Toys For Girls: 9 Years

If you’re stumped in figuring out what toys are the best for your 9 years old girl, you are not alone. Nine is a very interesting age — they’re between bigger childhood and pre-teendom years. Toys for girls are not as complicated as you think they are. Check these old toys ideas we have listed in this article. 


You may see signs of your kid becoming a little more independent as every year go by and developing her own interests, but she is still a child.  But if you shop for the best toys for nine years old ladies that teach kids and that kids love, you can find some great options even if she has outgrown her dolls. Luckily, there are some best unique toys for 9-yo ladies that teach kids and that kids love. She’ll love shopping but also love creativity, and any social games that create a challenge.

Toys For 9 Years Old Girls

Artistic Capabilities

At nine, your girls are a little bit more expressive with themselves. These can be a fun way for self expression, so we say gifts that can help do that is highly recommended. You can get her a building kit, a set of art supplies, or fabric samples for designing clothes. You can also give her a new kick, camera for fun, or a new pair of soccer shoes.


Girl playing with her toys


Sleepover Party Game

At nine-year old, your girl may be having sleepovers at your or someone else’s house. Sleepovers can be a fun way to bond with friends, and this is a fun little party game with hundreds of challenges requiring a girl to do. This adds variety and thrill to the theme, making it great parties. It’s a fun toy that will make every girl laugh and have a good time.  

2 young and happy sisters

Stare! Junior Board Game 

This is another board game machine that your daughter will find great. This is another game that has hundreds of challenges, meaning the replayability is through the roof. This game tests the memory of your girl and it does involve teamwork, though you can play individually as well. 

Fingerlings Interactive Pink Baby Monkey

What girl doesn’t love an interactive pet? These are super soft, cute toys that responds to your child’s movements. From blinking, moving its head around, and making monkey noises, it’s awesome toys for your daughter for sure.

Nintendo Switch 

Video games have become more and more accepted and appreciated by girls. If your daughter wants to play some games, a Switch is a great console to get her started with. The Switch can be either portable or hook up to the TV, hence the name, and it comes with many games for both genders. Another is the Nintendo, which will your girl child will love – something to fill the night.

Who would not want a Nintendo Switch?

Crayola Light-up Tracing Pad

At nine-year old, your daughter may become more expressive and artistic. This is a cool tracing pad her. It has a tracing pad that lights up, sheets, and the ability to use colored pencils on it. Most 9 year old girls also love vibrant colors and intricate designs in one box.

Tracing can be a good way to practice her skills so she can make her own original creations. Plus, it can be quite therapeutic. This set has 100 and more images you can trace, meaning that your daughter will spend plenty of time tracing the images and whatnot. It’s easy to carry around, and you’re going to love it. You can also consider other Crayola art materials like this:


Loomy Bands 

At nine, your girl may become more expressive with her fashion. This contains many different bands and includes 28 colors that your daughter can choose from. These bands can change color, and there are many charms included too.

Stylish Fashion Design Kit 

This is awesome if your kid wants more out of fashion design or more intricate designs. It gives your child the ability to draw on their dresses and make their own glowing outfit, and be inspired. This set has a mannequin to help them and includes many different sewing goods. 

Girly Gift For Ladies

The spa can be a cool time to unwind. This contains all the ways a girl can be able to relax and beautify herself. This set has stuff like nail tools, an eye mask, and much more. It’s another good set that allows your daughter to be more fashionable and mindful of her appearance.  Other toys for girls 9 years old are fashion studio kit, plush toy, crystal growing kit, and Harry Potter.

Other good gifts for 9 year old are something they can use during rainy days at school like umbrellas, boots, and raincoats—or rainproof bags.


Tokaido Board Game 

Here’s another board game that is worth checking out. It has a strategy that is easy to pick up, but hard to master. Once you do master it, there are expansion packs that make it a whole lot more fun. This is a board game that is available physically, or digitally as well so your girl can play it on the go. This could go into the category of great gifts to give to 9 year old boys, also. If you are in search of gifts that you can give your kids – boy and girl, this game is a good option.


Chalk Trail

Here are interesting toys that are quite unique. This goes to the back of your girl’s bike. As she cycles, it draws. It can be a fun way to draw and express yourself, or it can be a way to draw on the road and make challenges using it. 

Star Wars

Star Wars has some of the best gift options that kids will love because they’re so recognizable. Many people will think to give a Star Wars toy to a 9 year old boy, but not very many people will think of giving Star Wars toys to a girl. Why not, though? Plenty of women like Star Wars toys. When you need gifts that your daughter, nieces, or girl friends will like, don’t forget to consider these options from Star Wars.

