’ll love.  There are also magnetic solar system toy sets that help children develop motor skills. There are also planet toys for kids of all ages that they can enjoy.

They come in different types of toys for them to enjoy. For example, a card game to help children learn about the planets. There is also a play tent that children can use for pretend play. And while a rocket ship play tent might not be a great way to learn about the solar system, a rocket ship play tent is great for younger children and offers different ways for the children to learn about our solar system and outer space.

You can even learn about the solar system with different educational toys that teach children about the planets.  Giant magnetic solar systems are one of the great learning resources since it’s an educational toy boys and girls can play with. The magnetic solar system offers a demonstration of the solar system we are in, including the dwarf planet and even some other important locations such as the asteroid belt. You can bring a solar system planetarium experience right to your home with these learning resources giant magnetic solar systems kids can enjoy. There are plenty of different educational toy options there for children to enjoy, and if you’re looking for a gift for kids, solar system toys can be great for them.


Important Features Of Planet Toys

  • Education

The first thing you should look for is education. How does the toy present facts, and does it do it in a way that is fun for your child to understand, or is a little dry? Either way, you should look for this when deciding. Also, make sure the toy is up to date. What we know about the planets is always changing, and you don’t want any outdated information.

  • Interactivity

Many of these toys will come with interactivity. Be it planets you can paint, planets you can touch and get more information from, and more. If you’re curious about the planets, an interactive toy can make the process so much better.

  • Artistic Factor

Many of these toys can be painted or hung up, allowing your kid to be more artistic with what they can do with it. Try it out and see what we’re talking about.

  • Decorative Factor

Many of these toys double as a cool decoration. Once your child knows everything, there is to know about the planets above, decorating the room with planets is a fun idea that they will want to try. Make sure you are decorating your kid’s room with style.


Solar System Mobile From Crate And Kids

Why wait until your kid is in school to get them interested in the planets? You can get them interested as soon as they are able to sleep in the cradle. This beautifully crafted mobile is made from wood and comes with a wide variety of planets, an astronaut, and a rocket, all from wool. It’s a pricey mobile, but it’s so beautiful that you’ll want to keep it long after your baby has grown.

Smithsonian Planet Projector

A projector can be fun for many reasons. It can help your kid unwind after a long day. It helps your kid learn visually. This projector fills your room with all the planets and other information about them. It’s not too pricey, either. It’s one projector that you will definitely want to try out, as it can teach your kids all there is to know about the stars above you.

3-D Solar System

This is another toy that fills your room with glowing planets, but unlike the last one, you can actually touch these. The 3-D solar system comes with plenty of planets that are designed to glow in the dark for a long time. Try this out today and watch as your kid looks at the planets and dreams about what could be. This is a great educational toy is a great one to show children who need an image of the solar system.

best glow in the dark planet toys

LeapFrog LeapReader Interactive Discovery

Leapfrog has been a great name in edutainment fun. This little discovery set has over 240 clips of audio, over 40 activities, and even glow in the dark stickers. It helps explain more about space, and when you unfold it, this baby is over three feet long and has two sides. It’s a great way for your child to learn more about the Earth around them. Your kid is going to love it, and honestly, so will you. It’s great for the whole family.

FloraCraft Model

This is a cool model made from painted Styrofoam. It forms in the shape of nine planets, and it’s easy for anyone to put together, though the rods have to be cut, which is a bit of a downside. With that said, this is a cheap way to teach your child more about the planets

Planetarium By 4M

This is a moving model of the solar system that has a lot of potential for learning. Most interestingly of all, it does not need any batteries. It’s another set you can easily put together, and it encourages artistic kids as well, as it comes with art supplies. You can decorate your room with it, but with that said, the pieces are a bit small, and the paint it has that is supposed to glow in the dark does lack glowing. However, it’s still a great kit that will give your kid entertainment

Learning Resources Giant Inflatable

What kid doesn’t love a good inflatable? This inflatable includes a pump to make the process easy, as well as a repair kit in case there is an accident. This inflatable has learning capabilities, and you can even hang it up, wipe it clean, and store it.

It comes with eight planets (nine if you count Pluto, ) the sun and the moon of the Earth. Once everything is inflated, your kid has a cool inflatable set you won’t forget.

Glow-In-The-Dark Mobile Making Kit

If your baby liked that mobile, and now they’re grown and want to make their own, this mobile making kit can be their gateway into doing that. This is a craft kit that includes everything you need. It allows you to be more artistic, and once you’re done, you have an awesome 3D mobile your kid can hang up in their room. It even includes a cool poster.

Also, if your kid is bad with instructions, have no fear. The instructions included are easy for anyone to understand, so they can have at it.


Melissa & Doug Floor Puzzle

A puzzle can be a fun way to teach kids about the planets, and this puzzle is fun for everyone. Its pieces are thick, and each piece has some learning on it. Once your kid puts it together, they can easily take it apart as well. Once the puzzle is finished, it’s a whopping 2 x 3 feet. The only downside is that there are only 48 pieces, so bigger children may be bored with the puzzle. But for little kids, this is awesome.

Learning Resources Shining Stars Projector

This is a great way to learn about stars.  This learning resources toy is a giant projector that shows off the different stars that are out there. With this stars projector, they’ll be able to learn to identify and see different stars that are there. Learning resources makes it simple for children to learn, and with this educational toy, they will be able to see the different stars that are out in outer space, and learn about them. This is great for young kids because it offers a visual experience for them, and this stars projector is an educational toy that helps them learn how these stars look like.

Learning Resources Giant Magnetic Solar System

Has your child ever wanted to learn about outer space, but you haven’t found an educational toy that is simple enough for them? Well the learning resources giant magnetic solar system is a great one for young kids, and older kids alike. They can learn about outer space, and this giant magnetic system is perfect for them to enjoy.

Learning resources is a high quality educational toys company, and these outer space toys that are giant magnetic parts, you’ll definitely be able to see what they planets in outer space look like, and how they relate to the rest of our universe.

There is also a giant inflatable solar system to give a life size outer space option for young kids and older kids.  This educational toys from learning resources are high quality ones, and they will show people how the planets relate to one another, and the magic of outer space.

Solar System Bingo by University Games

If you’re looking for an educational game that also teaches you some cool concepts, then this university games solar system bingo is a perfect one for you. There are many ways to play, but this is an educational game that plays like bingo, but also teaches you about the solar system.

With this educational game, you can read and learn all about the planets, and when you know you have one, you can call out bingo.

If you’re looking for an educational game that’s great for all ages, then you won’t want to miss this one.

Educational toys are great for children because they teach them a lot of great concepts, and a concept such as the solar system is a fun one for you to learn about and understand.


Planet Toys

Frequently Asked Questions

Are these toys considered educational?

Yes. Planet toys are solar system toys that support children’s learning abilities. It helps enhances creativity and critical-thinking skills.

What age should I start buying educational toys for my child?

Purchasing the top planet toys for kids is appropriate for two months old.

How do I pick the best toy for a kid off this list?

It depends on your children. But for a little suggestion, you can include planetarium toys or build-it-yourself models.

Are these toys safe for my young child?

Honestly, some of these planet toys are safe for kids. However, some may pose a choking hazard as well.

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Top Planet Toys

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