Strike Elite Nerf Gun

The Strike Elite Nerf Gun is fun and can be given to kids. Sometimes, the best gifts are the ones that get kids playing together. If your daughter has a brother or a 9 year old boy she likes to play with, then the Strike Elite would be a perfect gift. 


If you’re still stuck with no gift ideas, you can also try cash or a gift card. At nine, some kids like the idea of buying their own gift, be it in a store or online. Just make sure that you know what your kid is buying. Gifts that don’t get used are just a waste, so allowing kids to choose their own gifts is sometimes the best idea.

The Best Toys For Young Girls

When it comes to looking for the best toys and gifts for your daughter, you should look for something that gets her thinking, creating, bonding, or moving. Many times you’ll find that the best toys for young ladies are also going to appeal to boys. A boy and a girl aren’t so different that they don’t like to play some of the same things.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

What Is The Best Gift For A 9-Yo Girl?

A lot of young kids said that receiving an AmieHomie Mermaid Tail Blanket would be the best gift they will ever get. It is a soft pink blanket that looks very plush and magical. Other kids also said that they would love to have Terrarium Science Kit For Kids. The terrarium falls under the category of stem toy, which are great gifts for 9 year old boy and girl. National Geographic has some great award winning gift ideas in this realm of things, too.



What Is The Best Toy A Young Girl Can Get On Her Birthday?

For a girl aged 9 to 12, Barbie Doll and Baby Alive never run out of style. Barbie is always a favorite among most kids, and Baby Alive makes the most popular baby dolls. Also, kits for making bracelets and for Science experiments are also at the top of the list. Toys and gifts that spark the imagination are wonderful for this age group. The best toys for kids will work for any young teen.

What Age Can Play LOL Dolls?

The LOL dolls are recommended for kids 5-year and above. According to the makers of LOL, it is usually at the age of 5 when kids begin to learn the concept of playing with dolls and how they can relate to them. LOL has some of the best toys in terms of the surprise trend that has broken out, but may not be the best for 9 year old kids.


What Gifts Are Appropriate To Be Given To 9-YO Kids?

Today, young kids are so into playing and communicating with their friends. Gifts that are appropriate to give them at their age would include board and card games, styling kits, premium art sets, drawing and tracing pads, and activity sets that they can do with their friends. 

Does Your Toddler Still Play With Dolls?

What Age Should A Girl Stop Playing With Dolls?

There is no specific age at which a girl should stop playing with dolls. Dolls can serve as a source of comfort and imaginative play for children of all ages, and there is no harm in continuing to engage with them into adulthood if it brings joy and satisfaction.

What Are Kids Into These Days?

What Age Is Barbie And Plush Toy Supposed To Be?

Barbie, the popular fashion doll manufactured by Mattel, has never been assigned a specific age. However, she is generally depicted as a young adult woman, typically in her early to mid-20s, with a slim figure, long blonde hair, and a fashionable wardrobe.

What Should 9-YO Play With?

Nine-year-olds can benefit from engaging with an educational toy, board games, and creative activities that stimulate their cognitive development and imagination. The best TY stuffed animals on the market also make a great addition to their playtime, providing comfort and companionship while featuring their favorite characters.

What Are Kids Like At Nine?

Sure! At 9-year old, children are generally active, curious, and developing greater independence. They enjoy physical activities, developing deeper friendships, and expanding their knowledge and critical thinking abilities.

Should My Child Aged 9-YO Have A Phone?

Whether or not 9-year-olds should have phones is a complex question with no clear-cut answer. On the one hand, there are certainly benefits to giving children access to a mobile device, such as the ability to stay in touch with parents and caregivers, the opportunity to learn and explore through educational apps, and the convenience of having a device for emergencies.

What Can A Young Kid Play At Home?

There are many fun activities that a young kid can do at home, such as: engaging in imaginative play, arts and crafts, reading and writing, board games and puzzles, cooking, and baking.

How Do You Reward A Young Kid?

Rewarding a young kid can be done in various ways that acknowledge their accomplishments and encourage positive behavior. One effective approach is to provide praise and recognition for their efforts and achievements, regardless if they’re small.

What Do Children Like As Prizes?

When it comes to prizes for children, it’s important to choose something that they will enjoy. Some popular options include a small toy, art supplies, or gift cards to their favorite stores or restaurants. The best toys for 8 year girl might include craft kits, building sets, board games, or outdoor toys.

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